300 Congratulation Message For Quitting Smoking

    With a single step, a mile of journey begins. If you stop smoking, this could be a big step in the direction of your life. Congratulations!!!

    Quitting smoking is a great achievement, very well done. The purpose of this information is to provide you with a practical guide to help you not to smoke. Congratulations!!!

    Your best motivation for not smoking is deciding why you stopped smoking. Congratulations that you are no longer a smoker.

    You may have advised (or even asked) other people to cancel the program. If so, it’s because they take care of you. Or, you have decided to do it yourself: to improve your health, to help you feel better and look better or to save money. I’m proud of you, my boy. Congratulations for the smoke free life.

    Whatever your reasons, remember that you are the person who benefits the most. As difficult as it is, it will be worth it. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    Think of all the benefits of quitting smoking. Now you may have noticed how fresh air feels after quitting. Congratulations!!!

    Almost immediately, nicotine is eliminated from your body. Breathing becomes easier and your cough will be disappeared. Your sense of taste improves and your breath and clothes no longer smell like cigarette smoke. Congratulations!!!

    Previous smokers discover that they have more energy and can move more easily than before. You did it, boy. Congratulations to the new life.

    Then there are the long-term health benefits when it stops. It’s never too late to quit smoking. I’m proud of you for making that decision. Congratulations for quitting life without smoking.

    Once smokers stop smoking, they reduce the risk of dying from diseases related to smoking. Lung cancer, heart disease and stroke are just some of the disabling and deadly diseases that can be prevented by quitting. Now you have reached your life. Congratulations!!!

    Congratulations for almost smoking.

    Smoking does not make you feel good, but it makes you feel good after quitting.

    There’s a little bit of ass in every nice guy and a little bit of genius in every idiot.

    You want to quit smoking? Just learn to love yourself.

    Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you


    Every smoker has a story. So before you’re about to smoke, I want you to know that something was already killing you, so never touch that again. Congratulations that you are no longer a smoker.

    Quitting smoking is not so much hard … I’ve done it hundreds of times. Congratulation you made it in first attempt.

    Congratulations, I hope you do not need a hundred of these attempts for you.

    I really wanted to know that you have decided to quit smoking. I am convinced that you have really done it. Congratulations my boy!

    Cigarettes are a classic way of committing suicide. You finally learned to love yourself. Congratulations!!!

    You have decided to stop smoking or try to die. Congratulations, if you have really decided to quit smoking.

    Give your lungs fresh air, not tar. Do not give bad health to your body. Do not kiss your lips, kiss cigarette butts. Give a life, not death. Congratulations, you did it.

    Smoking is a habit that empties your money and kills you slowly, one movement at a time. Congratulations, you have finally decided to stop smoking, to live.


    Smoking may be bad, but the reason you smoke is  more worse. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    A burned cigarette ash said … Today I am thanks to you! But tomorrow you are my fault! After all, you have decided to stop smoking before quitting.

    Only a fool catch cigarette with lips to the other end of a blazing fire. Congratulations, you are no longer a fool.

    Every time you light a cigarette, say that your life is not worth it. Now you really live your life. Congratulations!!!

    I’m prouder of you for quitting smoke, unlike anything else I’ve done in my life, including winning an Oscar.

    Instead of smoking a cigarette, she really smoked the cigarette. Good job boy for quitting.

    He decided to quit smoking today and save his precious New Year for something better

    I believe that smoking has never ever contributed to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs. Welcome to life without real smoke.

    Thousands of people stop smoking by dying. They left it before it’s too late. Congratulations!!!

    The best way to stop smoking is to simply quit smoking. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    Cigarette, a fire on one end, a fool on the other and a little smoke between the fingertips. Do not be stupid again, you’ve won a real life.

    A blow of smoking is something you cannot see. You recognized that before it was too late. congratulations

    Smoking may be interesting, but it kills you from inside. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you.

    Smoking is like a suicide for me, it’s death in anticipation. Congratulations for quitting.

    Do not be persuaded that you finally choose a fan, why you finally chose to stop smoking. Congratulations!!!

    An analysis of the effectiveness of interventions designed to make smoking easier for smokers. You make good compliments!!!

    Smoking kills, that is my goal. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    Smoking kills. Finally, you have recognized it. Congratulations!!!

    The best way to quit smoking is to use wet matches. If you want to smoke again. Just try this formula. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Sooner or later, everyone quits smoking. Congratulations, you finally did it, before it’s too late.

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