999 Congratulations Messages, Status & Wishes For Wedding/Marriage With Greetings Images/Cards

    951. Every young husband is obliged to know that his bride wants to be behind her husband, like a stone wall, behind which she will feel comfortable, safe and warm. I want with all my heart to wish the groom the sea of patience and strength so that no misfortune can break through his wall of love!

    952. A loving husband will always try to understand and support his spouse. So we wish the fiancé of a loving wife, obedient children, and good work, and a young family of longevity and happiness.

    953. On the expression of a woman’s face, you can always tell what her husband is. So let the bridegroom be such a husband, that one glance at his wife would cause burning envy in women, and in men serious respect.

    954. Be sincere, congratulating the newlyweds in your own words. After all, congratulations right from the heart are fraught with the most intimate thoughts and feelings! Congratulations on your wedding

    955. We sincerely congratulate you on the birth of a family. We wish you always live beautifully, love each other, share all the joys and sorrows in half.

    956. Let the melody of love always sound in your house. May happiness never forget you. Take care of your love like the apple of an eye.

    957. God forbid that the honeymoon lasts a lifetime. We wish you always a great mood, fulfillment of all your desires. May fortune always smile to you.

    958. Today your wedding is the most important moment of your life together. Please accept my most sincere congratulations on this wonderful day. Let the golden rings that you put on each other today will be the most reliable talisman of your whole life.

    959. May your path be wide and long, may your feelings be reliable and strong, let only joyful moments fill your every day. Fate gives you bail love, manage to carry it with dignity through life.

    960. By entering into your marriage union, remember that your family is one. Forget the word “I”, since all questions and affairs you will solve together.

    961. In a difficult moment, find the strength to give a shoulder, do not swear because of stupid things. Do not forget to give each other gifts and say gentle and warm words, be good and caring for children and parents. Take care of yourself, give reciprocity.

    962. You have to go through all the delights and surprises of family life and all these stages. But remember – your chosen one does not change, only your attitude to it changes, only the lenses through which you see it. Therefore, love, and once again love him and together you will succeed …

    963. We wish you both absolute confidence and eternal loyalty, good, pleasant, well-paid work and the opportunity to have a great rest, carefree and trouble-free life together!

    964. Today, a new, undoubtedly, one of the happiest and strongest families has appeared! After all, both newlyweds are enviably young and delightfully beautiful. Witty, funny and lively – they can afford to keep their happiness for a long life together!


    965. Use the unique chance to create something unique and special with your own hands.

    966. You both have the practice of family life with your parents – use this double experience, take the best of your previous lives. Heed the mistakes and misses and create the kind of life you both want!

    967. The wedding day is full of excitement and unreasonable anxieties. But you remember it, newlyweds! He will report minutes of family life – let them belong, pleasant and joyful. You are beautiful now more than ever!

    968. May God keep your union from destruction, malice, and misunderstanding. All problems can be overcome if there is love in hearts. All you have let it be perfect!

    969. Love, inspire each other to the accomplishments, understand and appreciate the gifts of fate!

    970. You have a lot today: Friends, smiles, and colors. You have one road now, A dream is one, one love. And this day will not happen again, Be able to value happiness.

    971. And God forbid, as they say, From the wide path not to stray. Do not blunder, do not stumble. Even more, you fall in love And these feelings save! With legal marriage congratulations.

    972. Merged two hearts together And two hands in one intertwined. Union, be indestructible For the rest of your life.

    973. What in life can be more beautiful? Her hand is in his hand. The fire of love does not fade away In your family hearth. And may the walk be easy and fewer pebbles on the way.


    974. Let this day be as a bright holiday, And your life will be decorated forever. Hope, Faith, and Love !!! And let Love spring dawn. It does not go out for many years.

    975. All the best to you in life and health, Riches, peace, and warmth. A family warmed by love Always reliable and strong. So that your union will be in joy only. Congratulations on your wedding

    976. As time flies, now you leave the parental nest and enter into family life together. We wish you to live in love and harmony, everyone does not live for himself, but for each other.

    977. We want you not to know sorrows, live together, respect your soul mate and always look in one direction – forward, towards new joys. Well, we will support you and help in difficult times!

    978. We wish you all the best: joy, happiness, love and really want your family life to be easy, like a fluff, even, like a bezel of a ring that you put on each other’s hand.

    979. We wish you to become a caring wife, a good friend, help your spouse with advice and a kind word. We wish you to become the head of the family, hope, and support so that your wife should be behind you, as if behind a stone wall.

    980. We wish you to live together until the golden wedding and not lose your love! And let there be joys and sorrows, you can overcome them because you are together!

    981. Do not allow anyone to destroy your family happiness, keep your love, trust each other, appreciate each other, respect each other. And may, over time, your feelings become only stronger and deeper, and the family hearth burns brighter and brighter!

    982. May this communion holy to strengthen your love and to unite you even more as the years go by!

    983. I will sincerely confess that you have given me hope. I once again believed that true love exists and showed me what art of love means.

    984. The time is coming when you encounter difficulties in life. When these appear, remember the love that brought you to the altar on this memorable day.

    985. Always keep in mind the memory of the day when you united your destinies and forget about the promises that brought you closer to each other!

    986. I wish you a happy marriage sprinkled with loyalty, respect, and love!

    987. With every passing year, I want your relationship to become stronger, more beautiful, better, and your marriage to be a true spiritual landmark for others.

    988. I found in your relationship a source of inspiration that opened my heart to love. That’s why thank you!

    989. Your wedding opens the way to a new beginning that has to be celebrated. Enjoy every moment you spend together starting this day!

    990. May the purity of love accompany you throughout life’s life and bring you the peace of mind that you need. Congratulations on your wedding

    991. It’s been the long-awaited day that you’ve decided to declare your eternal love. We will support and wish you to live intensely these moments of the story that will pass quickly, but that will leave behind them the eternity of your love.

    992. Today, before you learn how to protect one another from the sadness of life, how to be patient and how to forgive your mistakes. It is a new chapter in your life that will carry you on a road full of obstacles that you will overcome together. Go well over all the hardships of life and taste the joy it offers!


    993. I hope that from this day on which you just dare to dream and that has turned into reality, nothing will break up the lives that have united, forming one soul!

    994. Being married is like studying at a theater school. You get to play everything from comedy to tragedy.

    995. You are about to witness one of the great miracles of life; it’s amazing how you can live with a person you fight with every day. Congratulations on finding your miracle

    996. In life, we must always keep our eyes wide open. Instead of a marriage, it is better to close them.

    997. You have bound your hearts and fate! I wish your life to be more beautiful than dawn, more serene than heaven and deeper than the ocean! We wish you to live in such a way that every evening you can say: it was more beautiful than yesterday.

    998. Dear Ones! We want for you a lot of love and fulfilled life, countless temptations to keep you strong! True friends to bring you balance and peace so that the next day is more beautiful than yesterday!

    999. Happiness has the scent of roses in its youth, in maturity it has the aroma and the taste of the red wine, the aging sun, the charm of the sunset … We want you to feel the rosy scent together, to get some wine and to have a sunset.

    1000. Be the most attentive, the most loved, the most realistic and unrepeatable! I wish you to be good, and severe, and weak, and strong! May the dreams come true now! Take care of your trust, hope, and wisdom!

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