200 Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement of Son – Best Wishes Collection

    51. May his engagement be the beginning of an everlasting series of love, happiness, and success.

    52. You’ll now have a real family together, laughing, talking, understanding and looking forward to the future.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    53. Your daughter in law will have the most remarkable and eccentric family she could have hoped for.

    54. This wedding is going to be the eternal marriage between love and duty. Congratulations on your engagement.

    55. May your son learns to be persistence, committed, loyal and patient.Above all may he learn to love unconditionally.These are the factors required for the happy married life.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    56. The truest form of love is how you behave toward someone, not how you feel about them. You must treat your daughter in law like she is your own daughter. Give her the unconditional love that you would give to your own daughter. You’ll receive the same from her.

    57. Engagement is not only an exchange of the rings. It is the symbol.of unity between two families. It is the symbol.of extension and expansion of the family.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    58. Engagement is not only promise and hope. But it is also a commitment and plan for the future.

    59. Care deeply for your son and daughter in law. Care for your daughter in laws parents and family. Make your son daily committed to his bride. Congratulations on your engagement.

    60. The ceremony of the engagement May differs from culture to culture, from nation to nation. But the meaning behind the engagement remains the same. It’s the union of two families who were completely stranger before but now they unite forever with a relation of love.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    61. The relationship is the flavor of life. You’re soon going to be in-laws now. Flavor this relation with your love and care. Sometimes with a little bit of fight.

    62. You son is an adult now. Soon he will be a father. Involve both your son and you’re daughter-in-law in making the major decisions in your family. This will make your daughter in law feel that’s she is also equally important in the new found family. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    63. Whenever there’s a problem, have a polite conversation with your son. This will help in avoiding the small misunderstanding turning into a big conflict.

    64. Your son has strength, courage, integrity, and character as a man. He is honest, faithful, loving, and respectful to you. He can communicate and openly express his feelings. He’s got confidence, direction, and purpose in his life. I am sure he’s gonna be a great husband.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    65. Remember that everything that is good, whatever it’s origin, comes from the holy spirit. Your relationship with your son is the god gift to you. Now you’re giving the responsibility of this gift to a beautiful responsible girl.


    66. A relationship will either make the majority of your life happy or miserable. It is important to take your time and make sure that it is a wise choice. Communicate freely and give time to your son and daughter-in-law to adjust and adapt to their changed role. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    67. Relationships should be a wonderful journey of exploration and love. Not grinding resistance.

    68. It is not the rough times endured that define your relationship, it’s how you deal with them and bounce back.

    Engagement Wishes For Sister

    69. Give-give love is the way forward for win-win love. Give lots of love to your would-be daughter in law. It will be the beginning of the new important life for her. She needs all the support she can from you.

    70. Put lots of valuable effort in making a strong foundation for your new relationship with your daughter in law. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    71. You care enough about what you think to try to share yourselves with them.

    72. In a relationship, no amount of extra effort on your part can make up for a lack of effort on theirs. The effort should be from.both side. I am optimistic that your daughter in law will also make the effort towards you.

    73. If you truly love your daughter in law, she will inevitably love you back.


    74. Your love towards your son and daughter in law will open up the door of their hearts for you.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    75. Never allow anyone to break your bond of love.

    76. Build a bridge by extending your hand. Do not distance yourself from the new generation, new thoughts and new love.

    77. Bond with your daughter in law with a high tolerance and balancing act. Turn your relation from in-laws to a real bond.

    78. May God guide you and your son on the new travel path.

    Congratulation Quotes for Wedding Engagement

    79. Love is the greatest love. Give it to one another. Make your nest filled with new dreams and new hope. Glue your relationship with truth and faith. Congratulations on your engagement.

    80. The only people who should know what is happening behind closed doors are the people living within the four walls. Do not let the third person peek into your home even through a window.

    81. To build a respectful, kind and loving relationship. Begin by being respectful, kind and loving to your daughter in law first.

    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    82. The beginning days may be a little difficult for you. Relationship issues may arise due to misunderstanding and conflicts. But try to come in agreement and to a mutual understanding in between.

    83. Your love for your new expanded family will open up the gates of kindness and strong relation.

    84. Exercise and practice. You’re soon Going to dance at your son’s wedding. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    85. In-laws should not be strict and traditional like they used to. You need to give Independence to your daughter in law and son to make their own decisions. Some freedom so they can enjoy their newly married life together.

    86. It doesn’t matter whether you live nuclear or joint. Love will always be there between you and your son and daughter in law.

    87. Enjoy your life now. Your responsibility is almost over now. You’re free from the biggest responsibility. You have lived through so many hurdles and obstacles. Now’s the Time for you to sit back and relaxed.

    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    88. May you soon be able to hold your little grandchild in your arms. May you relive the sweet memories you had when you were growing up your son.

    89. Every celebration, occasion, and festival are going to be different now. They are going to be more enjoyable and fun filled. Congratulations on your engagement.

    90. You’re gonna have to buy more presents mow on Diwali. But on the bright side, you’re gonna receive more presents too.

    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    91. You longed for a daughter. God has given you one. She is such a beautiful creature. Adore her like your daughter.

    92. When all relations are breaking and falling apart. You are forming one. May the happiness and stability of your family always remain strong as a rock.

    93. A wise man has said. Sin is your son till he marries. Daughter is there for you forever. You have your daughter in law. Give her love and care. Show her the compassion. Welcome her not only to your home but also in your heart. You’ll get the daughter that you never had.


    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    94. I am so proud to hear that you refused to take any dowries. There should be more families like you in the society. You have set an example.

    95. You understood the love of your son. You are now going to welcome that life into your family. congratulations on your son’s engagement. I am very happy for you.

    96. Create the environment in your home for your daughter in law more open and connected. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    97. Appreciate what your daughter in law will do in your home and in your family. Appreciate her mistakes for she has done it in an attempt to make you happy.

    98. The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. Appreciate the goodness you see in your sin and daughter in law.

    99. You cannot know you would be daughter in law by just a cursory glance. You have to k ow her inner self. And so does she. Ince you two know each other perfectly. There will be balance and love and mutual understanding.

    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    100. Let your language, your love, and your care be a source of unity but not a separating tool.

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