999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    851. Dear newlyweds, today you look just great! I wish you to keep it this way, to increase your family capital and the size of your family.

    852. And let, whatever the wind of change blew, the flame of your family hearth continues to burn, giving warmth, light, joy, and comfort. Dear guests, let’s raise the glasses for the new family hearth!

    853. Dear newlyweds, today you have sworn love and loyalty to each other. We congratulate you on this happy event! We are sure that your family will only be stronger every year!

    854. Let your loyalty and tenderness to each other warms the soul in difficult moments and gives strength. Increase your family capital and let your family grow kids! Let me wish you a long, happy and prosperous family life, and may all your wishes come true as soon as possible.

    855. Dear newlyweds, there is a saying that with your beloved paradise and in a hut. If you approach formally, today it is hard to believe in such a paradise, so I wish you happiness in your own bright, cozy and spacious family home.

    856. Any event and any destiny can be sweetened with love. So with all my heart, I wish you to see your happiness in the happiness of another, and always thank the occasion that brought you together!

    857. I congratulate you on your wedding, with love, with a new life! Colored weekdays to you, bright weekends, enchanting holidays and holidays on the most azure coasts.

    858. I am very glad that the hero of the day is your love and your beautiful ring. Congratulations, my dear! Now you are not just a beautiful couple, now you are a real family, with your own hierarchy, fate and, of course, the most wonderful future.

    859. I wish you harmony and understanding, endless love and prosperity. Pamper each other, take care, respect, appreciate and do not cease to amaze and delight yourself and loved ones.

    860. Congratulations to the bride and groom with a wonderful event, so that they have found their cherished and most beloved half. And today they have united their souls and hearts.

    861. I wish a lot of very strong, loyal, all-conquering love, but also no less and patience! Understand each other, do not pay attention to the little things, live with joy in your heart!

    862. Enjoy your long days and hot nights! Bright to your everyday life, great weekends and holidays! Kids, a must, full house, and well-being!

    863. I wish you a happy family life and a gradual but steady fulfillment of all your desires. Let love accompany you everywhere and whatever you have to experience – hold each other tightly by the hand.

    864. May your hearts always beat in unison, do not break love vows, do not give up in front of difficulties, gently and reverently keep your love as the main treasure.


    865. Do not waste feelings, but multiply their strength, walking on the path to your happiness. And let the fact that today united your good fortune, nothing separates.

    866. It is nice to see at today’s wedding celebration how two lovers’ hearts, at the behest of love, are joined into one. And the couple – husband and wife – make up two perfect halves of one whole!

    867. May this day be a happy start to a new, special and delightful family life! I want to congratulate the young people with a wonderful decision, with a wonderful wedding and with bright and limitless family happiness!

    868. Wise men say that a person lives only when he loves when he remains himself and strives towards something. If not, then, alas, a person does not live but exists. So stay yourself, overcome difficulties together, help each other and respect each other.

    869. If there is an understanding in your family, then I will be completely calm for your family – it means that you are on the right track! And I ask guests to raise glasses for the most important thing in the family – for the strength of feelings, reliability, and understanding!

    870. Dear newlyweds! Today you are smiling at each other and quite happy, and I want to wish you to remain as happy and loving all your life.

    871. Let your hearts reach out to each other, let passion and tenderness not go out in them. Never know stupid quarrels and petty disagreements.

    872. Let your family life be as bright, fun, happy, full of positive, as this day of your wedding. Family comfort, warmth, joy and of course the best kids in the world. Congratulations on your wedding

    873. The wedding is therefore fun, because the heroes of the occasion rejoice themselves, and at the same time give joy and fun to the rest. This is the principle of reflection: when a person loves – he loves, when he gives joy – he gets joy and gets it. I want to recommend this principle to young people as the most successful rule in life.


    874. Dear ones, I want to say that today you have become the richest people because now you have happiness and love in your hands. And in your hearts, and there is nothing more precious than this in the world!

