600 Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation – Quotes Collection For Friends

    151. You did it Congratulations! Today something proves what we always know about you. You are very smart! Today he has come one step closer to his dream and will soon reap the rewards of his hard work. Keep it up, brother!

    152. Really, you deserve this success. Now is the time to set newer and higher goals and not stop until you reach the top! We do not know how he has achieved his title with all the activities of celebration, drinking, socialization and extracurricular activities. Congratulations.

    153. We know that the last few years have not been easy for you. Nothing is worth it, is it ever? Congratulations We are all very proud of you. Now that you’ve graduated, buy the beer, right?

    154. We are proud of you, but it is more important that you be proud of yourself. Celebrate your performance That now is the question.

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    155. We are very happy that you have reached this great milestone. We wish you much success with your dreams and your career.

    156. We are very proud of you and your success. Your graduation is a tremendous achievement. If you think about the last four years, you probably remember that your most important lessons took place outside of the classroom. It is a good reminder that learning does not stop just because you have a diploma.

    157. What a great feeling to be in the world! It’s time to celebrate your graduation. This is your day!

    158. What a proud day! We just could not be happier for you! What an impressive achievement! I wish you good luck for the future. Congratulations graduate!

    159. We wish you the best on your graduation day and beyond. Congratulations Write an essay that compares the value of a diploma to the value of a good education. Many more congratulations to you on your graduation.

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    160. You did it Everything is over now, or everything starts, depending on how you look at it.

    161. You went to school with big dreams and goals. Now is the time to get it. I wish you all the best.

    162. Never stop learning and achieve. May all your dreams come true. The best is yet to come. Stupid hat; Serious achievement graduate congratulations! Follow your dreams.

    163. All in all, it was said more than done. Congratulations, you deserve it. You are stronger than you think, more intelligent than you know and more loved than you can imagine.

    164. Your title will only give you a sheet of paper. The lessons you have learned along the way will determine your life forever. Your title shows that all your hard work and determination have been worth it!

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    165. We’re glad you graduated! Your whole life is ahead of you. Be brave and follow your own dreams. Congratulations for your graduation. You are a brilliant friend with a lot of potential and heart. Good luck in all your efforts.


    166. You are a graduate! We are all looking forward to seeing you. You have achieved something worth celebrating. Now you will learn what it really means to learn. We wish you the best on this special day and good luck for the future.

    167. You have worked hard and it is time to take advantage of it. Your family and friends wish you the best.

    168. You have worked very hard and successfully completed your studies. Now the real work is a new teacher with you – LIFE! The tassel is worth the effort.

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    169. Nobody can do it better than you. All other grades are a total disaster compared to their grade. Everyone agrees. You can believe me.

    170. The good news, Grad, is that the world awaits you. The bad news is, the world gets up at about 6:15 a.m. Congratulations for the graduation!

    171. It’s amazing how much of what you’ve learned in high school will be handy in the real world. Almost none. It’s really amazing.

    172. The Graduate’s Brain: Important Knowledge, Random Crap, Already Forgotten Stuff HAPPINESS! Wishing you a Happy Graduation is a no-brainer!

    173. It’s official! You are smart! It don’t take a GENIUS to recognize one!!! Congratulations!


    174. Congrats! It’s truly amazing, it’s really stupendous, fantastic, bombastic, and downright tremendous, astounding, resounding, in case you don’t know… You did it! You did it! You did it! BRAVO!

    175. Dear student, wishing you congratulations through the warm wishes. It’s time for a big party, so we’ll be at the restaurant eating our heart and waiting for your bill payment.

    176. Dear student, I wish you sincere congratulations on your graduation. Through this message, I would like to remind you of the party you promised to give me about success.

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    177. Sweet friend, I send you congratulations for the graduation. I hope you have arranged wine and barbecue for the party at night where I will be there.

    178. Dear student, congratulations on your graduation and i am very happy for you. It demands a great celebration of food, wine and desserts, so come with a fat wallet, since we plan to wrinkle.

    179. Wishing congratulations for the graduation. I wish he had enough money to pay for a dozen partygoers arriving at his successful party. To be prepared

    180. To the beloved student, I wish you a warm greeting on your graduation day. I knew that you would graduate very successfully in order to obtain special treatment.

    181. Dear son, I wish you congratulations for your graduation. Finally, you are a graduate and qualified enough to join a job and stop giving excuses to laze around.

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    182. You are a jib genius. Congratulations for your graduation. The university certainly was not a carnival (well, maybe), but tell your graduate that you are a winner like a classic goldfish.

    183. A little realism for your little graduate. Congratulations for coming through the simplest part of adult life.

    184. This smart card is deployed to say: life after graduation? It’s fantastic. I mean, I certainly cannot find any disadvantages. Welcome to the club.

    185. Here is the sheet of paper that congratulates you for making an elegant piece of paper. Apart from that, this sheet did not cost $ 200,000. Congratulations!!

    186. Congratulations for meeting the minimum requirements. That is a final sweet you have there.

    187. This is not an exercise. So it really happened?

    188. When you finally get the diploma. Sure, the real world is not exactly a gold treasure at the end of the rainbow, but the graduate in your life still has a lot to celebrate.

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    189. I cannot wait for your name to be pronounced terribly wrong at graduation. In any case, congratulations. Meh. I wish you good luck in the next four or many years.

    190. I am sure that your GPA will give you many opportunities to take advantage of many opportunities. Possibility of job search.

    191. I hope that your art studies have taught you the art of being talented..

    192. In this last week, do not try to find out what these terrible stimulants do for our bodies. Congratulations!!!

    193. Congratulations for reaching the stage of life that the rest of us achieved eight years ago.


    194. Let your college reminders last as long as your student pays the loan.

    195. Congratulations for finally getting a hat on your head. I am very happy for you.

    196. Your graduation can be like mother day for me. A good Mother’s Day for a mother who cannot accept my title means the end of my financial dependence.

    Congratulations Quotes For Graduation

    197. Son, I wish you congratulations for your graduation. Be sure to find a job soon and stop relying on the money in my pocket since it is big enough to earn.

    198. Congratulations for having obtained a degree in an area that you do not necessarily want to start with your life.

    199. Congratulations on the simplest part of life.

    200. Think of your title and I always wish you luck!

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