999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    551. Greetings for a happy life together are never enough: the road of life is long but do not be afraid, take yourself by the hand and always walk together.

    552. Do not leave love as an end in itself but cultivate it as if it were a fruit tree because. Also like a tree, to give sweet and fragrant fruits, it must be followed and cared for over time. Always remember that.

    553. United by the great power of love you will be able to overcome any difficulty by making your sentiment even stronger. Endless wishes for a peaceful and happy life together.

    554. Man and woman in the sight of God. May his love always protect your lives and give you so much happiness. Finally, the big day has arrived. We wish you to find in life what you wanted. A sincere wish.

    555. Happiness is not a station to which one arrives but a way of traveling. For you a first class ticket. Heartfelt wishes.

    556. Faithful in love you will live happily. Love is a living thing, and like everything that lives, it needs to be nourished and cared for. Feed your love so that its health can always be reflected in your eyes.

    557. Sometimes life gives you things you would not expect: I received your love, you are my soul, I love you for better or for worse. That day arrived when we shared emotions and love you and me; wishes love for this day.

    558. Every flower, despite its beauty, is destined to die. Every century, despite its length, is destined to pass … but what I feel for you is destined to last forever. I love you.

    559. When I look at your eyes I see the flame of your love that I hope will burn forever to make us both happy.

    560. Every time I think of you, a radiant sun comes to mind and you are my light source. I hope that from this consecration, in life, there will be only moments of joy like those that, from what I knew you, you made me live.

    561. Whether in moments of joy or pain, nothing will separate us because you are my beloved bride, the one I want to love forever.

    562. You are my ray of sunshine that never ceases to shine in the sky, insomnia that prevents me from sleeping, but from which I never want to recover.

    563. In every moment of life, I will want to remember the magic light of this day and the scent of this eternal promise of love.

    564. Two people and two souls. Sweet abandonment to passion, to sharing, to love. A new path to the future with memories that fill the soul.


    565. Heart. Today I ask thank God for having given me his greatest treasure: your Love for me! Thank you for being my joy, my anchor, my eternal life partner. I love you!

    566. This morning I looked at the sky. There was no sun, but I knew he would wait for me at this altar. Be my sun for life, my energy, my heart that beats.

    567. May this day be simply the continuation of all that you have built together so far and that this is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of your life.

    568. Marriage is a very important step and requires efforts and sacrifices as well as a commitment as if it were a full-time job, which I am sure you will do in the best way. Many wishes for this special day.

    569. Today it’s your wedding it’s raining heavily but, as they say, wet spouses, lucky spouses. Many wishes for your great step together.

    570. Now that you are married you will have to build, brick by brick, the house that can hold all your love and joy. Many wishes for your wedding, that you can live a happy and cheerful life as always.

    571. Love and respect do not change at all with marriage. Today you are husband and wife but this will not change anything in your relationship. Many wishes for your wedding, that you can always be happy and smiling as you have always been.

    572. May the sun always warm your hearts and may God always enlighten you along the path of your life together. May the joy of today bind you to each other throughout your life.

    573. I didn’t know you had committed a crime to end up in jail. Oh, sorry, I was wrong, you just married that is pretty much the same. Many wishes for marriage.


    574. I thought you weren’t ready to go home, arguing with your wife and above all having to deal with children, bills, work and more. You are really strong and this amazes me. Best wishes for our wedding.

    575. Before you lived with your mother, now with your wife. I know you don’t like changes very much since what you were forbidden before will be banned even now. Best wishes.

    576. Getting married is like caring for a toothache. It seems that everything is normal but suddenly you feel that pain that keeps you awake all night and torments you.

    577. Best wishes and remember that we always joke because we love you and we are proud of the great step you have taken.

    578. Did you want a bicycle? Now you just have to pedal and the wedding is like a climb under the scorching sun: long, tiring and sometimes painful. Best wishes for your special day and remember to always have your tires swollen day after day.

    579. Spouses today … and tomorrow she commands. Love is blind, but marriage restores sight!

    580. Congratulations on the big step … it is appropriate to say that you are made for each other! We wish you a wonderful wedding.

    581. Such an event certainly cannot go unnoticed! Best wishes my friends for a wonderful future always together!

    582. This small gift is our way to show the joy of seeing you together and happy. With sincere affection. Cupid struck again and judging by your eyes in love his arrows don’t hurt.

    583. On this special day for nothing in the world, we would have wanted to miss.

    584. Love and happiness make your journey peaceful. May this day be the reflection of your future life: magnificent, splendid and full of surprises and joy. Best wishes for this day full of love.

    585. When love calls you to follow it, and when its wings surround you, trust in it. And when it speaks to you have faith in him.

    586. Marriage is, and will always remain, the most important journey of discovery that man can make. I wish you much happiness to keep you sweet, So many trials to keep you strong, So much hope to keep you happy. Many friends to comfort you, So much determination to make every day more beautiful than the day before. Congratulations on your wedding

    587. We have seen you grow together and face life always united and today you crown your union on a wonderful day! Best wishes.

    588. Who would have ever said that we would be here today to share with you one of the most exciting days of your life? We want you all the most beautiful things and we promise you the support of our friendship forever. Greetings from the heart!

    589. Today your dream comes true and we can only be enthusiastic and wish you all your future wishes come true.

    590. Best wishes for this day that you have made unforgettable, for you and for us. Thanks for letting us participate. We wish you all the best.

    591. Love is only a word until someone comes to give it meaning, that someone is you. The perfect man is generous and intelligent, beautiful and rich, affectionate and likable, caring and charming, helpful and resourceful, but you preferred to marry X .. and you made the right choice! All the best of friends!

    592. Nothing will be the same as before: congratulations on the choice made. You are an example of courage and unconsciousness! Best wishes, newlyweds!


    593. After the confetti, you always find the defects .. Best wishes!

    594. May the love that unites you on this day be the beacon that illuminates your path forever. Congratulations

    595. That love and happiness are the only ingredients of your life together. May your future be bright, full of joy and love like this day. Congratulations.

    596. This little thought is our way to show the joy of seeing you happy together, to start a peaceful life made of love, understanding, and complicity.

    597. May the road that you will follow together today be paved with serenity, patience, and so much love … Best wishes for your intense journey. From those who love you.

    598. Knowing how united in marriage is an immense joy for us. You will enter the house of God as a man and a woman, you will come out of it to enter yours as husband and wife. Our best wishes for this special event.

    599. Two new stars shine in the firmament of love. Be happy always. When two hearts beat in unison, nothing can stop them. Enjoy your new life together and love yourself forever!

    600. United by the great power of love you will be able to overcome any difficulty making your feeling even stronger. Endless wishes for a peaceful and happy life together.

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