600 Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation – Quotes Collection For Friends

    251. The door to learning was already open when you arrived. Now that you have graduated, do not close it.

    252. Congratulations for completing this five years that you have used for the rest of your life. Remember, as with college, all worthwhile things take time and effort.

    253. Many dream, some try, but only a few succeed. You did it Good luck and a happy ending!

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    254. We could tell you that we are proud of you and that we are, but it is more important that you be proud of yourself. Take a minute today to put into practice what you did.

    255. Congratulations graduate, you’ve overcome! Your family and friends wish you the best.

    256. Congratulations for your graduation. Make sure you are now fully prepared for what life has for you. All the best

    257. Get up early for class, go to bed late at work late, overwhelmed by exams, but now all your efforts and determination have paid off. Congratulations!

    258. Did you ever think that day would come? We did not believe it! Congratulations

    259. Now that you have graduated, look for the stars and beyond. You are intelligent and of course you have great potential. Good luck in all your efforts.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    260. You are a graduate! We are all looking forward to seeing you. You have achieved something worth celebrating.

    261. Congratulations for completing this important step in life. Always remember to climb the stairs.

    262. If you think you have learned a lot in the past four years, prepare for the next four years. It does not get easier, so you always have to improve.

    263. I wish you all the Better then the best for your future. Congratulations and celebrate the new sheet of paper!

    264. Once you had a dream, but today you are an interpreter. Congratulations for this special graduation day!

    265. Congratulations Even if you think you have already learned, always remember that it is important to remain an apprentice. Make learning a practice for life.


    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    266. The fact that he has graduated does not mean that he knows everything, it only means that he is now better prepared to learn what life has in store for him.

    267. Feel proud of yourself. Many people never start university and many of those that have not finished. You did it

    268. Your title will only give you a sheet of paper. The lessons you learned along the way will determine your life forever – Congratulations

    269. Congratulations graduate to a successful job! Here is your exciting new future and all the happiness that comes with it.

    270. Congratulations for your graduation. You should feel ready to accept the world because it is, but remember that we will always be there to help you, so call us at any time.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    271. Today is your day Take the time to think about what you have done and enjoy your successes. I wish you all the best for what life has for you.

    272. This is a time when you can celebrate all your achievements, prepare for a future of opportunities and enter a world of infinite possibilities. All the best.

    273. Your whole life is ahead of you. Whatever you do, do not waste your time looking for someone else’s dream. Be brave and follow yours, congratulations on your graduation.


    274. Congratulations for your graduation. While you should always appreciate the education your graduation represents, you must be inspired to learn more than to complete your education.

    275. Dear friend, you have made your family and friends very proud. I wish you good luck for the future, congratulations.

    276. I am very proud of you on your graduation day. We always knew you would get that far. Greetings Nobody ever said that the last [years] would be easy, and you certainly proved that this is not the case. But they came through. Congratulations

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    277. Congratulations Now you can finally start receiving the payment instead of having to pay for it.

    278. Everything is possible: you only have to believe in yourself and with your title you have shown it. I wish you all the Better then the best for your future and good luck.

    279. Congratulations Take some time today to think about what you have learned outside of the classroom. You will probably find much more valuable than what you have learned in it.

    280. We are all very proud of you. Now that you’ve graduated, buy the beer, right?

    281. Although your degree may mean completing your education, never stop seeking knowledge. I wish you the best

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    282. You have dreamed big, you have come a long way and now you are a star. Congratulations for your graduation. May the next phase of your life bring you happiness, passion and inspiration.

    283. Now that you’re a graduate, it’s time to be brave. Life is full of lessons that will challenge you all the way. Congratulations and all the best.

    284. They have entered this school with much greater dreams and aspirations. Now that you have graduated, it is time to get them. I wish you all the best.

    285. I welcome the congratulations from all directions, but do not let that stop you from remembering how wonderful it is.

    286. Really, you deserve this success. Now is the time to set newer and higher goals and not stop until you reach the top!

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    287. What a great feeling to be in the world! It’s time to celebrate your graduation. This is your day!

    288. Congratulations You have shown that you can be a successful student. Make sure you stay in every aspect of your life.

    289. Graduation is a time to celebrate, a time of reflection and a moment to reflect on your great future ahead. We wish you all the best for what is coming.

    290. You have worked very hard and successfully completed your studies. Now the real work is a new teacher with you – LIFE!

    291. Your graduation is a transcendental opportunity that you will remember for the rest of your life. Congratulations and here is the next step!

    292. We hope your graduation opens even more doors to the success it really deserves. Congratulations

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    293. Congratulations You may think you have completed something, but it has just begun. Make sure you see your education as a springboard, not a destination.


    294. Remember this day. Remember the sense of pride and achievements you get from it and use it to reach your next big goal. Congratulations.

    295. Congratulation! Now that you graduate, it’s up to you to use that knowledge and do something great with it.

    296. I never doubted for a moment that you would achieve it. Congratulations [name] that you have made us proud! You did it!

    297. There are few opportunities in life where you will be working on a single achievement as in the past four years. Congratulations on finishing what you started.

    298. Greetings to the new graduates: Let us celebrate your success! May you work hard and now keep mobile aside.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    299. Congratulations on graduating from a school Snooki did not ask you to be the final speaker.

    300. Happy professional administration day for someone who is going to graduate in humanities.

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