    875. I sincerely wish you to live happily, in mutual understanding – after all, fate created a real miracle, connecting your hearts and revealing such a beautiful young couple!

    876. Dear newlyweds! I wish that music based on the harmony of your hearts be heard throughout your life. Advice to you, love! Understand each other, forgive minor sins, love and be the happiest in the world!

    877. Dear newlyweds, from this day you are a husband and wife, for which we congratulate you! Let love multiply your happiness together and help you realize all your common dreams!

    878. May the long years of marriage only strengthen the affection and tenderness, as well as the confidence that on the wedding day your destiny has developed in the happiest way.

    879. I wish the beautiful bridegroom and charming bride happiness, love and a constant feeling of joy. May your life always be clean and cloudless.

    880. May the great mistress of all lovers and romantics accompany you – good luck. May good, light, and tenderness always live under your roof in your home.

    881. Let the most beautiful flower – your love never fade, and every day gives new shoots and inflorescences. I raise this glass for your family nest, and congratulate you on this wonderful event that united you on your wedding day!

    882. May your marriage be happy! May your love be joyful! Live in friendship and harmony. We always want the feeling of happiness not to go away, and therefore I wish you long happiness, and love – the most sensual and bright.

    883. Let hope, faith and wisdom be your companions, let them help you not to turn your life into ordinariness.

    884. Congratulations to our delightful couple on such a beautiful, bright and positive event! I wish your family life to be a source of joy and inspiration!

    885. Today is an important day, after all, a new period of your life is starting, which I wish you to live with positively, in peace, joy, love and full understanding.

    886. Always hold on to one another, because together dreams are achieved much easier!

    887. Dear newlyweds! Your hearts are now filled to the brim with love and happiness, and probably there are no such words to express the fullness of these feelings.

    888. I propose to raise glasses for ensuring that this feeling of happiness remains with you forever! Live and live – and for good money! Good luck, love and joy to your new union!

    889. Dear newlyweds, to go through life hand in hand with your beloved is great happiness. I wish you that this happiness always is with you, your whole joyful life. I wish not only to keep it, but also to multiply it in your children.

    890. I wish you to be always together, side by side, to go through life hand in hand – this is such a joy that sometimes is not noticed and appreciated for everyday troubles and family concerns!

    891. We wish that your honeymoon lasts a lifetime, that the rings do not dim.

    892. Dear newlyweds! Keep your love, keep warm in your soul and live as your heart prompts – live in love and mutual understanding! May your union be happy!


    893. I always wish our newlyweds to remember that family life is not only serious and responsible business but also a joyful, positive, simple and happy business. So you will have more joys, trips, events, and plans. Let you have a bright, beautiful and very, very creative and happy life!

    894. It is known that happiness is not given alone, but together with the person, you love with all your heart! And today I want to congratulate our young spouses with the fact that they, holding hands, made an absolutely correct choice.

    895. May the happiness of a young family be infinite, like the universe, may fate protect them and give unexpected gifts, good news and good mood for every day with a generous hand!

    896. Our beautiful young, the bride and groom. I wish your whole life would be as bright and positive as this wedding!

    897. Good health, good luck, and absolute harmony in love. I wish your young, wonderful and fun family to grow and develop, to be resistant to all life circumstances. Congratulations on your wedding

    898. May the rays of family happiness, well-being and mutual understanding always warm you. And let feelings and love never fade among life’s troubles.

    899. We wish the newlyweds to make their marriage the happiest, most beautiful and wonderful family life! Let your new connection be held together by feelings, understanding, and of course, little angels. I make a toast to your family! We will reinforce the wish with a friendly ringing of glasses and shout from the heart.

    900. My dears! I was lucky to be with you today from morning till now. And believe me: I have not seen you happier (and we have known you for a long time). Today a mad power engineering is emanating from you, which charges not only guests but also everyone who meets you. And you know: I also want to visit your place in a few years. And, of course, to see you nearby, only in the amount of three copies.

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