37. We have to salute you on this bright date. It’s the perfect open door for you to celebrate, since today is the day you graduate. We appreciate you.

Funny Graduation Congratulations Wishes


39. “Congrats on your amazing secondary school graduation achievement sibling. I wish all of you the fortunes for your future and petition God for better open doors your way in your vocation ahead.” Cheerful Graduation. May achievement persistently tail you in the entirety of your undertakings.

40. “Dear child, we send heaps of heartiest congrats on your amazing secondary school graduation achievement and furthermore send all the best for a superior future as you before long will enter school life for promote instruction.”

Funny Graduation Congratulations Wishes

41. Today demonstrates something we have dependably thought about you: you’re truly savvy.

42. “Girl, with your excellent secondary school graduation achievement, I send you blessings you adore and furthermore all the best for your brighter future. I wish heartiest congrats on your terrific achievement.”

43. Congrats graduate! Wishing you the good luck later on.

Funny Graduation Congratulations SMS

44. You did it! Presently it’s all finished or it’s all start, contingent upon what you look like at it.

45. All your diligent work is done, you have graduated. All things considered, perhaps the entirety of your diligent work isn’t over right now. Congrats and good fortunes!

46. Keep on learning as an existence student, and you’ll graduate life effectively.

Funny Graduation Congratulations SMS

47. We are glad for you and your achievements. We’re certain that you will proceed with much more triumphs. Good fortunes in your next enterprises. Congrats graduate! Cheerful Graduation. May achievement persistently tail you in the entirety of your undertakings.


48. We recollect your first day in secondary school. Investigate your accomplishments. Understand all that you’ve achieved and the impressions that you’ve laid. Each progression has been a building hinder for your life. Congrats on your graduation. We couldn’t be prouder.

Funny Graduation Congratulations SMS

49. Your diligent work will pay off from various perspectives. Great things will go to the individuals who hold up until the point that they graduate. You’ve come up until now. You’ve worked so hard. Your graduation is another and open entryway.

50. Your graduation demonstrates the greater part of your diligent work and assurance.

51. I am wishing you an awesome feeling of achievement as you commend your diligent work.

52. Achievement is yours! You did it! Approach to go!

Funny Graduation Congratulations SMS

53. Graduation from school implies you may have the capacity to get alcoholic a few days seven days now, or you’ll need to go to work with an aftereffect and to a great degree tired. Congrats to your liver for the additional future!

Funny Graduation Congratulations SMS

54. Many individuals caution you about picking up the “green beans fifteen” when you first begin school, however a great many people don’t inform you regarding the significantly more unsafe “graduate gut.” It happens when you leave school and you need to begin managing genuine pressure.

Text Messages for Funny Congratulations Graduation Cards

55. Congrats on getting yourself the most costly bit of paper you will presumably ever claim!

56. Moving on from school is a truly major ordeal. Congrats! You did it!

57. Your confirmation is your new key to your new activity. Congrats and all the best.

58. Every single good thing must reach an end, except if you are anticipating going to graduate school. Congrats and good fortunes in your future.

Text Messages for Funny Congratulations Graduation Cards

59. We’re wishing you a vocation with incredible pay, so you will have the capacity to keep your head above water when you begin paying your understudy advances.

60. We’re trusting that this ‘congrats on your graduation’ card will be caught up with a ‘congrats on your new activity’ card.

61. Since you’ve taken thirty classes in a noteworthy and have your certificate, you are prepared to begin at an occupation that will show you that nothing is as perfect as what you’ve been instructed in school. Good fortunes with the way of life stun.

Text Messages for Funny Congratulations Graduation Cards

62. Hello congrats! You have your advanced education. You have joined the club of the first class individuals who are set forever.

63. It doesn’t bode well all things being equal. You put in years, a large number of dollars, and hazard your wellbeing and security to get a bit of paper. Congrats graduate.

64. Keep in mind, you have training, and that is something that can’t be detracted from you except if, obviously, you get cerebrum harm. I don’t need to disclose to you that however, on the grounds that you are knowledgeable.

Text Messages for Funny Congratulations Graduation Cards

65. The essentialness of today is that it denotes the following extraordinary section in the life of a stunning individual. Congrats on your graduation.

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