500 Congratulation Messages For Ring Ceremony – Engagement Wishes, Status, Quotes And Images Collection

    Best friend, I always knew you would marry first. You are beautiful and kind, and you will be a fantastic wife. Then, when I met your future fiancée, I knew it was only a matter of time. You two are perfect for each other. Congratulations!

    All the best for a great couple with a great future. May the ceremony of your ring be just the beginning of a long and happy life together.

    Congratulations to a wonderful couple who deserve the best in life. You have found it in the other. May your love become a beautiful family! All the best in your ceremony ring.

    Engagement Congratulations Quotes

    The news spread quickly, but it was not a surprise to me. I was waiting for your ceremony ring some time ago. May the next few days spread with roses! Congratulations

    We just heard the news! Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring. We are delighted to know that both have found “the one” and we know that we will be happy together forever. Congratulations on your ring ceremony! May the love you share be eternal.

    Woo Hoo! What great news! Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring. This is just the beginning of a great life to come.

    Words cannot express how happy we are to hear the ring ceremony. You are two of our favorite people and we wish you the best.

    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    Married life is full of ups and downs, but we know that you are a couple that has the strength and love that can overcome difficult times and help you enjoy the wonderful moments better.

    Congratulations to the happy newly engaged couple. Get ready to share a wonderful life full of happiness and enthusiasm together.

    God has gathered you and I am sure that you will be blessed for life. Your love will never end and it is the best gift of life.

    Congratulations to the happy couple on the occasion of the ring ceremony. May you both be blessed by taking the next step towards the rest of your life together, hand in hand.

    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    We wish you all the best and congratulate you sincerely for the ceremony of your ring. Now the planning of the wedding will start and the day they will join as a couple before they realize it. Do your best to enjoy every moment you have together.

    May your future be bright and full of the richest blessings. The announcement of your ring ceremony brought us great joy and we cannot wait to celebrate the happy occasion of your wedding day.

    There are not two people on this earth who deserve as much as you two. They are together because each one has earned the joy of a wonderful relationship and many happy years together to come.

    I see the smile on your face! May this day be the first of a unique and beautiful family. Congratulations on your ring ceremony!


    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    On the occasion of your ring celebration ceremony, I sincerely wish to wish you an endless number of days filled with the best that life has to offer. Congratulations to a dynamic couple.

    We just heard the news! We cannot believe that I have finally asked the question! You are a wonderful couple and we wish you the best in life!

    Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring! We all know how happy you are and we could not be more proud of the man and woman you’ve grown up in. Take care of each other and know how lucky they are that God has reunited you to enjoy the rest of your life. In the happiness of marriage as husband and wife.

    Congratulations to a beautiful young couple at the ceremony of your ring. Now that you have finally taken the step, we only have one question to ask. When is the big day?

    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    You, two beautiful people, deserve the best things that life has to offer. Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring. We wish you an endless number of happy memories and a fruitful life as husband and wife. We offer our sincere congratulations to a wonderful couple on this occasion of the ring ceremony.

    Engagement Wishes For Sister

    Life is a route without any given direction, instructions or maps. It is so easy to get lost. But this route becomes much more interesting, exciting and joyful when you have someone at your side. Dear sister, I am really happy that you have found your life partner and have committed yourself!

    Dear sister, on this special day, I would like to wish you a couple of things. I want your future marriage to be as light and easy as the feather in the wind.

    Engagement Wishes For Sister

    My dear sister, you are no longer a little girl, you are an adult woman. The ring ceremony is a big step in your future life, so I wish you the happiest!


    Sometimes a hug or a kiss is enough to make sure they still love each other. Although it seems insignificant. The love relationship is about many invisible things that still make sense. Do not neglect it and you will see that your love will grow stronger over the years. Congratulations on your special day, sister!

    The ceremony of your ring is a perfect occasion to raise a glass of wine and talk about girls things. Greetings from all my soul!

    Engagement Wishes For Sister

    Today I received good news! And it’s much better than all this annoying news on television. You have committed, dear sister! And this news will be the main one for a long time until your wedding day. Because your wedding will be another good news for me!

    My beautiful sister, I want to tell you that you will be the most beautiful bride and wife. I will be your assistant in any type of situation. Congratulations!

    Messages on Engagement Wishes For Brother

    Best regards to you, my brother. I am very delighted that you proposed to your girlfriend. I think you will be very happy in your married life. Now is the time to start preparing for the wedding day! I hope you love your wife even more every day! Very happy for you, brother!

    The ring ceremony is an important decision that will change your life. I think you made a good one and I’ll see you happy for a lifetime. Congratulations for the ring ceremony, my dear brother.

    My little brother, you got engaged! I’m very happy for you and your girl. Both will be a perfect family. Hug you!

    OMG! You proposed it to your girlfriend! I am very excited! I hope to be the first to know the date of your wedding. I have to prepare well!

