500 Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test – Quotes & Images

    At last, you have passed your test And now you are on the road So watch out for all those drivers, Who have forgotten the Highway Code, WELL DONE!

    I hear you passed your driving test Congratulations and well done to you Now you can toss away your ‘L’ plates, But take care and drive carefully too.

    So at last you’ve passed your driving test And can drive away quite free. Without those awful L plates For all the world to see. Don’t get done for speeding. Don’t try to drink and drive. Make sure you wear your seat belt. And make sure you stay alive.

    Well done, you’ve passed your driving test. Now keep safe on the road. Watch your speed, watch out for others. And remember the Highway Code.

    Yay, you Passed so now you are mobile independent and free that’s great for you but don’t forget me! I’ve been mum taxi for many long years now it’s time to think, I’d better return the bless! Well Done!

    Congratulations on passing your driving test. You tried so hard and passed first time. We’ll done! Well Done!

    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test

    Hey, Congratulations! I hear you have passed your driving test Now get on the road and show them. You can drive better than the rest.

    Now You Have Passed. CONGRATULATIONS, Now you have passed your driving test Take care as you drive along Keep your eyes straight ahead And don’t do anything wrong You Actually Did It.

    Congratulations you did it You actually passed Remember mirror, signal maneuver and DO NOT drive too fast!

    I suspect your father will have to watch his back now. Congratulations.

    Another Driver on the Road Watch out Here He Comes, P Plates on and a Smile from Ear to Ear. Congratulations for Passing Your Driving Test. Watch Out World!!!!!!!!!!

    I heard the news that you got your Driver’s License today, as much as I am thrilled for you I will still say Look out World here comes another driver on the roads I know you are a great driver, enjoy your years of driving and safely Congratulations. Drive On!

    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test

    Knew you had it in you, Knew you’d pass the test, Knew you’d make the grade Cause I think you’re the best! Congratulations to the New Driver!!!

    Driving Me Round The Bend Years of driving me round the bend was the training to your success. Congratulations on Passing your Driving Test.

    You Passed! How? Who’d have thought it… You passed your driving test! Don’t forget to let me know when you are in the car… I’ll make sure I’m not on the road! Only joking – Well done and CONGRATULATIONS! Well Done!


    YIPPEE! Well Done! You’ve done it and passed your Driving Test. I knew you would. Be Proud, let’s go CELEBRATE!! CONGRATULATIONS!

    Congrats on passing the driving test! Many said it was a hard one yet you have figured out how to pass the driving preliminary. You are unimaginable! So from today, you would now be able to take and drive yourself anyplace you need. Make the most of your haggles opportunity to drive! God bless!

    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test

    Congrats in light of the fact that I have heard the uplifting news! You have getting your driving test and you claim the street now! In any case, a little counsel from me, your foot on the pedal, your hands on the mixing wheel, eyes out and about and ears on alternate vehicles and not on your mp3. Continuously guard it dear! Well done once more!

    Congrats on passing the driving test! You would now be able to drive your own vehicle on your approach to office and home. Not any more making up for lost time a taxi or transport. Just recollect forget, safe driving please! Pursue movement rules. I’m cheerful for you!

    Congratulations for having your license and passing the driving test. You are currently autonomous and you can drive your vehicle alone. Simply remember that you ought to always remain unwind and cool at whatever point there is movement out and about. Well done once more!!

    Hi! I’m glad to realize that you have effectively finished the driving test. It’s extremely an accomplishment and I trust you will keep enhancing your driving aptitudes too. An agreeable update from me, when you are in rush and after that a suburbanite who will ride on a transport simply made you stop the vehicle, recollect my companion that once you were likewise similar to that. Simple out and about and be cool!

    Stunning! You would now be able to drive without help? That is cool! Congrats for passing the driving test! You are so incredible! You again made me exceptionally pleased with you. Safe driving and remain cool out and about. Obey activity manages and appreciate driving! Congrats once more.

    Well improved the situation finishing the driving test. I realize how glad you are at the present time. Keep in mind, driving isn’t care for playing your old toys, driving is constantly related and should do with sheltered and legitimate alerts. Drive securely my companion! God bless you generally!

    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test


    (for a youthful driver) Congrats on getting your license! One more defining moment in your life to celebrate. Congrats and be sheltered out and about!

    (for a youthful driver with a comical inclination) Congrats on getting your driver’s license! Tell me when you’re out and about – I’ll remain home!

    (for the individuals who like mind) So now you can legitimately drive. Appreciate the majority of the new wanders aimlessly that life will send your direction! Well done on getting your license!

