999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    651. Your fairy tale has started very well and I’m sure we can finish it with “and they lived happily and had many children”! Long live the bride and groom!

    652. To meet Prince Charming is done, to marry him, it’s done, well you know the rest of the story … We wait! Congratulations on your wedding!

    653. You have just made a good commitment, we are happy for you and especially very moved.

    654. For something that was not planned, it was awfully well done! Bravo the bride and groom! What a pleasure we had at the announcement of this big news! We congratulate you for this great decision.

    655. We had a wonderful time, congratulations for this beautiful wedding! This wedding is the one we all dream of … Congratulations!

    656. What emotions in a day: crying, laughter, seriousness, madness. An unforgettable day. Congratulations and long live the newlyweds!

    657. We are very happy to have been present for this important stage of your life. This is a beautiful day we will not forget. Congratulations!

    658. Love is patience, love is never wrong, love always triumphs. May your love transcends all the obstacles you encounter along the way, that’s all we wish you! Congratulations on this beautiful union that fills us with joy.

    659. Love sometimes turns our lives into fairy tales. Your wedding gave us a glimpse of the wonderful fairy tale that you live together and we are very moved. May the love and joy you have given us last forever!

    660. We desire for you all the happiness of the world! Like the song, we wish you full of love and happiness, a peaceful life that leads to quiet gardens, but also beautiful adventures! Congratulations on your wedding.

    661. Even when you encounter storms in the ocean of your life, we are certain that your unwavering love will always help you navigate through! We wish you a lot of happiness and joy for this new page that opens for you. We loved sharing this very strong moment with you and we congratulate you again for this wonderful wedding.

    662. Congratulations on this nice chic country wedding that gave us all full of emotions and glitter in the eyes! This day full of love will forever be engraved in our heart, and we wish you the best for this new page of your life together!

    663. May both of you have great moments to remember for your wedding for a long time, and for years to confirm what you already recognize as one of the greatest joys to share together.

    664. I heard the news with great joy and I wanted to send you this card to send you many wishes of happiness. A great adventure begins for you, and I hope to see you soon to join!


    665. We were really happy to be with you for this special day, and we wanted to congratulate you again for your union. We wish you a lot of love, laughter, and happiness!

    666. Our tips for a happy marriage: never go crazy with each other, start each day kissing each other and never hang wallpaper together! We are still very moved by your beautiful ceremony and very happy that you decided to take the plunge. No doubt, you are made for each other!

    667. We were not very surprised to hear the news, especially very happy that you finally said yes! A new adventure begins for you, and we hope to enjoy it with you. Full of wishes of happiness, and a beautiful honeymoon!

    668. To you, happy newlyweds, Enjoy this magical moment of the first days to go on the path of love every day. Respecting and listening allow you to continually fan the flame you read in your eyes.

    669. My lovebirds, here is the time for you to fly towards a common destiny full of joy and happiness. But also of doubt and of sorrow that you will have in heart to share to leave again more strongly towards the summits of the love.

    670. Have a good trip to the young couple, here you are at the start of a rich and wonderful adventure for two. May this journey is filled with discoveries, respect, and sharing. What better than to start with a beautiful honeymoon in which we participate. Aim high, aim for the 7th heaven!

    671. Congratulations to you two to embark on this beautiful adventure to two that is marriage. If you have the taste of the challenge of being constantly attentive to the other you will go far together and easily face the pitfalls that could mark your passage. You have so many resources to go far together, long life full of happiness to you. All our best wishes for happiness.

    672. Dear bride and groom, the motto: bravo! A perfectly orchestrated ceremony, laughter, and emotion in shambles. What a delight!Congratulation! We had a cocktail of emotions: laughs, tears, what a wealth! Thank you for that.

    673. We wish you to be happy for a long time, as you are now. Congratulations on this beautiful union. The champagne has flowed, the tears too. The dishes waltzed, my feet, too. But the most beautiful thing in all of this is the sun bathed in its beneficent rays. I am bathed in joy. Long live your marriage!


    674. Great happiness is made of happy little things. We wish you a lot of little things happy every day. May your life for two be as sunny as this day.

    675. Dear married! What a beautiful day you gave us. Your complicity is obvious, we send you in writing this time all our congratulations for this commitment to follow the path of happiness.

    676. It is with emotion that we have lived this wonderful day marking the sacrament of your union. We wish you all the best for this state of grace throughout your life.

