200 Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement of Son – Best Wishes Collection

    101. Change is the law. You soon going to feel and have some changes in the house. But not all changes are bad. I have full faith that this change is going to be better.

    102. Your relation with your daughter in law is going to be miraculous.Its gonna be full of beauty and forever beautiful loving and caring and truly amazing. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Best Wishes For Facebook Wedding Engagement Posts

    103. Your daughter in law is like an angel sent to you from heaven to fill your heart with unending love.

    104. Daughter in law is just a stranger who is a family you have yet to come to know.

    105. The bond that links you to your daughter in law is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.

    106. Put your arms around your daughter in law and be there for her when she needs you the most. You two gonna have a wonderful emotional connection for a whole life.

    Best Wedding Engagement Posts on Facebook Status

    107. The extended family of yours going to be a happy, large, loving, caring and close-knit family.

    108. I agree that your family is quite weird. You’re going to welcome a new member who may be a stranger to you.You along with she going to be a nice happy and intense family.

    Engagement Wishes For Sister

    109. It’s so great of you to accept the daughter in law of different religion. You showed the society that a person can’t be judged by her religion and race but by her character and emotion.

    110. The family of yours is a nature’s masterpiece decorated by the color of joy and emotion of love. It’s perfect. You would be daughter in law is so fortunate to have a family like you. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Best Wedding Engagement Posts on Facebook Status

    111. Build a friendship with your daughter in law like you never had before with any of your Girlfriends.

    112. You may seem old but you have a heart full of love which you are now sharing with your son and his fiance. So you’re still very young.

    113. We have not to construct human nature afresh, but to take it as we find it, and make the best of it. Accept your daughter in law as she is.

    Best Wedding Engagement Posts on Facebook Status

    114. You are going to begin a beautiful and endless journey with your son and daughter in law.

    115. You will now have a friend to sit back and talk and talk every day and for years.


    116. When your daughter in law starts loving you. She’s gonna talk about you differently. Congratulations on your engagement.

    117. A new daughter in law would be afraid and shy in her first few days. Make her comfortable and safe.

    Best Wedding Engagement Posts on Facebook Status

    118. Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike. So don’t ever neglect your relationship with your son and your daughter in law.

    119. The longer you remain distant, the deeper, wider, and darker the chasm becomes making it all the more difficult to bridge. So be close as much possible to your daughter in law.

    120. Your daughter in law seems to be a very nice girl. Do not let her put her needs behind everyone else’s. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Wishes for Wedding Engagement

    121. You are a person who needs to love and be loved. You don’t ask for much out of life as you have simple needs. But God has finally bestowed his Mercy upon you by giving such a beautiful and nice young woman as your daughter in law.

    Wishes for Wedding Engagement

    122. Your new daughter in the law requires little time to work on herself just a little every day. Giver her time to accommodate with your family. Bring some change in yourself to accommodate her.

    123. If your love for another person doesn’t include loving yourself then your love is incomplete.


    124. A man that loves and cherishes his woman and his family is a man of honor. Your son is absolutely an honorable gentleman. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Wishes for Wedding Engagement

    125. You would be daughter in law will obviously be happy. At the same time, she will also be worried to death. She’ll be worried about fitting in and whether she’ll be accepted or not. Remove all her fears and show her your acceptance with small features like listening to her.

    126. It seems like yesterday when you invited me to his first birthday. You always have been a committed and strong parents.

    Wishes for Wedding Engagement

    127. Your son has grown into an honorable and respectable gentleman. The girl is so lucky to have him as her future husband.

    128. Your son was always focused and a responsible chubby boy who has now fully grown to a handsome young man. He is going to start a new life for himself. Congratulations on your engagement.

    129. This engagement is a lovely way to start a new phase of life for your son.

    Wedding Engagement Wishes on Facebook

    130. He is lucky to have a supportive, understanding and cultured parents like you two who are though old but have the modern thinking and opinion.

    131. He is so lucky to have his parents stood by his choice.

    132. You two have raised a beautiful son with your unconditional love. Your prayers have been answered. You’re soon getting a beautiful daughter in law. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Wedding Engagement Wishes on Facebook

    133. You have upbringing your son with love and dignity. My heartfelt wishes are with you and your son on this engagement. Congratulations on your engagement.

    134. It’s a lovely feeling to see your son being engaged and committed for a life. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Engagement Wishes For Sister

    135. Your son could never have better parents. Your daughter in law could never have better father and mother in law.

    136. Your long-lived dream for which your eyes have waiting for so long is finally becoming real.

    Wedding Engagement Messages on Facebook

    137. A time has come for you to love and feel loved.

    138. Congratulations to the most handsome son and the most beautiful mother on this joyous occasion. I could not be happier.

    139. May you always remain happy and glowing with joy forever. God has blessed you with a lot of joy. This is another joyous phase of your life.

    Wedding Engagement Messages on Facebook

    140. God has shown his love for you by giving you this new phase of your life. Live each day to the fullest.

    141. The sacrifices you have made for your son have finally paid off.

    142. I want to wish you peace and joy in knowing your son has found his love and a lifetime of happiness for himself.

    143. You have made your son proud today. You have made him so happy. You understood his love and accepted his wish and choice.


    Wedding Engagement Congratulations on Facebook

    144. Somewhere in your heart, you may feel some sadness. You have to share your son’s love with someone else. But think this way. You’re not loisi6yiur ain. But you’re gaining a daughter for life

    145. It’s time for you to give your responsibility of your son to the one who takes care of him, makes him happy and smiling always.

    Wedding Engagement Congratulations on Facebook

    146. May life ahead of your son is happy and delightful. They are a perfect couple made for each other. May they follow your footsteps.

    147. I hope the engagement party goes well without me.

    Wedding Engagement Congratulations on Facebook

    148. Do not mind your age. So what you have grown a little old. It’s just a number in your head. You two are going to be the youngest in-laws of the world.

    149. The y ion of those two is lively, friendly and charming. May they get married soon and be happy in a sacred institution of a marriage. Congratulations on your engagement.

    150. May your son find a solid happiness with his soon to be life partner in his future married life.

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