600 Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation – Quotes Collection For Friends

    501. I think I have to stop calling you an idiot now that you’ve graduated. Do not worry, I’m still smart enough to invent many other names.

    502. It just became a reality. I lost a bet. Because YOU have graduated!

    503. Damn it … now I do not have to pay any tuition … no one has ever said it! Congratulations graduate.

    504. Say goodbye to all the lies, celebrations and free time: hard work begins now!

    505. Sometimes, people who try to do a job outside of school can graduate accidentally. Hey! Is not it amazing how far people can go now if Google and Wikipedia are there to help?

    506. Now that you graduate, you can be smart enough to figure out how to pay off your student loans. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the real world. Do not worry, none of us knows what we are doing here.

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    507. This will definitely not be the last time I allow myself to boast about you. I am sure that today will only be the first of many proud and successful moments for you. Take photos Take your time to celebrate. Take it for a while. Then get ready for the world!

    508. You get a piece of paper, but it means much more. I hope you are proud of your achievements.

    509. Congratulations! A title is something that you should be especially proud of. They deserve to enjoy every second hard.

    510. Congratulations for your performance! We are very proud of the person you have developed and we will continue to enjoy seeing you grow. We hope to see what else can be achieved.

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    511. Many dream, some try, but only a few succeed. You are an interpreter. They made us all feel proud, keep up the good work.

    512. Congratulations graduate! I am sure he will continue to be successful in life. Keep it up.

    513. A very good future is waiting for you. I know you are the safest. The conclusion has led to a new success. Good luck my friend

    514. Congratulations, you did it! The days of suffering end. I hope you are not disappointed in your life anymore. My best wishes for you.

    515. Hello everyone, you have completed your PhD. In reality it is the great achievement of life. Congratulations my friend Go forward Good luck


    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    516. Dear friend, your goal has been achieved. Success comes to you through your diligent work. Good luck for your future.

    517. Graduation is one of the most memorable events of life. Congratulations for your graduation. This achievement will strengthen you for the challenge in life. I wish you good luck

    518. You worked incredibly! It is not an easy task to complete the degree with such brilliant success. We are proud of you. Good luck darling

    519. The door of success is open for you. Before you, all the way has been opened. Choose the right path for you. A bright future is waiting for you. Good luck

    520. Congratulations, idiots! You have done an excellent job! I really do not expect great success on your part. Good luck dear Let’s celebrate

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    521. My dear best friend You have achieved a brilliant success, but I did not succeed. So first give me a gift, then I wish you a bright future. LOL.

    522. My dear friend, Congratulations on your graduation. I wish you the best. Stay bright Here I would like to congratulate a graduate. I’m very proud of you, honey. I wish you good luck

    523. It’s the day of your graduation. Let’s party together Let’s celebrate. Good luck on your next trip.


    524. Congratulations friend Today is the day of the celebration, become the day of your graduation. Take advantage of all the possibilities that are open for you and make the most of it. let’s have fun

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    525. You said that the sky is the limit. Yes, I appreciate your vision now. Congratulations for your graduation. You are the person who deserves it. Congratulations for your excellent success. I wish you the best.

    526. Today is only your day. You are the hero of the day. Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your bright future. Succeeding on all platforms is not an easy task. You are the graduate and it is the best achievement of yours. The best wishes for the future.

    527. Your hard work brings the day. It’s time to celebrate. Give yourself a little rest and prepare for the next destination. If there are no challenges in life, life becomes boring. Reaching the goal is a victory. Congratulations on the closing date.

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    528. Congratulations graduate! My greatest hopes that you will continue with this success and succeed in the future life. let’s go party

    529. I’m sorry for the guy who hired you. He just has to be stupid or blind to hire someone like you for the job. Congratulations anyway!

    530. Once again, it has been shown that you do not always need a brain to get a job. A horse can win you for a race, but a donkey is more suitable to carry your loads!

    531. Sometimes the people who deserve it get a bad job. And sometimes a stupid person like you finds a great job. But who cares if the stupid person is your friend. Congratulations

    532. The best thing about a hired friend is that he does not have to worry about restaurant bills. Graduating is a big things and you will have some responsibilities!

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    533. It is always good news if someone near you get graduation. I’m very proud of you, but thank God I do not have to get up at 8 am every morning.

    534. The good luck of the wooden duck says, good luck. It is a very limited imagination duck. Good luck for your bright future! The more I earn for you, the more you can spend on friends like me. Congratulations on your graduation.

    535. Now that you have a job, but I wonder how can you pay your own bills? Jokes apart. Congratulations and I am very happy for you, my dear friend!

    536. Welcome to the world of costumes and ties and responsibilities. A lot of responsibilities. Congratulations

    537. I would have made you a birthday cake, hugs and kisses along with this message to let you know how happy I am with you. Congratulations on your Graduation!

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    538. Fortunately, someone has finally realized that great employees like you need better payment. Congratulations That your Graduation makes you a multimillionaire so that we can celebrate at your expense. Congratulations.

    539. A Graduation is like a friend or a friend. It will break you if you take it for granted. I wish you good luck Congratulations on your Graduation! It’s time to celebrate! Should I call everyone? Joke. Congratulations for this new chapter of your life.

    540. If you think your teacher is stupid, remember: you would not have studied so far if you were smarter. I’m just kidding !!! I wish you the best of luck, my best friend in your Graduation!

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    541. Now that you will have a job, you can pay all your debts. I only accept cash. Congratulations for your Graduation, brother!

    542. I know, I do not say it often, but I’m very proud that you’re my best friend, especially now that you can buy me a PS Vita because you will have a job soon! I love you brother Congratulations

    543. Along with the congratulations for his flattering Graduation, he deserves to know that he is good at everything he does. Well done friend


    544. You have a Graduation, so luck has played a role, and now it’s up to you! The loss of your previous employer is the benefit of your new employer. Congratulations on your Graduation.

    545. If your Graduation were a person, he would be happy to have you. Congratulations Getting a Graduation is easy. It is not about getting a Graduation offered. Congratulations on the headhunting.

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    546. Congratulations You can have a great party when you get the Graduation and add another pen to your success limit.

    547. So far you have time, gossip; Entertainment, but without money, but after that you have money, but you do not have time to spend it, you have success, but you do not have time to celebrate it. Welcome to professional life. congratulations

    548. Your new employer has no idea that your company has won by contracting a lottery. Congratulations on your Graduation.

    549. The unspoken mystery of success is to master art, delegate work and pretend to be busy. Congratulations on your Graduation.

    Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation

    550. I want a Minions action figure, a new iPad charger and a hoodie. Wow, I thought I would write what I’m going to make you buy for me. I know you will earn soon. Congratulations, dear friend!

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