500 Congratulations Messages, Status, Quotes, Wishes For Passing The Board Exam With Greetings Images

    51. Passed board exam is an upbeat occasion. I saw how hard you contemplated. In my message I send you a key to progress: ponder while others rest, work while others portion, get ready while others are play and dream while others simply wish. Obviously future holds extraordinary open doors for you.

    52. Achievement is associated with the activity. Effective individuals continue moving. You can commit an error, yet don’t stop! I wish you upbeat beginnings to the beginning of another part throughout everyday life.

    Congratulations message for passing the board exam

    53. Congrats on all that you have achieved! All that you need likewise needs you. Awakening so ahead of schedule to go to class… Going to bed so late… It merited the decoration!

    54. Pleasant work! Everything is conceivable when you simply have faith in yourself. Congrats for passing board exam! Your understanding and steadiness have at last satisfied.

    55. Making progress toward progress without diligent work resembles attempting to reap with no planting. Well done on your scholarly accomplishment!

    56. All the best as you breezed through your board exam! The voyage of a hundred miles begins from a single step.

    57. The most ideal approach to complete an unsavory errand is … to begin! I realized that you could do it! The future currently has a place with you!

    58. Dedicated understudies like you generally perform successfully in their board exams. You worked admirably this time and you made yourself and your folks pleased. Congrats!

    59. It doesn’t make a difference what your aspiration is or what you need to wind up later on throughout everyday life. You did well for your board exams and that demonstrates you have the capacity and ability to wind up who you need to be.

    60. Congrats! You got A* for your GCSE board exams. We are extremely pleased with you and want you to enjoy all that life has to offer for your future. Well-done!

    Congratulations message for passing the board exam

    61. There has never been a solitary board exam when you didn’t do well. You have indeed demonstrated that. Well done, amigo!

    62. Heard you did well for your last board exam of the year. Congratulations! May everything you could ever want to work out.

    63. Extremely happy to catch wind of your outcomes. You did as such well and amazed everybody. It will be a long adventure however I realize will make it to the specific end effectively. Congratulations!

    64. Well done! May you have proceeded with progress and bliss! Appreciate what you do and achievement will pursue as previously.

    65. Diligent work has satisfied! You buckled down the entire year and you figured out how to get a high score. Congrats, particularly for the centum marks you scored in Maths.


    66. Heard your outcomes are awesome this time. Well done! May your life be showered with incredible achievement and satisfaction!

    67. It was an amazement to hear that you scored First Rank for the School leaving board exam. Numerous congrats on your extraordinary outcomes.

    Congratulations message for passing the board exam

    68. Congrats on your astounding board exam results. Keep similar mettle and certainty to confront the difficulties of life.

    69. Pick the best board exam salutation messages from this board example accumulations and send a celebratory message to somebody for their exceptional outcomes and offer with their euphoria.

    70. A genuine salutation message will convey a grin to somebody’s face. So simply ahead and praise your precious ones for their stunning board exam results immediately.

    71. Congrats for being fruitful in your board exams. Your diligent work amid the semester had satisfied.

    72. You nailed it! Your board exam results were brilliant! Congrats to my keen and great looking nephew. You merit a major threat, simply call me and we will set the date.

    73. Your high scores in your board exams demonstrate that you had put perseverance and hard work in your board examinations. Keep doing awesome pointing high. Congrats.


    74. It keeps running in the family would it say it isn’t? I am so pleased with you (name. Congrats for the amazing achievement in your board exams.

    75. Congrats for passing the board exams, you truly put a great deal of diligent work and commitment just to pass this critical board exam.

    76. Congrats for passing the school placement board exams, appreciate school life minus all potential limitations.

    Congratulations message for passing the board exam

    77. Congrats for being a reliable understudy, breezing through the board exams without a hitch demonstrates that you are an achiever with a splendid future.

    78. I heard the uplifting news, you were exempted for your three subjects this last board exam of the years. I am so glad to hear that, hence, I am treating you a free supper! Congrats!

    79. Passing the board exams implies you ventured out making progress in your future undertakings. Congrats to you!

    80. I am so pleased with your child, passing your board exams effectively implies you consider exhort importantly. Congrats, I adore you. Keep doing awesome.

    81. Sweet achievement is dependably toward the finish of the penances, congrats in having high scores in your board exams.

    82. From us all, we are glad to catch wind of your achievement in the majority of your board exams. Victory fella!

    83. You have been a constant understudy from that point forward, I am pleased to be your instructor. Congrats for being the top notches in the class.

    84. I am certain you have completed a considerable measure of it. Congrats for an occupation well improved the situation passing your board exams.

    85. My dear companion, I am upbeat that we both passed the board exams with both flying hues. A debt of gratitude is in order for helping me too to be my audit mate! Congrats to the two of us and let us praise this end of the week!

    Congratulations message for passing the board exam

    86. You did it again sister! I am glad to have a sister as a keen, kind-hearted, and bright as you. Congrats for passing the board exam!

    87. Want you to enjoy all that life has to offer in life subsequent to passing your board exams. A sincere congrats to you!

    88. Hurry! You breezed through the board exam for your new activity. Congrats and good luck! Board exams or not, we generally realized that you were a hero really taking shape. Well done.

    89. Even Wolverine couldn’t have cleared these board exams. You might not have cutting edges of steel but rather your pen is mightier than any sharp edge on this planet. Congrats.

    90. Centuries back, fights were battled with swords and shields. Today, fights are battled with information and degrees. Congrats for enabling yourself.

    91. The speed at which you are breezing through your board exams demonstrates that you’ll achieve the end goal called SUCCESS before every other person. Congrats.

    92. Everyone has insightfulness and good judgment. Be that as it may, just a couple of understudies like you can utilize it at the ideal time. Congrats for passing your board exams.

    Congratulations message for passing the board exam

    93. Education is as pointless without experience, as experience is without training. Congrats on passing the board exam.


    94. This board exam may not be the board exam trial of your life. Yet, with decent evaluations, you have demonstrated that you are prepared to go up against life’s greater difficulties. Congrats.

    95. It doesn’t make a difference whether you need to end up a legal counselor, specialist, space explorer, designer, artist or CEO. What is important is that by passing these board exams, you have demonstrated that you have the capacity and ability to end up anybody you need to be. Congrats.

    96. Doing great in board exams are the main alternate way to progress. Well done. My Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are devoted to praising the achievement of a splendid understudy like you.

    97. If irritating instructors and haughty domineering jerks can’t prevent you from getting decent evaluations, nothing ever will. You are one intense nut. Congrats for sparkling out.

    98. Board exams may not be a definitive trial of life but rather they are certainly a definitive trial of character.

    99. Board exams and board exams will travel every which way however your assurance and self-assurance will remain with you until the end of time. Congrats.

    Congratulations message for passing the board exam

    100. Passing the SATs require a great deal of constancy. I trust your tirelessness changes into achievement in the entirety of your board exams more than once, not simply once. Congrats.

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