600 Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation – Quotes Collection For Friends

    101. Congratulations for your graduation. Your hard work is over, maybe not yet. Good luck. Imagine the possibilities!

    102. Congratulations Make sure you see your education as a springboard, not a destination.

    103. Congratulations for the graduation. Now you can finally start receiving the payment instead of having to pay for it.

    104. Did you ever think that day would come? We did not believe it!

    105. Blessings and prayers for your graduation and for your future.

    106. Now that you have achieved the goals that other people have set for you, make sure you have your own list.

    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    107. Congratulations on your hardly done graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!

    108. Remember that day, the sense of pride and achievement you make of him. Use this to get closer to your next big goal. Congratulations.

    109. We are proud of your achievements and the person you have become.

    110. Fulfilling the little things is the first step to achieving greatness. The conclusion shows that you are on the right track!

    111. All your hard work is for a piece of paper? Congratulations for receiving graduation.

    112. Although your degree may mean completing your education, never stop seeking knowledge. I wish you the best

    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    113. Everything is possible, but you just have to leave believe in yourself. Haha I wish you all the best for the very near hectic future and good luck.

    114. Keep it up, brother! Make your Great Collage Memories longer than your student loan payments. Congratulations!!!

    115. Be happy that you graduate! Congratulations! It seems you did it! After all, good results come from hard work. Well done We knew you could do it. Congratulations for your successful graduation. Only the beginning of success for you.


    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    116. After the conclusion, one more word for you: plastic! Take advantage of the daily closing! Hard work: check! Good grades: check! Earn some money: more checks!

    117. One degree = two happy parents! Congratulations! Haha Follow your dreams and good things will come. We are very happy to share the excitement of your graduation. Bravo!

    118. We are proud of all your achievements. Congratulations graduate! May your degree open many doors for you. The best wishes for your future. Congratulations

    119. May your dreams always be great as yours head and your worries small as yours eyes. May you sometime dare to do great things in life.

    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    120. Life is living and exploring. Make the most of it! Congratulations to the graduate! This is a reason to celebrate! Congratulations You did it I wish you all the best! Be cool

    121. Keep learning, keep trying and keep going. You did it Finally they have graduated. It’s time You did it Now it’s time to celebrate! Congratulations and BRAVO!

    122. Hats for you, graduate! Well done Happy graduation day! With love and pride today and always!

    123. Congratulations graduate – you made it! But who lied to you, that hard work ends here? It has just begun.


    124. Congratulations graduate, you’ve overcome! Your family and friends wish you the best.

    125. Congratulations achieving to the completion of these 4 years! I wish you the best of luck in all future achievement. May success find you once.

    126. To his well-deserved success. Feel proud of this moment, you deserve it for all your dedication and commitment. Congratulations, we are proud of you.

    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    127. Feel proud of yourself. Many people never start university and many of those that have not finished. You did it

    128. Being a graduate does not mean you know everything, but you are better prepared to discover what life has in store for you.

    129. Greetings to the new graduates – let’s celebrate your success! I send you my best wishes for a bright future.

    130. We hope your graduation opens even more doors to the success it really deserves. Congratulations

    131. I want to wish you all the Better then the best for your future. Congratulations and celebrate the new sheet of paper!

    132. I wish you the best, if you face new challenges in life. Congratulations and let all your other dreams come true.

    133. If you thought the school was tough, you’re right, everything is very easy from here. Congratulations and good luck. I am very proud of you on your graduation day.

    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    134. Congratulations for your graduation. We bet you feel that you can accept the world and you can. But remember, we are always there for you.

    135. Congratulations for your excellent performance. We wish you all the best for the future and all your challenges and opportunities.

    136. Great job well done! Here is your exciting new future and all the happiness that comes with it.

    137. Congratulations graduate! I am sure he will continue to be successful in life. Keep it up. I wish you good luck for the future. Be yourself and I always wish you a bright future.

    138. A great compliment for this important step in life. Always remember to climb the stairs.

    139. A toast to finish what you started. I hope you do it for the rest of your life. Make sure you are now fully prepared for what life has for you. All the best.

    140. Congratulations for your graduation. Education is the key to unlocking your potential. The diploma also helps a little. Daily learning is the key to success. Never stop learning, dreaming and achieving. Get them, graduate!

    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    141. Looking back, was not it all worth it? I’m sure you nodded in agreement, a great job! More wonderful things are waiting for you! Congratulations!

    142. Is there no limit to your CONSCIOUSNESS? Many dream, some try, but only a few succeed. You did it Good luck and a happy ending! May God continue to bless you and your abilities, graduation. This was not the first time and it will not be the last time we boast of you. Shine in graduates!

    143. We believe You did it Way to Kiddo! By the way Graduation = Celebration! Keep it up! We’re waiting for you at home, baby.


    144. Now that you’re a graduate, it’s time to be brave. Life is full of lessons that will challenge you all the way. Now that you are graduated, follow your heart and embrace the dreams that are important to you. Estimate them Own it And follow it with all your strength.

    145. Now that you have graduated, you can be smart enough to figure out how to pay off your student loans. Now you can pursue your goals and know that you can achieve great things. Congratulations

    146. Success is yours! You did it Keep it up! Even though I lost my bet, I congratulate you on your graduation. The door of your life to learning was open when you arrived. Now that you have graduated, do not close it.

    Congratulations Message For Graduation

    147. You are there grade! The future does not contain promises, but riddles and surprises. What you have learned will prepare you for both. Congratulations and all the best for the future.

    148. The piece of paper can be academic, but the experience was a lesson in life. Congratulations There are times in your life when you work on both a single accomplishment and the last four years. Celebrate!

    149. This is a time to celebrate all your accomplishments, prepare for the future and seize opportunities around the world. All the best.

    150. For a happy ending and a new beginning. We wish you all the very best for your new chapter. Congratulations Today is your day I wish you all the best for what life has for you.

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