152. Everyone has astuteness and good judgment. Be that as it may, just a couple of understudies like you can utilize it at the correct time. Congrats for passing your Entrances. God has conceded you new statures of mental capacities. I am certain you will utilize these and your experience when required. Acknowledge my congrats message for passing the Entrance!


153. Education is as futile without experience, as experience is without instruction. Congrats on graduating.

Congratulations Messages For Exam Results

154. This Entrance may not be the greatest trial of your life. However, with decent evaluations, you have demonstrated that you are prepared to go up against life’s greater difficulties. Congrats.

155. It doesn’t make a difference whether you need to end up a legal advisor, specialist, space explorer, designer, artist or CEO. What makes a difference is that by passing these Entrances, you have demonstrated that you have the capacity and ability to wind up anybody you need to be. Congrats.

Congratulation Message For Passing Examination

156. Doing great in Entrances are the main easy route to progress. Well done. Happy getting another consequence of your Entrances. I am exceptionally glad, and I am pleased with you. May you see a considerable measure of such fruitful occasions in the life!

157. My Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are devoted to commending the achievement of a brilliant understudy like you. I am will treat you with Likes, Retweets, Pins and Shares. Congrats.

158. Age-old shrewdness says that diligent work dependably satisfies throughout everyday life, and you have demonstrated that it remains constant even today. Congrats.

Congratulation Message For Passing Examination

159. If irritating instructors and pompous domineering jerks can’t prevent you from getting decent evaluations, nothing ever will. You are one extreme nut. Congrats for sparkling out.

160. By passing these Entrances you have demonstrated that the expressions Beauty without Brains and Dumb Blonde are an entire legend. Congrats to the prettiest understudy ever.

161. The best understudies are not the individuals who are the most insightful. They are the ones who exploit their abilities and endeavor to flood in front of every one of their schoolmates – simply like you. Congrats.


Congratulation Message For Passing Examination

162. Entrances may not be a definitive trial of life but rather they are certainly a definitive trial of character. By passing, it has been demonstrated that you have a solid character – loaded with assurance, center, and responsibility. Congrats.

163. Entrances and tests will go back and forth, however, your assurance and fearlessness will remain with you until the end of time. Congrats.

Congratulation SMS For Exam Passing

164. passing the SATs require a considerable measure of steadiness. I trust your persistence changes into accomplishment in the entirety of your Entrances more than once, not simply once. Congrats.

165. For a change, your better half, mother, father, sibling, sister, educator and companions have similar affections for you today – they are altogether extremely Proud of You for passing your Entrances. Congrats.

Congratulation SMS For Exam Passing

166. The reality that you scored well in your Entrances does not come as a shock to me. I generally realized that you were bound to be fruitful – and these Entrances are only the start. Congrats.

167. You aced your tests, or, in other words, that you will expert numerous different things throughout everyday life. Congrats.

Congratulation SMS For Exam Passing

168. Even your evaluations concur that you will go puts throughout everyday life. Congratulations. You has passed another Entrance of your life splendidly. I trust you will proceed with this voyage for eternity.

169. We didn’t require a scorecard to disclose to us that you were a victor. We generally knew. Congrats.

170. You are not only a wellspring of motivation for your companions, yet additionally a wellspring of pride for your family. Congrats for acing your papers.

Congratulation Message For Clearing Exam

180. Just like how a precious stone is useless until the point when it is cleaned, knowledge is useless on the off chance that it isn’t put to great utilize. You have utilized your knowledge to sparkle like a precious stone. Congrats for passing your Entrances.

181. Poor understudies dependably discover issues and search for reasons. Great understudies like you generally discover arrangements and advance. Congrats.

Congratulation Message For Clearing Exam

182. Entrances and grades are impermanent, however, training is lasting. Congratulations. This occasion reveals to us that you are a dedicated individual and have some unequivocal objectives throughout your life. I am pleased with you.

183. Now that you have decent evaluations, everybody around you should satisfy your benchmark. Congrats, a debt of gratitude is in order for making our lives hopeless.

Congratulation Message For Clearing Exam

184. There will be a lively rainbow in the sky today since you’ve breezed through a vital test soundly. Congratulations. I feel that you are a fruitful individual in life. Congrats on this achievement.

185. Kudos to you for passing this essential Entrance. I trust your outcome propels you to pass each test that life tosses at you. I am thinking of you compliment wish as I am extremely cheerful about this event. Good fortunes my dear!

