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    Congrats on your pregnancy! You will see that in no time you will soon feel your infant move inside you.

    Being a mother is the most awesome experience you will live in. Very soon you will feel that is the best gift that God has given you and you will almost certainly take care, ensure and cherish him energetically. Congrats!

    You realize I have consistently viewed you as a little girl and it to realize that you will soon become a mother makes me exceptionally glad. Numerous congrats.

    Keep in mind that each child on the planet accompanies the gift of our Creator, so have no fear, He will replace them for you with a ton of bliss.” Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Card Messages

    A mother is she who can replace all others yet whose spot nobody else can take. Congrats on your first step towards motherhood!

    Generally, the strength of parenthood is larger than natural laws. Congrats to both proud to be parents!

    My dear sister, I am going to share a mystery to you. Your child will be the cutest on the planet. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    If you trust you have never observed the magnificence of the world, at that point stand before the mirror and take a look at yourself now. Having a child is watching God’s miracle happen. It will be one of the greatest occasions of your life. Congrats!

    Congratulations On Your Pregnancy Announcement

    M-O-T-H-E-R: “M” is for the hundred things she gave me, “O” signifies that she’s developing old, “T” is for the tears she sheds on behalf of me, “H” is for her gold heart, “E” is for her sparkling eyes, “R” signifies right, and which she is always, Place them together, they spell “MOTHER,”. Congrats to being a mother!

    Okay so you are eating for two now then I will drink for two since you can’t. Congrats on getting expected!

    May your pregnancy be as easy as you were. Congrats!

    Congrats on your perfect excuse to act like a crazy for nine months. Congrats!

    Even though you can’t keep a plant alive, I think you will care about your baby inside the womb greatly. Congrats on getting expected!

    Hooray! you’re pregnant. I’m going to be a lot skinnier than you but you will be more beautiful. Congrats!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Card Messages

    Have you thought about the names? If not, I have one. This name represents a modest individual. The name implies to mine. Congrats on your pregnancy!


    It’s bliss that you are a woman as you can experience the beautiful stages of your life-giving life to your baby. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I bet you’ve never figured an individual would feel so awkward in their skin. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Pregnancy is so-called calm before the storm. What comes next is straight out of a horror scene: shouting child. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Don’t stress what they say over the hardships of parenthood. One smile from your new conceived will make you forget about the agony of work and about the hundreds of messy diapers you’ll need to change. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    That small being who is framing in your belly will turn into an engine of your life. The adoration you feel for your kid will have no restrictions. Numerous congrats.

    A delightful child will in a matter of seconds come into this world and will be your consistent buddy. You have been honored significantly to receive and carry in your belly the product of your love. Congrats!

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    You will recall this excellent phase of your life until the end of time. Appreciate each snapshot of your pregnancy as that little heavenly attendant will feel the majority of your feelings. Congrats dear companion!

    It is an incredible occasion for any lady to discover that in her tummy the product of their adoration it framing. The nine months of pregnancy will go extremely quick and you will have your infant in your arms to be cheerful until the end of time. Congrats on getting pregnant!


    I just got updates on a holy messenger moving to make its essence felt in your life! Prepare for chuckling and heaps of embraces! Congrats on getting pregnant!

    This message is to express all the best for the mother-to-be and father-to-be. Congrats because that you are certain to see your infant soon. I’m certain that you will love your beloved newborn something other than anything in this world.

    Hello Sister, when I came to think about your pregnancy news, I truly can hardly wait for when I hold my nephew’s hand and make him ready to walk. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Congratulations On Your Pregnancy Announcement

    When I shut my eyes, the scene is simply before me that “my little niece holds my hand. I am waiting for it to be real. Cheerful pregnancy.

    Dear sister, Congratulations on being pregnant. I will be the coolest uncle. As, I am a football player, so there is going to an extremely gifted player in our family.

    Sister, do you know? Infants are the heavenly attendants. How Lucy you are! you will be an observer of the most joyful snapshot of the universe. I am wishing you the best wellbeing and a cheerful pregnancy.

    Do you know my sister, what’s the best accomplishment of one’s life? It is being a parent. Along these lines, you are on the route of the best accomplishment. I wish you will be the best mother. Congratulations on being pregnant!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Card Messages

    You always searched for a job. Presently, the new position is waiting for you. The child in your stomach is the supervisor of the workplace and you must be an extremely respectful worker. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    An existence without a kid resembles a Tree without leaves. You bring great news. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    I am not appealing to God for a son or daughter. I am just appealing God for a sound baby. May Almighty keep him/her with the gift. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    My dear Sister, I truly have never observed a lazy individual like you in my entire life. It’s the completion time of your laziness. Be prepared for my nephew. Congrats!

    Open your heart and hold out your hand with thoughtfulness given to continue with life’s arrangement. Your child is here and is prepared to live with the majority of the adoration you can give! Congrats on your pregnancy!

    It’s just obvious, you can cook! You had just the correct ingredients to make the ideal love receive – a delightful child! Congrats on your pregnancy!

    To my best sister, your stay in a marriage has a lot of advantages to the country in general. One of the effects is the kid you are expecting at the moment. Be a good mother and wife always. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I see an angelic baby crawling towards your chest, attempting to feel some effect from its lovely mother. Congratulations on a pregnancy!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Card Messages

    Try not to be frightened because pregnancy isn’t beast yet an incredible gift coming to you from above. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    The sentiment of turning into a mother is constantly incredible and fascinating. Try not to be afraid, most likely God will give you what to feed it. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I smiled when I saw that you are now pregnant. I hope you currently start to comprehend what it takes to be a mother? Don’t worry, once the delivery happens, you will learn higher. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    You may thoroughly free the time you require for yourself yet don’t stress as you will be given a blessing that will make you smile for the rest of your life.—congrats on getting pregnant!

    I trust you are enjoying the body change. We welcome you to the department of parenthood as you prepare to turn into a new mother. Congrats on the pregnancy!


    Each woman will figure out how to value her mom more when she becomes pregnant. It isn’t constantly round of fun however you simply need to confront the pregnant fun until you deliver your baby. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    You should envision how lovely your unborn blessed messenger will resemble… hmm, such is an incredible sentiment of favor. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Do you know one interesting thing about being pregnant? It makes you see the world in another view. Why? Since you are now making another one in you. Congratulations!

    Pregnancy is a superb inclination, having it saves you time and cash to purchase books about infants. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Each lady is exceptional and even best during pregnancy because another life is framing in you. It is an incredible inclination for sure. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    We are cheerful that you are pregnant yet our more prominent desire and petition are to hear that you deliver the infant securely. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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