176. Youngster in these modern days is not aware about making love. You both are evergreen couples. Never change your mind because of distraction. Congratulations God bless you


177. You are in a same path and have a same fate so, aim high and live freely. Congratulation for 40th anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

178. It seems that you didn’t treat your wife in a good manner that’s why she always went to her parent’s house. Anyway make good relation and congratulation for both of you.

179. Wow! I have never saw this much gift in any anniversary. Happy wedding anniversary

180. It is the gift from your sister. I have just brought two ticket of Paris so, enjoy a lot. Congrats for wedding anniversary

Text Messages for Congratulation Letter For 40th Wedding Anniversary

181. How did you still success to maintain your evergreen glowing skin? Congratulation for 40th anniversary and keep maintain it.

182. Amazing dude, I look at the designs and words of the invitation card in your 40th anniversary. Congratulation and have a nice day ahead.

183. This is an extremely cheerful night with some candlelight dinner. Happy 40th anniversary and let’s make it memorable.

Text Messages for Congratulation Letter For 40th Wedding Anniversary

184. If I got a chance to make a novel from your life story than it is the best romantic story ever. Congratulation and stay joyful.

185. There are bunch of problem in your way and you should handle it with empty hand but you can use your true love as a weapon. Congrats buddy for anniversary.


186. Generous congratulation for 40th anniversary and hoping for cherishing life in future with lot of blessing.

Text Messages for Congratulation Letter For 40th Wedding Anniversary

187. This one the first photo of your 40th anniversary and look now it is your 40th anniversary but your looks really fat and little bit old mate. Congrats for anniversary and party.

188. A better communication and understanding is the best way to develop and make strong your relationship. Happy anniversary and stay happy

189. May love keep watching you both in every obstacles and bad situations? Congratulations and I wish you both for a happy and adventurous life.

Text Messages for Congratulation Letter For 40th Wedding Anniversary

190. Congratulations to you both. May your love be like sun and sunflower? Keep standing for each other Good luck ahead.

191. Congratulations you both are lucky to have each other. God made you both to show the meaning of love to modern humankind.

192. To love and being loyal to each other is the sign of true love and satisfaction in future. Congratulations bro for your wedding anniversary

Text Messages for Congratulation Letter For 40th Wedding Anniversary

193. People say love is blind but it’s not because love always see you both it keeps surrounding you. Love each other as best couple in the world. Congratulations

194. Congratulations brother. I missed your last wedding anniversary celebration but this time I’m ready to enjoy this beautiful moment with you guys. Stay blessed

195. Congratulations both of you. May God provide you a chance to love every life together?

Wedding Anniversary Messages For Mom And Dad

196. Heartiest congrats for your wedding anniversary. I wish to see this strong bond as a combined wall in near future. God bless you

197. I don’t want to see this beautiful day ending silently. Let’s celebrate brother. Congratulations

198. If anything happens in your love life you won’t be responsible for that because without any distractions this bond is not going to be broke. Congratulations for your 40th anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Messages For Mom And Dad

199. Keep continuing this romantic journey with your wife Congratulations and God bless you both.

200. Congrats may you both survive together in every situation that affects your joyful life. Happy 40th anniversary.

202. I am really happy to see you once again at this very important day and it’s been a while as well. Happy first anniversary to my dearest friend and congratulation

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