999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    501. Many wishes for this day to be the beginning of a happy and long future together.

    502. Serenity, happiness, and complicity are your companions for life. Heartfelt wishes.

    503. Our best wishes for a life full of happiness and love. You are a beautiful couple.

    504. The Lord bless you with every gift from heaven. Best wishes.

    505. Love and happiness make your journey peaceful. A sincere wish.

    506. May the joy of today bind you to each other throughout your life.

    507. A thousand congratulations, grace, serenity and good. Our best wishes to a wonderful couple in memory of your best day. That the charm of your wedding day is only the premise of a long and happy life in two.

    508. A yes that marks the first step of a long and not always easy journey. Together you will walk and support yourself when the difficulties of life present themselves. We embrace you and pray to the Lord to bless you.

    509. May passion, love, and esteem always bind you to one another as on this day of celebration. May the love and faith that bind you to the Sacred Altar be an eternal bond for you. Your future will be as bright as this day.

    510. The Lord bless your wedding with so much joy and serenity. Your tomorrow will be full of joy, love, and health. A sincere wish.

    511. God has given you a special love to because he knew how much you would have kept him, dear. May the sun always warm your hearts and may God always enlighten you along the path of your life together.

    512. Marriage is not a goal but a starting point towards new horizons of happiness to share. Congratulations on crowning your great dream. Heartfelt wishes.

    513. It will not always be an easy path but the love that unites you will help you along the way. The light of God always illuminates your path. We join you on this day of celebration.

    514. With this simple message, we want to wish you all the happiness you deserve. May you live in joy and in love forever. Your union is serene and lasting. Our most sincere wishes.


    515. The bond that unites you on this day is the intense desire for a life together in love. Marriage is not for everyone but only for those who have full faith in love. Congratulations!.

    516. Love and fidelity always reign in your hearts. It is nice to see you walk together on the path of love. Congratulations!

    517. With the wish of the trust, we join you on this festive day! In common life, it is perhaps easy to become married, difficult but wonderful to become accomplices, friends, and travel companions. The most affectionate wishes of joy and happiness !.

    518. Two new stars shine in the firmament of love. Be happy always. Spiritually present, we participate in your happiness and wish you all the best.

    519. For this day so beautiful, for your dreams and life together. May happiness always accompany you. May the dawn of this festive day forever illuminate the journey of your life together. Best wishes!

    520. The enchantment of your love is the guide for a happy life together. Brilliant congratulations!

    521. Eternal love unites you today in the soul. May it be the strength for you to face life together. Endless wishes.

    522. We truly formulate our best wishes to two concrete people living examples of true love.

    523. Best wishes to those who can proudly exhibit the pure feeling of love. What joy and happiness always accompany you.


    524. It is said that a wedding is the tomb of love! Perhaps for some, it will be so, but for you, it will surely be a whole other story! Best wishes to the most beautiful spouses in the world!

    525. Add happiness … Subtract delusions… Multiply … and NEVER divide !!

    526. May your love always increase: like taxes. Let passion never end: like television dramas. May your kisses be innumerable: like the amendments to the government. Let your enemies get kicked out: like smokers.

    527. Marriage is a besieged city: those who are inside want to go outside, those who are outside want to go inside.

    528. I hope with all my heart that in your life everything will happen as in the world of mathematics. The pains are taken away, the joys added, love, multiplied and divided by two.

    529. Have a good journey … towards happiness !!! Today flowers and violins, but tomorrow … only diapers! Best wishes!

    530. Finally, I will be able to come and see the games from you! Many wishes for your wedding! Let’s now wait for the dinner invitation with photos and video to watch.

    531. What can you wish for a beautiful couple like you? Happiness, joy, fun, love and … many children!

    532. Best wishes to the newlyweds !!! We have wholeheartedly participated in your wonderful party! Now we want an invitation for your honeymoon trip.

    533. Lost freedom! But a happy life sentence! Best wishes!! May the joy of your hearts united in the most beautiful day accompany you throughout your life.

    534. I do not wish you the life of a rose that would be too short. Or the life of a star that would be too long. I wish you, instead, to have the splendor of a star and the beauty of a rose and that you can always love yourself like today.

    535. Your life today is united by a single word … Love. Know how to cultivate it, make it grow and always feel its magic in your hearts.

    536. We hope that the stars that shine in your eyes today can always give you the serenity of facing your life together. May every day of your wedding be a sip of happiness and joy.

    537. May you be two new stars that shine in the firmament of love. May the star of affection and love that accompanies you today shine on your beautiful couple, every day, for a lifetime.

    538. You met … you joined hands … now you walk together … today and always. Be spouses, lovers, friends and you will be happy.

    539. Two angels marry their wings, placing an overwhelming passion on earth. Best wishes.

    540. On this wonderful day, celebrate together the victory of an eternal feeling and rewrite the first concept of love in youth formulated. As long as the roses have thorns your love will never end.

    541. Finally, your dream is crowned. Always be happy and, if some clouds come, trust that the sun will return soon. Best wishes to you little gulls, who are preparing to furrow the wonderful blue sky of life together. That the vortex of the emotion of this unique day will light up like a comet and give light to your path.

    542. May your real life be even more beautiful than the dream that brought you to the altar. Today two doves fly happily in the sky of life. May the good God guide your wings so as to fly together and safe forever.


    543. A man, a woman, 2 hands united towards a journey of infinite joys. May love never cease. Together forever is what we hope for you.

    544. Walking together along the road of life may seem difficult but your love will suggest, day by day, how to do it. Today’s happiness will accompany you throughout your life together giving you the ability to understand and always love yourself.

    545. Best wishes for this special day that can mark the beginning of a long journey together made of complicity, love, and happiness. Our wish is that, in many years, you can still say: “It is still as beautiful as the first day”.

    546. The joy you feel now accompanies you throughout your life and this day remains, for you, an unforgettable memory.

    547. Hold hands and always know how to look into your eyes like today. Best wishes. May reality be more beautiful than the dreams that led you to the altar today: this is our affectionate wish on this day of celebration.

    548. This day will seem to fly away fast, but tomorrow you will soon realize what a magnificent gesture you have made. With great joy, we wish you all the good of the world.

    549. Living together will be a pleasant discovery; signs, habits, pleasures … that we wish you to always do with so much humor and imagination.

    550. In married life, it is easy to become married, difficult but unique to become friends, accomplices, companions for the long journey of life.

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