Congratulations Message For 10th Exam Pass

186. Getting decent evaluations will get you into a decent school. Getting into a decent school will enable you to land a decent position. Landing a decent position will enable you to have a decent vocation. As should be obvious, decent evaluations are the venturing stone to a decent life. Congrats.

187. Make the slaying of your life, to never make do with anything besides the best. Congratulations. I know you have passed an Entrance however bear in mind your objectives and set yourself up for coming Entrances.

Congratulations Message For 10th Exam Pass

188. it’s nothing unexpected that you’ve aced your Entrances. Disclose to us something all the more energizing. Congrats son. Your achievement has filled my heart with joy uncommon and beguiling as I generally need to see you an effective individual.

189. We never need to peruse rousing statements and motivational stories, since we have a yearning companion like you around. Congratulations. Dear companion, I am seeing your brilliant future as you passed another Entrance with wonderful review. So never surrender and good fortunes.

Congratulations Quotes For Exam Passing

190. I sent you good fortunes previously your Entrances. I appealed to God for your achievement in these Entrances. Clearly, the credit for your wonderful outcomes goes to me.

191. There are two Types of understudies. One, who cry and grumble about how troublesome, intense and requesting their coursework is Second, who take pride in having the capacity to study and clear a troublesome, extreme and requesting coursework. You are unquestionably the Second Type. Congrats.

Congratulations Quotes For Exam Passing

192. Entrances are not only a trial of brightness but rather the determination to be splendid always. Congratulations. I know you are a dedicated understudy and that is the reason you have made one more progress in life. Good fortunes to the coming Entrances and difficulties.

193. Like Alexander the Great, you have vanquished the most difficult territories of life by breezing through your tests. Congratulations. Never quit following your fantasies throughout your life as your fantasies instruct you in your life and give you a thought regarding it.

Congratulations Quotes For Exam Passing

194. I hate to be the unwanted messenger yet the most noticeably bad piece of breezing through each test with decent evaluations is that your insight will be underestimated. Anyway, congrats.

195. Conquering your Entrances is only the start.Congratulations.Congratulations dear! I am exceptionally upbeat on your achievement in the ongoing Entrances. Acknowledge my desire; it is improved with adoration and genuine sentiments.

Congratulations Msg For Exam Pass

196. The best way to ensure achievement in your life is to do as well as you possibly can, much the same as how you did to your tests. Congrats.

You have passed your Entrance and have ventured in another testing field. Presently accomplish all the more diligent work and make open doors for your prosperity.

Congratulations Msg For Exam Pass

197. I found out about your achievement in the last Entrances as of late and I am extremely glad to hear this. May you achieve each accomplishment in your life!

198. Congratulations! I am extremely cheerful on your prosperity and wish you an exceptionally sparkling future in your life. I recently heard that you passed graduation level. I am so glad to hear this, and I need you to diligent work like this in your entire life.

199. Keep doing diligent work and always remember to watch out for your desire. An extremely upbeat achievement is holding up in your life!

Congratulations Msg For Exam Pass

200. You simply have passed one stage of your life. Presently set yourself up for all the more diligent work and battle to make your future effective.


It would not be right to state that examinations are a hurdy in influencing a kid to complete his actual potential. They are appropriately censured as a framework which energizes just repetition memory and is not a genuine trial of one’s information, potential, and ability. A tyke, who might be great in music, will most likely be unable to dedicate enough time to exceed expectations in it as he is constantly under the weight of concentrate with the goal that he can perform well in the examination; the outcome is that ability is nipped in the bud. This inordinate significance to examination influences guardians to build up a state of mind that different exercises, for example, sports, move, music, craftsmanship fill no need.

Numerous a periods, kids are disheartened to seek after their interests, small acknowledging, when you detract from somebody, what they cherish the most, dissatisfaction builds making him miserable because of which he can’t concentrate. The propensity to while away one’s time, with a book in front, likewise increments. Hence, abnormality in studies and negligence, with the mind meandering, in the quest for intrigue, lacking planning makes numerous examinations. Close to Exams, they spend restless evenings and progress toward becoming.

On occasion mental issues turn out to be serious to the point that kids experience the ill effects of finish overlooking everything when they see the inquiry paper. Suicides are additionally expanding because of this undue significance to Exams.

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