999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    801. Dear newlyweds, the bride, and groom. As you know, life is the interweaving of sunny and overcast days, the alternation of white and black stripes. The happiness and well-being of your life will depend on your agreement and wisdom, the ability to find compromises and endure life difficulties.

    802. Let everyday trifles and not spoil the main thing in your life – love, and happiness! As one wise man said: There are many seekers in life, but those who have found are difficult to find. Today you are the happiest because you have found each other. Let your family hearth always illuminate your life with the warmth of joy, love, and happiness!

    803. Our dear, you are so beautiful today that our soul rejoices when we look at you. May your life be as beautiful as you are today, and the senses are timeless. Let passion and tenderness always reign in your relationship.

    804. Always be attentive to each other, forgive weaknesses, be easily appeased and treat with humor any situations! Good luck, dear ones, and always remain the happiest!

    805. Let your family nest be warm and cozy, let a stork visit him so that your family grows. So that there is something to strive for and something to be proud of! Live like two swans, swan love to you, swan fidelity, lightness, positive and happiness!

    806. Our dear bride and groom, I congratulate you on the day of your marriage and wish you happiness as much as your love.

    807. Be loyal to each other, easily treat any difficulties and experiences, try even to turn a weekday into a holiday.

    808. Remember that if understanding, happiness, and love reign in the house, then even the most ordinary life is filled with joy, light, and kindness. Happiness to you, dear newlyweds, always remain the same wonderful couple!

    809. Dear newlyweds! May your home life always be happy! May your home always be for you the most comfortable and reliable place in life. Let your love bloom and grow stronger!

    810. I wish you to walk through life hand in hand. Let her husband not forget that his wife always needs help, so that there is always a happy smile on her lips. So that the joyous gleam of her eyes will not disappear.

    811. Let the wife not forget that it is up to her to create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, love and mutual understanding in her house. So that her husband will always hurry home knowing that his beloved and only one awaits there. Happiness to you, our dear. May you live happily ever after!

    812. Our dear newlyweds, today you lit your star of hope and dreams. Let your rings be a real guardian of wealth and well-being. Keep tenderness, love, and affection in your hearts, protect your feelings from adversity.

    813. Keep the right path in life and do not let escape your happiness. Let only joy be in your life, let your dreams come true and beat in unison your hearts warmed by love. I wish that your relations are all just jealous.

    814. On this solemn and exciting day, I wish you an ocean of love, a sea of happiness and wide rivers of good! And if it suddenly happens that the ocean of love disappears, the sea of happiness will become shallower, and the river of goodness will turn into a small streamlet. Let you have a clear and deep lake of hope.


    815. May hope, faith, love, and wisdom always be your companions, helping not to transform life into ordinariness.

    816. Today, on your wedding day, you exchanged rings. There is an opinion that the newlyweds should have three rings: the first ring is an engagement ring, the second is a wedding ring, and the third ring is a ring of patience. The third ring should remain with you for life.

    817. I wish you patience and understanding in your family life – and may all be successful with you. May all joys become common and multiply many times! Hold tight to each other, protecting your family happiness. Advice to you, love!

    818. I want to wish our young people always to remain as cheerful, happy and loving as they are today! May your hearts always burn with passion and tenderness towards each other!

    819. Let the relationship over the years become only stronger, and love – stronger. Always be together and keep your wonderful relationships and feelings! You are the most beautiful and happy couple in the world.

    820. Our dear, handsome groom and beautiful bride! I wish you happiness in family swimming – and may your ship never get off course!

    821. Remember how you treat each other today – and keep this attitude for life! And then, I am sure you will be the happiest couple in the world! And together with you, everyone around you will be happy!

    822. Today is a special day in your life – you have taken the first step on the path to family happiness. And I want to wish that on this path you will always be protected by love, help, support from family and friends.

    823. If difficulties are encountered on the way, let them only make you stronger, wiser, and closer. Be for each other the most reliable support. May your feelings always be as strong as today. You have a very beautiful, attractive and just a wonderful couple, happiness to you, comfort, warmth and good luck!