    Now you are in the seventh heaven. You are flying so high and so carelessly that it seems that nothing would disturb your happiness. I wish it were really like that. Forever. Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring for you and your wonderful bride!

    Messages on Engagement Wishes For Brother

    My dear brother, I want to congratulate you on your new status: promised. It fits perfectly for you! You deserve all the best!

    The love between two people is like a deep and wide lake of opportunities and discoveries. All you need to do is get rid of all your fears, trust each other and immerse yourself in this lake as deep as possible. I wish you an amazing wedding very soon!

    Are you ready for a long time of preparation for? If you need help, you know you always have me. The warmest greetings at the ring ceremony!

    Messages on Engagement Wishes For Brother

    If you ever cry, I wish you were happy tears. If you are sad, this sadness will vanish the moment you hear his voice. And if you are angry, then this anger may disappear the moment you see his angel face. Congratulations on your ceremony ring, dear brother!

    You are my best friend and there is nothing more important on Earth for me than your happy and smiling face. If she makes you feel good, then thank God for accompanying you. And very soon we will all meet at your wedding! I cannot wait for that.

    Messages on Engagement Wishes For Friend

    My dear friend, the most sincere congratulations with this incredible event: the ceremony of your ring. I wish you a wonderful time of preparation!

    The first date, the first touch, the first kiss … You’ve had it. And now you’re going to have your first ceremony ring. I wish it was your first and last experience in this kind of thing. A very successful experience! I’m waiting for your wedding, friend!

    Hey girl, I feel so excited about your happiness. You are the best man! Congratulations on the ring ceremony!

    You and your beloved are like two wings of a beautiful bird called love. And now these wings have become stronger, because you compromised and that bond between you has become stronger. I want your wonderful companion to fly high and feel free and happy. Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring!

    May this decision bring you a life that you have always dreamed of! Be happy now and always!

    There are some strange things that mean the world to us and love is one of them. Your happiness has doubled and you got engaged. And I wish there was no sadness there! Congratulations on your ring ceremony! Can I start preparing for your wedding?


    Messages on Engagement Wishes For Friend

    The ring ceremony is the first step on the road to family happiness. And you have already taken that step. I know that just thinking about the wedding makes you happy, that’s why I hope this exciting moment arrives. I hope to see you both get married soon! Congrats friend

    The ring ceremony is just a promise that two people in love do to be together forever … Happy life committed ahead!

    Life becomes more beautiful when you finally find your perfect life partner who is with you to share your sorrows and joys. I’m glad you found yours. The ring ceremony wishes you!

    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    The ring ceremony is the day to celebrate union and love … Celebrate this day to the fullest. Happy day of the ring ceremony!

    While both exchange the rings today, God pours his most beautiful flowers of joy, love, and care, in both to bless you both. Be blessed!

    Please accept my affectionate and loving wishes for your new life ahead. I hope that both of you are blessed with love and happiness. Happy day of the ring ceremony!

    The person next to you is the only person who will be with you forever. Seriously? It’s a joke!! Health! Happy life committed!

    Messages on Engagement Wishes For Friend

    The ring ceremony is like now you can only see the menu, but you cannot ask for more. Happy ring friend at the ceremony!

    Now, you’re making it official. There is no way back. Best wishes and good luck. Greetings forever! Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring!

    I’m glad you’re knotting forever. You will be exchanging sacred vows soon. May God bless you in abundance and blessing to walk in faith, unity and eternal love. Congratulations!

    You are finally committed! One thing is certain. Your future looks bright together. You are such a lovely couple.

    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    May all your dreams come true. Tons of happiness too. Love yourself as lovers. These simply wish for you two. Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring.

    Greetings to an eternal ring ceremony. A strong bond as husband and wife. Love and care for each other forever. Singing sweet love hymns together. I’m happy to see you finally engaged.

    After so much waiting and anticipating two hearts come together for a single beating. Congratulations for the ceremony of your ring. May you find love, joy, peace, and joy.

    May the Lord guide you in all your plans. As you humbly submit to his commandments. To bless you and guide you on the way. Greetings on the day of your ceremony ring!

    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    May your special union produce joy and blessing in your home. May you be rooted, grounded and grow in love. Enjoy your sweet ceremony ring!

    Happy wedding ring to the most beautiful couple in the world! May they continue to fall in love with each other! We wish you, eternal love. May they be a blessing to others. Hold on to the love that binds you.

    Today is the day that turns your life. Let us ask God to rain all his blessings to make this the happiest day of your life. Happy ring ceremonies

    When both are committed, I feel happiness in mind, since I know that two great rivers decide to flow together. Happy ring for you

    I wish you a life that flows like a beautiful river and that makes happy and close to Dears. Happy wishes for your ceremony ring!

    Engagement Wishes Wordings

    Each one of you is really a wonderful person and when you eat together, the angels will sing. The glory of God to bless you with a wonderful life! Happy ring ceremony!

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