    Don’t you feel like a child once more? You ought to ! Presently let  the breeze course through your blurring hair. Praise!

    Congratulation on getting your licenses! One more pivotal turning point in your life to celebrate. Congratulations again and be protected out and about!

    Hello father! Congratulations on at last getting your license. Keep in mind – remain off the walkways! Haha adore you!

    (for a more established companion) Natural life Beware! My companion at long last got his license! Well done!

    (for a more established companion) Natural life Beware! My companion at long last got his license! Well done!

    It took you sufficiently long!! Congrats on at last getting your driver’s license!

    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test

    Well congratulations! I heard through the grapevine that you finished your driver’s test. Presently jump on the interstate and demonstrate to them who drives the best!

    (for another female driver) Well done! Another woman has getting a definitive street test. I trust that you are a respectful woman out and about, much the same as the rest. You better not rear end like such huge numbers of other driver’s do, and I realize you’ll never break as far as possible, on the grounds that you are entirely sensible as well. DRIVE SAFELY!

    (for another male driver) Excessively glad for you buddy! If you don’t mind take care as you drive along. Continuously keep your eyes out and about, and kindly don’t do anything incorrectly.

    (for youthful thrill seeker drivers) recall forget that you ought to never drink and drive, and never put the pedal to the metal and I guarantee you’ll remain alive. In the event that you have a lead-foot you should keep an eye out for the blaze. Expression of exhortation, DO NOT SPEED since that could cost you a ton of money. Remain SAFE and congratulations!

    (for a more established kin) Congrats on the license, you beat me by a wide margin! You would now be able to escort me around and lawfully drive a vehicle. Try not to go driving like you’re in a rush, since you realize that’ll make mother and father stress. Adore you! What’s more, congratulations!

    Congrats my companion. Taking in the guidelines of the street is troublesome, however tailing them is significantly harder. Luckily, you don’t care for drinking and vehicles with high speeds.

    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test

    Well improved the situation getting the hypothesis driving test. That is cool! Decent advice for your useful driving preliminary: driving is about security and alerts. I wish you Godspeed!

    This is your second endeavor to breeze through the driving test. You halted with humility and now the victory is yours. Mission achieved. Congrats to you.

    You’re prepared to drive a vehicle now. Congrats! It’s an ideal opportunity to rehearse your mindful driving abilities. Keep in mind, with a driving license comes incredible commitment.

    You’ve getting your driving test. Diligence has satisfied. Presently you’re prepared to take off. Congrats for doing as such well.

    Be glad for yourself, you deserved it. Welcome out and about. I’ve realized you’ve buckled down for finishing the driving test. Approach your driving license with deference!

    Praise for having your driving license. The last advance is getting to be unified with your vehicle, so I’ll send you a rundown of the considerable number of spots I need to visit!


    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test

    Finally, you’ve passed the commonsense driving preliminary. Congrats, my sweetheart! I realize you need to Keep your eyes out and about, yet bear in mind to take a gander at me occasionally.

    Congrats for passing the driving test! Again you made me extremely pleased. Remain cool out and about, however be warm when I’m near. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to rehearse your different aptitudes.

    You’re basically the best! Congrats and I’m so happy for you for getting your driving test. May you travel safe in all your voyages.

    I’m so pleased with you getting the down to earth driving test. It’s another achievement in your life! Presently you claim the street, yet always protect it dear! Well done once more!

    As you pass the driving preliminary, may you start a ride ahead that is loaded up with bliss and achievement. May everything you could ever hope for goes on as expected. Congratulations on getting your driving test.

    Well done on passing the driving preliminary. The world is sitting tight for you. Simply continue envisioning and proceed onward with surety. You are soon to achieve the stars.

    Congratulation Messages On Passing Driving Test

    Every one of us has distinctive abilities, diverse dreams and diverse goals, yet we as a whole have the ability to make another tomorrow. Praise Rider, for getting driver license.

    Training is pointless without experience. Experience is futile without training. By getting a driving license, you have the best of the two universes. Congrats auto-build.

    I have told everybody that there will be a bright rainbow in the sky today on the grounds that my closest companion has passed an imperative driving preliminary with flying drive. Congrats.

    I sent you good fortunes messages before your driving preliminaries. I prayed to God for your achievement in these driving preliminaries. Clearly, you have passed the driving preliminary as a result of me. Congrats.

    You have passed the driving preliminary. May the achievement that has come your direction today lead you to a greater accomplishment in the years to come. Congrats.

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