Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination: – The award is something conferred as a reward for the merits one received. Receiving the award is the best thing. But nominating for the award is a big step to motivate anyone. Nominating is to inform them their work is recognized. Their contribution is valuable.


They may or may not receive the award. But their contribution to the work has not gone unrecognizable. Below the messages are listed which can be given to the nominees wishing them all the luck. The messages can be given by family and friends. The messages are as follows:

200 Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination – Wording, Best Wishes, Good Luck Msg Collection

1) All my best wishes are with you and your family dear. This is the major step in your success. May you enjoy each moment. Congratulations on the nomination.

2) May you receive the award. But it doesn’t matter you win or not. Your nominating makes me so proud of you. Good luck.

3) Either you receive the award or not. You will always be the best person I know. Best wishes.

4) May success comes in your way. May the world recognize your potential. May you shine like the moon. Best of luck.

Sample Wording For Award Nomination

5) You’re the apple of my eyes dear. Your labor and patience have finally paid off. Congratulations.

6) Today you have made your family and parents so proud. May your name and fame shine like a diamond. Best wishes.

7) Whether you win the award or not. Just remember life is too beautiful. Live it filly. Always keep driving towards your dream. Best wishes.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination


8) Your dreams are too valuable. You get your award or not. Never abandon your dreams. Best regards.

Sample Wording For Award Nomination

9) Hey buddy. You’re nominated. Can you believe that? It seems just like yesterday. You have joined this company. It’s so good to see you have attached one more wing in your growth. Congratulations.

10) Hey buddy. Congratulations on your nomination. Prepare your speech and say thank you to your friends and family. Mention me in a special category.

11) He has the right to remember God who has thanked him for his happiness and success. So be thankful to God for your happy day too. Congratulations.

Sample Wording For Award Nomination

12) Make yourself an example for your kids. So build up your self-confidence and hold your head high. Congratulations.

13) Your desire to win should be high. Small desire less hope and success. So always make you desire to win so high that you get every award. Not only this one. Bestest regards.

14) Nothing can destruct the iron except for its own rust. Likewise, you’re a man is destroyed by his own thinking. So make your thinking positive. Congratulations.

Sample Wording For Award Nomination

15) Don’t regret the things you don’t have control on. Getting nominated is your labor. Getting award is only a luck. Good luck.

16) We don’t lose from the challenges outside but weaknesses within. So don’t let your weaknesses overwhelm you. Good luck.

17) Congratulations on your nomination dear. Whether you get the award or not. You never stop to do a good job. Remember the sunrises even when the world is sleeping.

Sample Wording For Award Nomination

18) Know your own value and assume yourself as the most important person in the world. That is the most important award if the world. Good luck.

19) The most appreciative award is the belief that you are the part of that work in which you have faith. Good luck.

20) Never think yourself less from anyone. You’re born to do the great work. You’re born to be great. This is the award you need. Good luck.

Sample Wording For Award Nomination

21) May you get what you desired. May you get this award. Even you don’t win be glad and happy. Good luck.

22) You’re nominated for the award because of your quality and ability. Giving you the award is the decision of the appointed judge and the jury. So don’t belittle yourself if you don’t get the award. It’s just a difference of the opinion. Best regards.

23)Never leave the hands of hope. The one with the hope never looses. Now not getting award doesn’t mean that you have lost. Loosing means giving up the hope to win. Best of luck.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

24) Do the work for which you can thank yourself first before receiving the applause of A beat. So at this happy moment say thank you to the lord and then to yourself first. Then to your family. Good luck and wishes.

25) Today you have nominated for this prestigious award. If you win you would have the great experience. If you lose then you have the butter experience. But you will learn something from both types of experience. So gain is yours. Best regards.

26) Dear, I am so happy for you. Bestest wishes from me on your nomination. Don’t let this nomination get into your head. Make this your glory, not a pride. Best wishes.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

27) Hey buddy. Award is just a materialistic representation of what you have achieved. Nominating is recognition by those who actually benefitted from your work. So be happy. Good luck.

28) The saying that the fruit if labor is sweet has come true. Your labor has put you in this nomination. I am so happy for you. All the best.

29) The nomination is the evaluation and the identification of your work. Why you are the best a what you do. Today you have shown this to your foes. All the best.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

30) May this success brings you joy and happiness that you’re looking for all your life. All the best.

31) May all your empty shelves be filled with awards and the rewards that you rightfully deserve. Congratulations.

32) Many many congratulations to you dear. But always keep in mind. The position where you reached today is the result of the work of many hands. Never forget them. Good luck.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

33) Do not forget about your parent’s pain and tears. Their love and sacrifices which have made you this capability. Congratulations.

34) Always touch the feet of your parents and teachers. Their knowledge has made you to this capable. Good luck.

35) You are the example that is given by others. Don’t follow others’ example. Good luck.

36) Whether you get don’t the award. One thing for sure. You are throwing me a fantastic party. Good luck.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

37) May your success story keeps in lengthening. May the party you’re going to throw have enough drinks and food. May there be a gigantic cake. Congratulations.

38) This day has placed you in the position where you are celebrating and your foes are burning with envy. Good luck.

39) You and your capabilities are the only way of your success except for the blessings of your parents. The beat of luck.

40) You have chosen your own path. You didn’t follow the path that is chosen for you by the crowds. That’s why you’re here. They are there. Congratulations.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

41) Today you have made your IMPOSSIBLE into I AM POSSIBLE. You have shown me the heaven already. Good luck.

42) The success you have today and the failures you had yesterday has shown you the true color of the world. Never forget. Happy nomination.

43) It’s very delightful to learn that you have been nominated for this award. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on his glorious occasion.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

44) The exciting news that you have been nominated has filled me with joy. All the very best.

45) It’s difficult to express in words my joy at your nomination. Please accept my hearty congratulations.

46) I am as happy as you if not more at your nomination. All the best dear.

47) My blessings and best wishes will always be with you. I was so sure that you could make it happen. Congratulations.

Congratulations Messages For Award Nomination

48) Your splendid performance and your nomination for the award hasn’t come a safe surprise dear. Good luck.

49) You are such a brilliant person. You could definitely win the award. Beat if luck.

50) This recognition of your talents was long overdue. Finally, the day has come. Congratulations.

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