300 Congratulation Message For Quitting Smoking

    We honor ourselves when you speak to recover from smoking. We show the world that recovery is important because it brings hope and peace to the lives of people and their loved ones.

    In the darkest sky we often see the brightest stars. You are a star out of the darkness. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    There are several forms of addiction and ALL are a reason to celebrate! You will have to share your own story later. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Recovery is a continuous process for both the addict and his family. There is hope in recovery. And hope is something wonderful. You have done great things when you quit smoking. Congratulations!!!

    Every day, men, women and teenagers take their first steps on this trip. There are dramatic changes. And a similar change will happen shortly after entering a smoke-free trip.

    When people see their behavior as incompatible with their self-esteem or their goals, their motivation to change may increase. You are a hero Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Even in the time of smoking, something in us always points the way to freedom. Quitting smoking is one of the forms of freedom. Congratulations!!!

    In my experience and in the experience of most of the people with whom I have spoken, recovery from smoking often coincides with or precedes the recovery of the addict individual. You have stopped smoking after listening to me. Congratulations!!!

    We desperately want the same passion with which we continue to smoke. Congratulations to the breakthrough.

    In a moment of clarity, out of nowhere, I saw that when I stopped my thoughts on energy and came back to life after smoking, and I realized that this applies to everyone, and I can get involved in this group. Congratulations!!!

    You must be brave and strong enough to develop the recovery of the smoker of your loved one, or not develop as planned, instead of what you want. Congratulations!!!

    With limits, it is important not to support the disease, but to support the recovery of smoking. congratulations

    I hope that the way you interact with smoking helps others decide that entering treatment will improve their lives.

    Something extraordinarily positive can arise from our experience. Quitting smoking was a big step in the direction of life. Congratulations!!!

    Your contribution to the growing momentum with this cause has great power. You are the example. Congratulations for quitting smoking.


    A compassionate approach leads to less addiction. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking.

    Where there’s life there’s hope. Congratulations for the beginning of a new series of life.

    Do not let the past steal your presence. Never touch the cigarette again.

    No one will recover, unless the life you have created is more rewarding and satisfying than the life you left behind. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Learn to listen, sit, hold and simply be with your children. This is the significant happiness that has existed. Enjoy the difference with smoke.

    Sometimes you just have to give yourself what you want. Congratulations for quitting.

    Recovery is not easy abstinence. It is about healing the brain, deciding how to feel, learning to make good decisions, becoming a person who can foster healthy relationships, be willing to accept, help others to cultivate, To be honest and open to action. This is the true satisfaction you can achieve after smoking. Congratulations!!!

    It takes a lot of strength to overcome the storm of tobacco addiction, but it’s worth it. Congratulations!!!


    The best dedication with family that you can present besides your unconditional love is to be ideal for them when you are present, and stronger for them when you are not. Never touch that smoke again. Congratulations for quitting.

    The steps for babies are key steps for babies and a lot, many compliments. Quitting smoking is just one small step in your new life series. Get ready for more adventures. Congratulations!!!

    Smoking is the great advance from hell to heaven. Believe that you can do it and you are halfway there. Congratulations!!!

    Success is the sum of little efforts that are repeated every day. Congratulations to this success!

    It is difficult to believe in oneself because the idea of ​​oneself is an artificial construct. Smoking is the best decision you have made. Actually, you are part of the glorious unity of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is in you.

    When you feel everyone goes against you then always remember that the plane takes off against the wind and not against the wind. You stop smoking. Congratulations!!!

    If you look in the right direction, all we have to do is run. Congratulations for quitting smoking!

    Although no one can go back and start over, anyone can start a new ending from now on. Congratulations for quitting smoking! You will have a new ending.

    Quitting smoking is difficult at first. Do afraid of suffering now and live the rest of your life as a champ. The decision to quit smoking is the best decision. Never touch a cigarette again.

    It is too difficult to seek happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it somewhere else. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    If something goes wrong, do not follow it. You have never made the decision to quit smoking.

    If the past is calling, go to the mailbox. Believe me, you have nothing new to say. Quitting smoking was the best decision you made. Now you can conquer the world. Congratulations!!!

    Everyone has good news. The good news is that you do not know how big you can be. How much can you love? What can you achieve? And what is your potential? Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Until the things are done, It always seems impossible. Now you really have. Congratulations!!!

    What progress have you made? I started being a friend myself. Congratulations for quitting smoking before it’s too late.

    All good action is difficult. The ascent is always difficult. The descent is easy and often slippery. But you are a warrior and I am sure that you can overcome the pressure of your colleagues and resist smoking. Congratulations!!!!!

    People can forgive more than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go what is bitter and move on. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Life is like riding a bicycle. It need to maintain your balance, you need to keep moving. Quitting smoking is the best step you have taken to achieve balance. Congratulations!!!

    If you can quit smoking for a day, you can stop smoking for life. Congratulations!

    With all these days after smoking, you can also have an idea of ​​how we can make a mistake and how we can overcome things to make us stronger. Congratulations!!!


    All these days, after quitting, he says that no matter how hard the world presses you, there is something stronger in you, something better, that forces you to return immediately. Congratulations!!!

    The patience and mulberry leaf is the component of a silk thread. You have true determination. Never touch this cigarette again!

    When we go down into the abyss, we can once again find the treasures of life. Where you stumble and go back to smoking is your girlfriend. Congratulations for quitting smoking!

    If you think you can, you’re right. Congratulations for quitting smoking before it’s too late.

    Most people relinquish their power when they think they have none. After all, after quitting, you may also have some idea of ​​how much power you have. Congratulations!!

    The past is a experience, the future is a dream and all we have is now. Learn from the past, mix the present and congratulate for a smoke-free life.

    The feeling is not a substitute for reality. Your problems of yesterday are also your problems tomorrow. But how much do you have to resist smoking? I know you have a true determination. Congratulations!!

    I believe that power is the beginning. If you have the confidence to move forward then, the principle of progress is that it gives you security when you look back and see what you have done. Congratulations for quitting smoking before it’s too late.

    Each experience in your life is organized to teach you something you need to know to get ahead. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Be yourself Smoking a cigarette has never cooled you down, but it has poisoned you inside. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Quitting smoking is difficult at first. But it falls seven times, stand up eight. You can do it Congratulations!

    Over the years, I have learned that if you choose it, this will reduce your weakness. His weakness was smoking, and you plan to finish it. Congratulations!!!!

    When was the last time you woke wishing you had smoked only the night before? I have never regretted not having smoked. Tell it and you will bear everything. Congratulations!!!

    The best exit is always through. Congratulations for quitting smoking before it’s too late.

    If you stop smoking, it can make your morning easier. God bless you, boy!

    Sometimes we motivate ourselves thinking about what we want to become. Sometimes we are motivated when we think about the past that we never want to be again. The desire to quit smoking was a great thing. Congratulations keeps you motivated.

    Quitting smoking can be hard to resist at first. After all, any noble work is impossible at first. But I know you can really do it. Congratulations!!!

    Congratulations for quitting smoking. Always keep in front of you the fact that every true purpose depends on you, the last one.

    The character cannot be developed easily and calmly. Do you know, the soul is strengthened, stimulate ambition and achieve success, only through the number of experience and trial and suffering. Congratulations for quitting smoking before it’s too late.

    To improve the acquired opportunity and achieve the something good that is within our reach is the great art of living. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we look for it. Smoking was never the point of your happiness, instead it was your confidence. Congratulations!!!

    We may think that will power is involved, but it is more likely that the change is due to power. Wanting the new addiction to life is more than the old one. He wants the new thing he prefers, the person he was when he smoked.

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