600 Funny Congratulations Message For Graduation – Quotes Collection For Friends

    351. They have shown determination, intelligence and willingness to learn. We hope that employers see these achievements. Congratulations on your graduation.

    352. Keep working hard and I’m sure the diploma is only the beginning of many future achievements.

    353. The hat, the tassel and the dress look good. I think that’s why you’re planning another training. Congratulations on your diploma and good luck with your future educational goals.

    354. Today they recognize you as a great student, but for me you are much more than that. You are a great student, hard worker and motivator for many people.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    355. They deserve to accomplish the things they have been working hard on. Best wishes, graduate!

    356. Congratulations on all the hard work you have paid for. You did it! Keep working hard, even if you’ve finished school … at least for now.

    357. We see that you do great things after graduating, especially because you have already done many great things.

    358. I hope you keep learning every day, even if it looks like you’ve finally finished school. Your informal education will continue.

    359. If I could be proud of you, I could not stand it. Your great brain impresses me.

    360. Of all the people named hard worker who graduate today, you are the smartest person I know. I hope that makes you feel special.

    361. It’s time to use this diploma as a ticket to a great future!

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    362. Now you are ready for a simple life. Relax and let the money arrive.

    363. On the whole, a diploma is not the most important thing in life. Education is more important because you can take advantage of the opportunity that a diploma offers.

    364. Throw the cap into the sky, because that’s the limit, how high you can become now. The change is inevitable. It’s good how you get educated so you can adapt to anything that gets in your way.

    365. The school is out forever! The learning is just beginning. Nobody can call you stupid anymore. Larger words should be used, such as ignorance. Your brain became priceless!


    366. It’s good to know that someone is so polite. I do not need internet if I have a question. I just ask my smart guy. The hat and dress are worn once, but your student loan lasts much longer.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    367. Now that you have spent your time as a student, you get a free pass for a simple life. No one will tell you until you graduate and are admitted to the secret club. you are welcome

    368. I wanted to tell you for a long time that you really do not need any training. It was just a joke when I told you that school life is important phase for your career. You can laugh now.

    369. Here is a math problem for you: are you equal to more years of hard work? The answer is a graduate. Since you have such a large brain, I would not be surprised if you had difficulty keeping your balance. Maybe that’s why graduates need the funny hat.

    370. Life has become a little easier and a little harder now that you have graduated. With great intelligence and opportunity comes a great responsibility. Your responsibility has just become as big as your brain.

    371. Graduation is the brief moment between thinking you know everything and discovering that you do not know anything.

    372. If a man wants an education, he can learn everything he wants. If a man wants to prove himself, a diploma helps more than training. Unfortunately, diplomas are an illusion, but training takes a lifetime.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    373. Conclusion in a step on the road to complete life well, but it is better to drive than to go. Your diploma is your free credit card, but you need to know how and when to use it.


    374. The conclusion is your excuse to wear the funny robe and square hat you always wanted to wear. It’s amazing how much work and money people spend on wearing this fun outfit.

    375. The degree is the end of lifelong learning. Complete your last application before becoming familiar with much more responsibility. Congratulations graduate! And here there is more responsibility.

    376. Unfortunately, a diploma does not guarantee that the character and common sense of a person are essential, but it could give you the opportunity to prove your worth. A man without a diploma is like a man without slipper. He could try to go somewhere, but it will be a long and difficult journey.

    377. Give a man a diploma and he will eat well. Give training to a man and he feeds a village. Education takes time, which could be spent on productive things like watching television.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    378. An educated person can only know the joys and sorrows of an imperfect world. The brain is an organ that requires laborious and costly investments, but it is the only body that can pay for it.

    379. Completion is a requirement that graduates impose on others to maintain their superior status. The higher the education, the higher the student loan payments and payments will be.

    380. Your future looks so bright that I need sunglasses. Keep up the good work and I will always congratulate you.

    381. How often do I have to tell you? Congratulations, I have a lot of pride in my heart now. It could even be a sin.

    382. They have developed very well. When good things happen with the good people like you then, I feel so delight. My face has a proud smile for you.

    383. I do not know if someone has ever told you, but I think you’re pretty good. Great things come from great people.

    384. I think of a word for you that ends with C and a congratulation. I love your achievements almost as much as the person who made them.

    Funny Graduation Congratulations Quotes For friends

    385. Thanks for giving me a good reason to congratulate me! You surprised me a little. I knew you were capable, but I did not expect this achievement to be achieved!

    386. I’m happy for you and I wish you all the best. Just when I thought you could not impress me anymore, you did it. I’m proud of you. You’ve achieved a lot. I hope to see more blessings for you in the future.

    387. They deserve all the great things that come. Enjoy! I love when good things come to good people. this is one of those moments. The wait is over! It’s time to celebrate!

    388. Enjoy this time Life is an adventure and you live well! I cannot imagine any advice I have to give you. You have shown your competence I have always known that good things would come to you. Your resistance is worth it!

    389. Sometimes I do not do a big thing for nothing, but this time I’m not exaggerating. Keep it up! It’s just a word, but it summarizes what I want to express. Congratulations

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    390. I have to congratulate both of you because I knew you would succeed! There is a moment for everything, and now is the time to congratulate him.

    391. Please stop giving me so many reasons to get impressed. I am overwhelmed. There are so many ways to say congratulations, and I have used most of them.

    392. Success like yours can not be bought. They are not satisfied with mediocrity. They exceeded expectations. I’m just successful when I meet you. I will congratulate myself

    393. Your future is no longer uncertain. You have reached your goals. I say congratulations from the outside and I celebrate from the inside. It seems that failure is not consistent with everything you are involved in.


    394. I have a partial opinion of you, but I find you incredible. It’s almost as if your hard work was automatic. Let me know if you do exciting things when you need help.

    395. New experiences are coming! We are glad that you tell us some details!

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    396. We are very happy to know that you will soon graduate. We hope and pray that pregnancy and childbirth go well. We pray for you and hope to meet the new family member soon!

    397. You have received a great gift. Great gifts are associated with great responsibility. Tell us how and when we can help you.

    398. Graduation offers a fun time to write a funny message to new parents. You can take the opportunity to post messages on the map or joke about what it is like to be a graduated. Be creative with the way you congratulate the heavy blessing for future.

    399. The conclusion marks the beginning of new possibilities. Continue to grow and learn how I know you will. You may have finished school, but you can still learn!

    Funny Congratulations Messages

    400. All good things must come to an end, and now you have to face reality.

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