    824. Today we saw how two beautiful people united their lives at the behest of mutual feelings. We wish the young on their way the traditional understanding, goodness, joy and good luck!

    825. We wish you always look at each other with the same loving eyes as today! We raise glasses for you and wish to gain bright, positive, sunny and the most beautiful family happiness with each other!

    826. Congratulations on a huge life step – your wedding, with the happy end of a lonely life, so that you find each other!

    827. I wish in the future you to have the most luxurious apartment, luxury car, beautiful smart kids and a bag of banknotes of the highest value!

    828. We are very happy to see you, such a wonderful couple who are starting to create their happy family history and are now celebrating this event!

    829. We are very happy for you, congratulations on such a beautiful wedding and we wish you a serene, long, successful sailing along the waves of the sea of life in joy, love, and understanding.

    830. Let your married life be the embodiment of true love, bright and strong, like a diamond!

    831. Let fate firmly unite you, help build your happiness and save it for years to come! I wish you just a fabulous relationship, heavenly well-being, and the most positive and wonderful life together.

    832. Today, dear newlyweds, you are the culprits of a magnificent feast! We wish you a big, strong, bright love, let her always live in your house, stored as your daily bread.

    833. Live in peace and harmony with a happy, friendly family. Let your life be fabulous, let everything go well with you. It turns out all your plans and the most incredible dreams come true. Advice to you and love, and may fate always keep you!

    834. It is so established that people cannot live alone. A man needs a wife, and a woman needs a husband. And when two wonderful people meet, there is a happy couple of spouses, whom we congratulate today with all our hearts!

    835. May your life be light and bright, full of love, fulfilling desires, goodness, and joy!

    836. I wish you happiness – extraordinary, love – to dizziness, tenderness – transcendental, mutual understanding – uttermost.

    837. I wish you to become two halves of one whole, understand each other from half a word, and even from half a glance, always surround each other with care and affection. And I propose to raise glasses for your beautiful present and for your equally happy and cloudless future!

    838. I am very happy for you, my dear friends, that from today you have become husband and wife. Now a new period of life will begin for you, in which you will go together, hand in hand.

    839. Dear young! Today you are standing on the threshold of a new life, and what it will be – it depends only on you. I wish you to stay in love with each other for as long as possible, and later also to become in love with your children. So that your whole life will be happily spent surrounded by continuous love!

    840. The husband is the ship, and the wife is the helm. We wish your family ship not to sink into the sea of everyday problems, swim out of any whirlpool and get to a safe haven, where your crew will be replenished with the new addition.

    841. Let your family never stumble upon household pitfalls. I wish the groom, as a captain, always to lead the family ship with a confident hand on the right course.

    842. Let there be more romance, adventures, joyful, memorable events on your way. And remember that when a loved one is near, when exactly the one whom you want to see is near is great happiness.


    843. Dear ones, I think that if family happiness could be measured, then yours would sparkle brighter than anyone! If you could describe love like a diamond, then yours would shine as the brightest and purest!

    844. And if the prospects were evaluated as coins, then yours would be of the purest gold of the highest order! Because you are with us – the most wonderful couple in the world!

    845. I wish you love, well-being, prosperity, success – and may your family piggy bank always be replenished with gold coins of years lived in happiness.

    846. Dear ours, I am very glad to see you in the role of the bride and groom! I wish you always to be happy and loving, always to live in harmony with each other. To, to be one, to understand each other from a half-word and support everything in everything!

    847. Today, a new, undoubtedly, one of the happiest and strongest families has appeared! Both the groom and the bride are beautiful, jealously young and delightfully beautiful.

    848. I wish the young people to create such a life together so that there would be no one happier in the world!

    849. We wish you both trust and loyalty, carefree and trouble-free living together, good, creative and well-paid work and the opportunity to have a great rest!

    850. Let only at the wedding you cry “Bitterly”, and life will be sweet, like raspberries. Let your family life be a real holiday and only pleasant news visit your home. Let hope, faith, and love never leave you.

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