999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    901. The wedding is wonderful, you are very beautiful and happy, the atmosphere is magnetized by your smiles and charged with a positive.

    902. Congratulations on the wedding day – good and sincere wishes, which are best expressed in prose. After all, how else to convey all the excitement that you experience with the young – only simple, understandable, but very beautiful and warm words.

    903. In order to congratulate young people with a wedding in prose or in their own words, they could look not only the heroes of the occasion but also those present, take some time to prepare. We offer you the most beautiful, and at the same time simple wishes.

    904. Today you are the culprits of the feast – toil, our dear newlyweds. We sincerely congratulate you on such a significant and joyful event in your life. Let everything be fine with you, let love be as strong as granite, and stand all the tests.

    905. Life to merely live is not a field to move on. We wish your field to be wide, boundless, and full of wonders. Let your house be a full bowl, let the joyful laughter of children be heard in it. Let only sunny weather be in your family life.

    906. Love is the unchangeable coin that now makes your living wage! I want to wish you not only wealth but also abundance; not only joy but also great happiness.

    907. Let’s wish the groom endurance, and the bride – to accurately find the right course. May the caravel of your family plow the stormy waves of the ocean of life for many years! And may, despite the weather overboard, peace and love always reign on the deck of your ship!!

    908. Congratulations to the newlyweds with the most important holiday – the day of the wedding. We wish you all the best, love and happiness for many years. Let all your life flow through the honey river, may all bad weather pass you by.

    909. God grant that your marriage was successful and the union is inseparable. Let love inspire you, let your happiness know no obstacles, and the children delight the hearts.

    910. Let all your plans come true. We wish you all the best of luck, peace, prosperity and all the best. Let the Lord bless and protect you.

    911. All congratulations and compliments for you today, our dear young ones. Please accept my sincere congratulations on your wedding day. May your life be long and happiest. Let only pleasant moments fill every day.

    912. May the covenant born today warm your souls and hearts, may the flame of great love never cool down. Let your home be full of friends, let all your wishes come true.

    913. Advice to you, love, our dear newlyweds. We wish you great happiness, pure, like spring water, love. May your feelings are strong and beautiful, may every day give you only pleasant moments.

    914. Let your family be friendly, let the ringing laughter of the kids sound in the house. Be healthy, live in prosperity, and sacredly keep this wonderful date. Congratulations on your wedding


    915. Many faithful friends to you, good luck in all your endeavors, always a great mood. May sorrow forget you forever.

    916. Dear newlyweds, please accept my sincere congratulations on such a solemn day for you. You changed the status of the bride and groom – to husband and wife. We wish you great happiness, a peaceful sky, a lot of joy.

    917. Let your home be filled with love and childish laughter. May all wishes come true. Let the brightest star light up your life path.

    918. There are already no two halves, you are one. We sincerely wish you to carry these tender, strong feelings throughout your life.

    919. We wish you to live beautifully and happily. May your hearts beat in unison, may all your dreams come true, may children be born to your joy.

    920. Let the light of love always burn in your hearts, carry it through your life. Let your marriage be accurate and durable. You now have one road, one love, and one dream. You have become inseparable.

    921. We wish you to live, not to grieve, more laughter and smiles. May good luck always accompany you, May every day give you a good mood. Good news to you in the house, joy and family warmth.

    922. For the rest of your life, save this solemn event. Putting rings on each other, be able to save them until old age. We wish you great happiness, good health, understanding, and respect.

    923. May peace and love reign in your family, may feelings be sincere and pure. Let every day of living together brings you only pleasant moments.


    924. Save holy love and keep it from adversity. Only the right way to keep in life, do not let escape happiness.

    925. For you, young, today all the compliments, congratulations and wishes. Let your life be as beautiful as you are now. May the torch of the love you have lit never go out.

    926. Holy holds in your hearts this momentous and important date in your life. We wish you all good luck, peace, great happiness, and sunny family weather.

    927. May all your everyday life turn into a holiday, may all your cherished dreams come true. Let the good angel protect your life from all troubles and sorrows.

    928. Unknowing people say that years of family life eventually turn love into a habit. I wish you that the love that has united you today has strengthened over the years so that you do not lose tenderness and warmth.

    929. All the touchings of your feelings, learn to endure, forgive, turn into little joke and annoyance.

    930. Dear newlyweds! Today you have begun to build your joint ship – your family. We wish you that your family ship will be strong and reliable, that it will not crash about life and trouble, that no storms will be terrible for it.

    931. Let the bright sunshine on you and the blue sky smiles, and your joint “voyage” will drag on for many long years!

    932. Congratulations on the most important step in your life! We wish you to make all the further steps in your life together, firmly and in step! And even if one of you stumbles, the other will support him! Congratulations on your wedding

    933. Our lovely newlyweds, today you have the most beautiful celebration – the wedding day. May life be full of happiness, may luck not pass by. Keep the tenderness, and do everything to live was not wasted.

    934. All blessings to you, always an excellent mood, good health, family comfort. Let cheerful music always be heard in your house, and children’s laughter will be heard.

    935. Live in peace and harmony happy, amicable family. Let your life be fabulous, let everything go well with you, and let all the bad weather ever forget your address.

    936. Let your marriage be successful, and the union – inseparable. Let all your plans happen.

    937. Let life give you only inspiration, may good luck follow your heels. Let all the bad weather pass you by, and life flows like honey.

    938. Today you have a family. Take care of her, appreciate and respect. May there be only joy in your life, may the dream always come true. Let the hearts warmed by love beat in unison.

    939. We wish a bright burning of one love, but for you two. May your road always be light, may your family be strong and friendly.

    940. Let hope, faith, and love to be your companions. Hold tightly to each other always, and all the troubles you will not care.

    941. On this solemn and important day, we wish the newlywed’s tremendous happiness, a peaceful sky, all the best and strong, bright love.

    942. Let everything that you have thought come true, let luck not pass by. Be always together, share joy and misfortune in half, because you are now one.


    943. Let only good news come to your house, may true friends always surround you. We wish that your marriage was a sign of quality.

    944. Dear young people, we congratulate you on legal marriage. We sincerely wish you happiness, good luck, love, and mutual understanding. Let this solemn event be remembered for all your life.

    945. May God grant you health and strength, kindness and family warmth. May fate be always favorable to you, may all dreams become reality.

    946. Today you have a lot: flowers, friends, smiles because this is your most important day. The two halves merged into one fate. So let fate be the happiest, kindest and most amazing.

    947. On this day you received a huge number of gifts, but none of them compare with what you give today to each other – the family hearth and the warmth of your love. I wish you to be the worthy keepers of this hearth. And let his fire burn brighter day by day, warming and illuminating your family.

    948. There are three words that reflect the relationship between two people, it is passion, trust, and love. May these beautiful words for you merge into one big feeling and may this feeling never leave you!

    949. We wish the groom that his best half passionately loved sports, cars, fishing, and beer. And let him be no less passionate about the series, shopping, and cooking. Then your family will be just perfect.

    950. I want to give good advice to our beautiful bride: Never contradict husband. Remember – the man is always right. But do not forget that a woman is never wrong.

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