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    I can’t hold back to hold my grandkid. Congrats on your pregnancy dear!

    Only a few days ago I was changing your diaper and now you will be changing your kid’s soon. Congrats!

    I might turn into a grandma, yet you realize I don’t look like it! I am so glad for you.

    I realize you will be an incredible mother to my grandkid. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    You look excellent. Pregnancy looks great on you! All the best and congrats

    May your pregnancy be loaded up with only the best. Congrats!

    As you leave on this excellent pregnancy venture, may all go well and may you and your child has the best of wellbeing.

    Pregnancy Wishes Messages

    Wishing you only the best all through your pregnancy. Congrats!

    Better record everything starting now and into the foreseeable future in anticipation of “mother mind.” So happy for you.

    Love the alone time with your hubby, you’re going to miss it! All the best in your pregnancy!

    Bye to late-night parties expresses hello there to late-night diaper changes. You’ll be an extraordinary mother, congrats!

    My dear sister, I am going to share a secret with you. Form the date I came to think about my forthcoming niece, I held a sum from my pocket money for purchasing chocolate for my nephew. Congrats!

    Keep in mind all the chaos you caused your family to experience, here comes a little you, chaos included!” Congratulations!

    Presently you have a perfect reason to eat as much as you need! Congrats on your pregnancy.

    Try not to worry about the little things and everything will be okay. Congrats on your pregnancy.


    Pregnancy Wishes Messages

    You haven’t known genuine affection until you hold your baby in your arms. I realize you will be an extraordinary mother.”

    The only time when restlessness is the reason behind joy, stomach pain is not seen in disdain, acidity is invited in the body, spouses do whatever they are asked to do and to live richly is the point at which you’re having an infant. Better stock up the fridge and prepare for the cravings! Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Congrats! The baby inside your stomach is extremely curious and somewhat restless to come outside for a thrill ride. I wish you a happy pregnancy ride.

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    You better become increasingly capable and able, begin eating right and sleep ahead of schedule at night and get another maternity dress. Congrats!

    Your life has officially split into part one and part two. Part one was exhausting and there was nothing now. Presently you have introduced your life at the best part that is your pregnancy signals. Better stock up the fridge and prepare for the cravings! Hope you have a sound pregnancy.

    I’ve always prayed for you to have a child. To turn into the coolest auntie has been my definitive dream. Since you are pregnant, I am happy. Congrats!

    Days will move toward becoming months. Months will transform into just about a year. What’s more, that is when your due date will be near. Congrats!

    Congratulations On Your Pregnancy Announcement

    All the emptiness in your home will be loaded up with happiness and cheer. Your life will flip around when your child will be here. Congrats on getting pregnant!!


    No more pee sticks and pregnancy tests. You would now be able to be lighthearted putting every one of your stresses to rest. Congratulations to you and your hubby!

    Pregnancy is an otherworldly thing. It will make you increasingly patient and shrewd making everything appear to be very nice. Cherish this stage while you’re in it. Enjoy every moment. Congratulations!

    After celebrating your wedding and your first anniversary, you have another reason to make a new memory. Congrats on getting pregnant!!

    PREGNANCY stands for Patient, Resilient, Energy, Gallant, Nervousness, Amazing, Nice, Charming and Yummy mummy. Congrats on getting pregnant!!

    Pregnancy will make you know your worth, feeling empowered from within as you prepare to give birth. Congratulations!

    You have another title throughout everyday life and it will be the best you will ever get-congratulations on getting to be pregnant!

    If the pregnancy were a mixed drink, it would be a blend of two tablespoons of Romance, one tablespoon of Passion and three tablespoons of Love all combined in the soul of Life. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    The start of your pregnancy is the point at which you’ll never feel alone, regardless of whether you are… for the rest of your life. Your kid’s heart will perpetually live inside. Congrats!

    For the following nine months, you will be rounder. In any case, your life from that point forward will perpetually be prettier and more joyful. Congrats!

    Have you at any point asked why a woman would ever want to be pregnant despite nausea, mood swings and hormonal fluctuations? You are about to find the mysterious answer yourself. Congratulations!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Do you know what this implies? New garments, maternity leave and loads of spoiling from the daddy-to-be. Appreciate being spoilt like a princess in this delightful period of your life’s fresh starts as a mother-to-be.

    Pregnancy Wishes Messages

    The drawbacks of pregnancy including additional weight, extend marks and hormonal variances are nothing as thought about the upsides which incorporate a lifetime of adoration and warmth of your kid. Wish you an exceptionally happy pregnancy.

    The surgeon may remove the umbilical string that ties you with your infant, yet nobody can remove the line of adoration worked throughout the following nine months which will tie you with your kid for a lifetime. Congrats on being pregnant!

    That little princess in your tummy hasn’t turn out yet mother, father, and the neighbors are already falling for her. I wager she will impress us when she makes her entry into this world. Congrats!

    Now you’ve joined the alliance of moms! Presently you can discuss what it resembles to make a new life. I can hold on to see my attractive little ruler soon. Congrats!

    Pregnancy Wishes Messages

    The way that you are so excellent from inside in itself talks volume about the excellence of your new conceived kid. Congrats!

    Few out of every odd lady gets this magnificent blessing that you will have in the upcoming months. Be glad. Healthy congrats on your pregnancy!

    To be a lady and to be a mother are altogether different levels with an expanded feeling of maturity that these pregnancy days will bring in. Generous congrats on your pregnancy!

    All these sacrifices, torment and battle of the months will disappear the second you will feel your baby. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Pregnancy is a stage that can’t be depicted in words. It must be experienced. Congrats!


    What’s in a baby? It’s an affection that has come to shape. It’s bliss there are no words for. It’s a little hand that leads you back to a long-overlooked world. Well done, we are so cheerful for you. Congrats!

    Pregnancy Wishes Messages

    Here’s our 9 months forecast (number of months/weeks relying upon when the shower happens): a ‘shower’ followed by a beautiful baby! Congrats!

    Congrats! Your home will soon be loaded up with toys and will never be calm again. Your home will regularly be a wreck and you’ll much of the time be worn out. But there will consistently be love and giggling! Congrats on getting pregnant!

    It is so sweet to be affectionately looked at by a valuable baby in your arms. In the coming months, you may be referred to as “mom.” Congratulations!

    Inside you are framing a little however valuable and magnificent life, a result of the extraordinary love that their parents have for one another. Congrats dear niece of my heart.

    Congratulations On Your Pregnancy Announcement

    If you close your eyes and tune in to your heart, you can feel how that small being is starting to shape and develop inside you. You will perceive how he will end up being the delight of each day of your life. Numerous congrats.

    I envision the joy you should be felt inside because the news that you will be a mother goes straight into your heart and stirs the most excellent emotions. Numerous Congratulations on expecting a baby.

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    My wonderful niece, you will soon have in your arms an adorable child and your dreams will work out as expected. You will be an incredible mother.

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