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    601. With the love of God, who made you unite on this special day, you need not to fear anything. If you are always together, no adversity can ever tarnish the armor of your divine bond.

    602. 2 people, 2 lives and one great Love. I wish you a Love without limits, which can grow from year to year without end. Best wishes for a happy and good marriage. Congratulations on your wedding

    603. I would like to congratulate both of you on the great intention to have your love connected in real life. With love and commitment to each other’s happiness, your marriage cannot go wrong! Of course, I am there, but now I wish you a great wedding!

    604. What a great day it was, I am happy to have witnessed this wonderful moment! In this way, I wish you all the best and good luck. Thank you for allowing me to be present on your special day!

     Congratulations Messages For Brother Marriage | Wedding – Best Wishes & Greetings Collection

    605. I have never seen such a beautiful wedding couple and it must have been a great day for you. We thought it was wonderful and are glad that we were able to be present.

    606. I want to congratulate the couple for this moment so sublime that it is the union between two people who love each other.

    607. May you be covered with blessings, joy and full harmony and that the journey of this new life will always be for you paths of flowers. And optimism and the constitution of a new family always within the purest happiness.

    608. Congratulations on this step so important and of such greatness in your lives that today and always you are very happy. These are our true and sincere wishes to the couple.

    609. Love is a state of grace, and in a marriage, it is necessary to keep this state always in tune. We can not allow ourselves to be carried away by the small tribulations of the routine, by the small disagreements, by the unreasonable discussions. With you, my love, my husband, my life, I want to live this state of grace forever.

    610. May happiness for two remains the main goal of their lives. May the journey be long, full of love and understanding. Sincerely, wishes.

    611. May the Lord be forever among you, blessing this union and strengthening the family. May the fruits of this bond be equally blessed for future generations. Best wishes to the couple!

    612. Do not date to get married. Marry to date forever.

    613. A happy marriage is built with much love, care, and understanding. May these feelings always be present in your life!

    614. May the journey that begins to be filled with love, happiness, affection, and complicity. Congratulations to the new couple.


    615. May this new stage of your lives be filled with blessings, filled with happiness and filled with harmony.

    616. May this be your destiny: to love, to live and to begin each day together. Congratulations and best wishes to the couple!

    617. May harmony and happiness tread the path of this union of love and complicity.

    618. May this love that united you multiply each day of this new life that begins. Congratulations to the couple! Congratulations on your wedding

    619. May this beautiful union be filled with love and endure forever. Be very happy!

    620. Life is a gift from God and marriage is the beginning of a new life.

    621. You have made the right choice: you have opted for gods’ love to be sown in a home of faith and hope. Congratulations on the wedding!

    622. Life is made of good and bad times. Enjoy the good and be united to overcome the bad. This is how a long-lasting and happy marriage is built!

    623. Demonstrating love is a way to let life overflow into one’s own heart. Congratulations on the wedding.


    624. Congratulations on this important step and such greatness in your lives, and that today and always you are very happy.

    625. It is with joy and emotion that we greet and celebrate the couple by the passage of their Golden Wedding! May God bless all of the family on this very significant date.

    626. I have stolen your heart forever and I will take care of our union to the infinite, my love.

    627. Marriage is like a united team that knows that you only reach a destination when everyone is paddling in the same direction.

    628. There are six requirements necessary for a marriage to be happy: the first is called faith, and the other five, trust.

    629. May you be happy, have patience and much love to offer each other. Our compliments for the wedding!

    630. A happy marriage should be based on sums and multiplications, not on subtractions or divisions.

    631. Unfortunately, we can not be with you for this great event of your life but all our thoughts are with you. We wish you all our best wishes. Congratulations and have fun!

    632. All our wishes for happiness accompany you on this wonderful day. May your wedding be as radiant as the sun that illuminates this beautiful day!

    633. You have finally skipped the pace of marriage! All our congratulations and wishes of happiness accompany you on this great day. Your happiness is a pleasure to see and we are proud to count you among our friends.

    634. All our best wishes for happiness. We wish you to be happy with your new married couple life! You have taken your time and we are happy to be able to party with you for this officialization.

    635. The day we say “yes” remains forever engraved. For us, “yes” you are beautiful, “yes” you are great, “yes” we love you. Yes we are super happy for you, “yes” we want to party, “yes” we will always be there for you, “yes” we wish you all the happiness of the world! Congratulations on your wedding

    636. Rainy wedding, happy wedding! Even if the weather does not look its best, we wish you all the happiness of the world and congratulations on your union.

    637. We thank you very much for your invitation and we regret not being able to honor it. We send you all our wishes of happiness and wish you to enjoy this beautiful day with your loved ones.

    638. Congratulations on your marriage. We wish you a lot of happiness throughout your life. May the strength of your love make this sinuous path as peaceful as possible.

    639. We are so proud to accompany you for your wedding and to share this precious and intense moment of your life. We wish you a lot of happiness.

    640. All our wishes for happiness accompany you for your wedding. We also extend our congratulations to your parents. Have a very nice day.

    641. On this wonderful day, we send you our sincere congratulations and all our wishes for happiness. Long live the bride and groom! The bride and groom were sublime, the room mounted too!

    642. Your love is read in your eyes and your happiness in your smiles.


    643. All our best wishes to the newlyweds. I want to say hurray and long live the bride and groom. I think it is well summarized.

    644. To the most beautiful bride and the most elegant bride and groom, this day remains engraved in your hearts forever.

    645. May your path, which started hand in hand and continues the ring on your finger, be followed by small steps when the family grows. We wish you to be always happy and remain the most important journey of discovery that man can undertake. I wish you, then, to make wonderful discoveries that will enrich each other.

    646. Love and affection is not a feeling, it is an art. All our wishes for happiness accompany you during the completion of the watercolor of your life together.

    647. Some will say that you have passed the rope around the neck, but I think that you have found the right shoe! That it allows you to make a very long and beautiful walk together.

    648. It is with great pleasure that we have heard the news. The first step before many others, all filled with joy for you! Congratulations!

    649. A ceremony is full of emotions, a party filled with joy, the bride filled with happiness and guests conquered by this show! Congratulations for this wedding!

    650. You have committed yourself in the most beautiful way possible. You will now be able to progress further in your beautiful projects. Congratulations, long and happy life to the newlyweds.

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