999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    751. Who said that the most beautiful love stories were reserved for princesses locked in dungeons? Your story is the proof, if it were necessary, that life is always capable of surprising us.

    752. Today, you share this enchanting happiness with us. A ceremony as beautiful and moving as in fairy tales, it leaves dreamer! This day will remain etched in our memories forever. May his magic continue forever! Other chapters remain to write, even if we already know the end: they lived happily and had many children …

    753. Today is a dream come true: to see you finally united for life. Our hearts beat in unison with yours. It is a sumptuous ceremony, more beautiful than I had ever imagined. You radiated happiness, illuminating your smile this beautiful day.

    754. Your “love story” is like a romantic comedy, but it’s true! This wedding is the long-awaited “happy end”! And we can not wait to hear more. To be continued …

    755. No need for WiFi, you are now connected for life! Click on “start” and the game can begin! Thank you for sharing this memorable day with your Followers. An original wedding, offbeat and totally successful. I like, I like, I like! @the lovebirds # think about changing your Facebook status! Congratulations to the most endearing Geek couples, may the force be with you.

    756. Being married is like having any other job – it helps on things if you like your boss!

    757. The key to a successful marriage: learn to say YES when you really want to say NO. It can save your life! Don’t joke aside … Just learn to say YES.

    758. Our best advice for you: Never go to bed while you’re angry, quit every day with a kiss, and never assemble an IKEA piece of furniture!

    759. It is truly a great blessing to find the one that you can annoy the rest of your life together.

    760. The secret of a happy marriage…. remains a secret.

    761. The best thing about your wedding is that you look pounding in love! Congratulations on finding your partner for life!

    762. We wish you great prosperity in life – most of all prosperity in your love for each other! Have a wonderful wedding and an even better marriage with each other!

    763. Through the storms of life, your love for each other must be firm and strong. Always keep in mind that in the word “wedding” “we” comes before “I”.

    764. When two become one, the math becomes much easier. Be each other’s best friends and suffer for the occasions to keep the sparkle in romance alive.


    765. Be generous with love. It is the only thing that grows, the more one wastes with it. Love is a gift for which I thank you for opening your own and celebrating it with me.

    766. If a husband is often scolded by his wife, he need not despair. It only means that she has not completely abandoned him.

    767. The ideal husband is always polite to his wife. He never flirts with other women, does not quarrel, does not err, does not drink, does not exist.

    768. It is so nice to follow, for two who would like to be together. We all know the old song, which so beautifully praises love. Never has it been more appropriate and true than in your case. Congratulations on your big day and luck in the future.

    769. Congratulations and thanks for letting my family and I be part of your happy day. Your marriage can bring you more joy than anyone can ever imagine.

    770. Best wishes for a particular couple – love planted by God grows deeper, stronger and more beautiful, nurtured by his love and warmed by his words.

    771. Congratulations on the fact that you have found each other, and that you have chosen to say yes to each other for life.

    772. A wise person has once said: True love is to stand together on the good days and to be even closer to the bad days. But just because you have each other will probably help to make most days good days. We look forward to following your common future.

    773. Love is a state in which another person’s happiness is decisive for one’s own. So the good advice from this great day is to do everything possible that makes the other happy because the little action holds great magic.


    774. Thank you for taking him off the market. We were getting worried about his expiration date, and we hope he remembers showing his gratitude for his luck every day.

    775. May your adoration and affection bloom brighter and your companion grows sweeter with each passing year. Congratulations on the wedding.

    776. May your married life be filled with all the right ingredients: a bunch of love, a touch of humor, a touch of romance and a spell of understanding.

    777. The wedding day can come and go, but your love can grow forever. Congratulations on the perfect couple!

    778. Words are just not enough today When your love will brighten the way. To a wedding filled with joy never ends. The warmest wishes are what we send.

    779. Like a lighthouse on a dark night, your love and affection for each other will always shine brightly. May the coming years be filled with forever lasting joy. Congratulations on a couple whose struggle really works in heaven!

    780. Your two stars create a wonderful constellation.

    781. In a world of ordinary people, I am so happy that you both found each other and are able to share a cool and different life with each other. Keep your life strange.

    782. Congratulations! Now you have two individual bank accounts and twice as much debt. Welcome to marriage!

    783. Cheers to the future and congratulations on your wedding. I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for both of you.

    784. Congratulations on starting your life together. I hope this gift is useful for setting you up for the future. You deserve all the love in the world.

    785. You two are so perfect together. It is exciting to see you both happy, joyous and just plain old in love. Thank you for giving the rest of us hope for the future!

    786. Even though I didn’t give a toast to the wedding, there is a toast for you two! I love you both very much, and I’m happy to have you both as my friend. From the difficult teens until now I have known you. Today it is one day we have been talking about again and again. I love the fact that you are both in love.

    787. Every love story is individually different and your story is unique. I am so glad you two met each other, you perfectly fit. Congratulations and I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon.

    788. Love? Check. Promises? Check. Cake? Check. Champagne? Check. Let the wedding and go start your life together? Come on!

    789. May your love for each other become deeper and deeper every single day. May you wake up next to each other, ready to start every day. May you live a life full of happiness, joy, and kindness.

    790. Even in the darkest times, never forget the love of each other on this day.

    791. For the wedding day, I’d like to give you some advice from this married lady. Allow some time to understand each other and life becomes beautiful!

    792. If I could define what marriage is, it would be: You give and you give and you give. And one day you realize it was worth it. I’m so glad you two found each other.


    793. Congratulations! In the good times and the bad, remember to lean on each other when you need a real friend. It’s really about marriage.

    794. It’s the small things that turn into big things in a marriage. Put in some work every day, and soon you have built a lifetime of love. Congratulations on beginning your story as a married couple!

    795. Not that you need it, but I will give you both advice. Select. Love. Each. Single. Day.

    796. Congratulations on your wedding, bro. So glad you convinced someone to marry you!

    797. At all times we’ve spent together, I’m so happy to be here on your wedding day. You deserve the best and greatest love with your new spouse. I can’t wait to see honeymoon photos!

    798. Thank you for being the best sister ever. Even though we’ve had our ups and downs and you’re usually the one who saves me, I’m so happy to be here on your wedding day.

    799. Live in prosperity, in love, in understanding, give attention to each other more often. Let your family be full of happiness, Love, luck, and caress are rich.

    800. I congratulate you on your wedding day and sincerely wish you infinite family happiness, sincere understanding, undying love and stable well-being in your home.

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