    677. You have sworn to love you always, be for each other what the morning dew is to bloom …Bring you sweetness and support, passion and devotion. May your love be a ferment of happiness. May your happiness be an example for all couples.

    678. Our wishes for happiness accompany you on this day. We wish you to always love yourself, to enjoy with two the joys of existence, while remaining united in the difficulty. Congratulations on your wedding

    679. They saw each other and recognized each other. Between them, the flame was predictable! Now they are united by marriage, ready for the great adventure of life! We wish them, adorable toddlers, stars in their sky and in their heart. A lot of laughs and a lot of joy, hand in hand, confident and serene.

    680. It is with great emotion and pride that I saw your couple forming, loving, blossoming and finally saying yes to God. Your happiness is a pleasure to see and you are radiant both. May this happiness be yours all your life!

    681. I dreamed for you of a pretty house, Surrounded by trees and white hydrangeas. In front of the door, a labrador stands guard. Inside, little things, tiny details, Testify in their own way of the feeling that lasts. Vases where flowers succeed, week after week. The purring of a cat sleeping by the fire. And especially in your arms, a sleeping baby, Confident and satisfied, and who smiles at the angels.

    682. She convinced you to choose her. Her beauty made you faint. But do not forget my little father in a few years, she looks like her mother! He convinced you to choose him, His charm made you faint. But do not forget my little mother, In a few years, he looks like his father!

    683. You are now married in good standing, leaving hundreds of contenders in total despair. We will try, your best friends, to console them as best we can. Congratulations to you and to the happy girl.

    684. Putting the ring on your finger was not easy, but she did it brilliantly. Incidentally, she also conquered our hearts! Congratulations, you are a very nice couple.

    685. Marriage is and will remain the most important journey of discovery that man can undertake.

    686. A happy delightful marriage is a long talk that always seems too brief. But what linked Love itself, time can not loosen it. When love beckons you, follow it. Though his ways are hard and harsh. And when his wings envelop you, yield to him. Although the blade hidden among its feathers can hurt you. And when he speaks to you, trust in him.

    687. Your union is a great beauty, it is for our happiness. Getting married is a commitment, a mutual trust coming from the heart. Congratulations to the bride and groom! May your love prosper!

    688. Friendship messages sent by text message to two young lovers To wish them my best wishes for happiness. Marriage is a great journey to the heartland. By this text, I congratulate you and wish you to be happy. Your friend loves you.

    689. A couple is not the sum of two people in a house. No, a couple is a sharing of life where everyone in his place. Marriage is a beautiful country to love made of feelings and reason. Do you love each day harder, respect yourself with audacity? Congratulations to the newlyweds! Your friend who thinks of you!

    690. Tender Little SMS of congratulations to the newlyweds. To write to my friends in a few words of friendship. That I wish them to live in affection and generosity. Married life opens its doors of happiness for eternity.

    691. Congratulations to the newlyweds, May your marriage be the land of happiness. Congratulation to the bride, Congratulation to the groom. May your love continue forever and rhyme with eternity.

    692. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome … and we the guests looked so stupid in the face of this wonderful beauty that emanated from your smiles and complicit glances! You marveled me! Thank you for this shared happiness.


    693. Marriage is like a journey, You do not always choose the road to follow, nor the circumstances. But everyone chose the other, Marriage is the fulfillment of a dream and the beginning of many others.

    694. All my wishes of happiness to you both, May your life be made of small and great joys, of that which will make you both happy a thousand times … And so you have good years to share well, to perfect and to complete softness, tenderness, and well-being. Congratulations on your wedding and be happy!

    695. Congratulations …… I wish you all my best wishes. I hope that you will be happy and that you will make us many little volleyball players.

    696. I wish you a delicious wedding. And that your future years of love will be sweet and tasty.

    697. May this day become the most beautiful of your life. That everything you have imagined is even more beautiful. Enjoy this day in joy and happiness with everyone you love!

    698. Weather forecast for the next years. Great disruption to predict. Attention vigilance orange! Indeed, because of the anticyclone and despite the temperate climate until now heavy showers of love are expected. A hurricane of happiness and a storm of joy are also expected. Long-term forecasts: the monsoon will bring us a nice harvest in a few years. Thank you all and we will celebrate Holy Love today!

    699. It was a magical and beautiful wedding just like you two! But the best is yet to come: a honeymoon and a lifetime to go to two!

    700. Magical, enchanting and fairy. A fairy tale wedding! Thank you for telling us during this beautiful day this wonderful story … It’s up to you to write now the new chapters!

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