600 Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation – Quotes Collection For Friends

    401. Hey, you finally made it! Congratulations on your graduation, and we know that you deserve everything that comes to you and the good things that will emerge from your new graduation.

    402. A diploma is a symbol of your hard work. Accept this recognition now and do something great! I hope that your new home offers many future moments of enjoyment.

    403. Lovely daughter, congratulations for your graduation. I’m happy that we can start looking for your soul mate from now on, without giving you any chance to insinuate that you do not marry.

    404. Son, I wish you congratulations for your graduation. Be sure to find a job soon and stop relying on the money in my pocket since it is big enough to earn.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    405. Dear friend, this is to remind you that today is my lucky day to receive the party for the success of your high school graduation. I wish you sincere congratulations for the same.

    406. Sweet friend, I wish you congratulations on your high school graduation. I hope you have arranged a beautiful gift of return for me since I plan to send you something.

    407. Dear friend, make sure you have a gift for me, since I do not want to go back empty-handed even though it’s your high school graduation party. Congratulations for the same.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    408. I have to admit that I’m a little jealous of you for graduation. You have to relax forever. Congratulations on your graduation!

    409. Congratulations, you can finally finish it and do all the things you want to do. I have to admit that I’m a little jealous of you now. You can look back on your work and see that you have done a good job.

    410. Lovely friend, congratulations wishes for your graduation. Make sure you have enough money in your wallet, as it would allow me to enjoy a high profile restaurant at night.

    411. It does not matter that your dream has come true if you have slept all your life.

    412. Dear friend, congratulations on your high school graduation. Sure you dress well for graduation photography and you do not like the silly geek like you always do.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    413. Give advice Give the graduate valuable advice for his career and his life to give useful direction. The degree can be as scary as it is exciting. You will appreciate sharing the tips and lessons you have learned.

    414. Look towards the future. Express your happiness for the future of the graduate and let them know you are waiting for the next chapter. Assure them that their future is bright.

    415. Send good wishes: send the graduate with good wishes for a new beginning and lasting success. Congratulations to the conclusion! This is just the beginning. You are a star in the making. Keep shining.


    416. You are an interpreter. They made us all proud. Keep it up. Congratulations for stepping in the path of your dreams.

    417. It must be a very proud moment for you. All the hard work you’ve done has been worth it. Congratulations grad. Your reward is in front of us. Have a successful future

    418. If you appreciate the fruits of your hard work, I wish you every success in everything you do. Today and always. Congratulations and happy graduation.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    419. I think you can fly! The sky is your limit. Stretch your wings and go up. Congratulations and best wishes.

    420. The graduation party wishes you lots of fun and everything to make your day very happy! Congratulations graduate!

    421. Graduate congratulations on this important day. You have worked hard to achieve your goals, and now you are on your way to find new perspectives, dream new dreams, relate to yourself, embrace life with passion and reach your star. Do it

    422. Pursuing a dream requires effort, passion and hard work. Now they are halfway there. Continue your good work and continue to strive. Congratulations

    423. Nothing can stop you now. You have a ticket to make your dreams come true. Congratulations.


    424. You cut your ass, now shake your booty for fun. Congratulations for your graduation.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    425. Follow your dreams. Never give up Never stop learning. Live life to the fullest and give your best.

    426. You can achieve what you want in life. For that you have to believe that you can. We believe in you, happy graduation day.

    427. Congratulations on your graduation. I wish you have better options available and succeed in everything!

    428. Congratulations, my love, to a graduate. We are confident that you will shape your future successfully.

    429. I hope that your dreams take you to the corners of your smile, the highest hopes, the windows of your possibilities and the special places that your heart has known.

    430. They are bright, capable and ambitious. You will always walk the path of glory. Congratulations to the conclusion. I bless you with everything you need to achieve much more success and achievements in the rest of your life. Congratulations and well done.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    431. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck for the new beginning in life. That you can achieve all your goals.

    432. Your future is bright. Today you are reminding the late night studies, sacrifice of enjoyment and lack of sleep. Today you reward is here. Congratulations to you.

    433. Congratulations for your excellent performance! Looking back, everything was worth it. I wish you many more happiness in the days ahead.

    434. The journey of life brings challenges and opportunities. Bring your mind to seize the opportunities and master the challenges. Congratulations for your graduation. That you live a proud life.

    435. Graduation is not the end of a hard journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful dream.

    436. His brilliant performance today is remarkable. May all your dreams come true. Good luck and congratulations.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    437. Start each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were created for great things.

    438. Graduation is an exciting time. Mark both an end and a beginning; There are warm memories of the past and great dreams for the future.

    439. You have a brain in your head. You have feet in your shoes. And then you can move forward in the direction you want. You are on your own path And only you know what you know. You are the boy who will decide where to go. Congratulations graduate.

    440. It’s not funny how nothing changes every day, but when you look back, everything is different. Make the most of the moment, graduate the congratulations.

    441. We are very proud that you have graduated now. congratulations dear

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    442. Before trading, listen. Before reacting, think about it. And before spending, you deserve. Before criticizing, wait. Before praying, forgive. And before you stop, try it.

    443. We congratulate you for your efforts and we also send you good wishes for a future full of happiness and that your best dreams come true.


    444. I wish you this life becomes everything you want. Your dreams will remain great, your worries will remain small and you will never have to carry more than you can bear. Congratulations, there is a lot that awaits you.

    445. We still remember the first day of school. That day we were nervous to get away from us. It still feels like the same day it’s back. We are nervous again when you face the world alone. But deep down, we always know that it will emerge as the winner. Good luck son.

    446. Congratulations to our little graduate. No matter where you go or how successful you are, never lose sight of yourself. I always be humble. Your parents often think of you.

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    447. Now that you are a graduate, you can use your freedom wisely. We are very proud of you. Congratulations!!!

    448. Son, I closed my eyes for a moment and, suddenly, a man was standing where there was a child. I cannot take you in my arms now, but I will always carry you in my heart. You have already given me so many reasons to be proud of the man that you have become. The most proud moment for me is to tell others that you are my son. I love you now and forever. Congratulations on this special achievement, graduate.

    449. You worked so hard, my daughter. It’s time to celebrate your graduation. They made us feel very proud. Good luck for your future.

    450. Congratulations for your great achievement and your achievement. Keep up the good work and many more great achievements will stand in the way. We are very proud of you.

    451. Pursuing your dreams is not an easy task. It requires a lot of passion, it requires a lot of dedication and dedication, as you have shown as a graduate. Congratulations son

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    452. Congratulations for your graduation, son. We are very proud that our little bundle of joy becomes such a beautiful and adult. Keep us proud, honey. Good luck in your future, we love you.

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