200 Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car With Cards & Best Wishes Collection

    200 Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car With Cards & Best Wishes Collection

    1. Congratulations for your new car brother. Now, Travelling became easier than before cause this car has lot of space.

    2. Congratulations for your new car mate. It is a beast. It seems like you are going to rule the road.

    3. Congratulations for getting new hot car much the same as you. Ride safe dear.

    4. Wow what an amazing car. This will reflect your lifestyle bro congrats.

    5. Congratulations for your new car. What an upgrade from alto to SUV. I really liked it.

    6. Congratulations mate for your new car. As you know this car suits you but you need to upgrade your driving skills too.

    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    7. It is good to know that you have owned a new car. We are ready for a long journey buddy. Congratulations and be prepared for coming Friday.

    8. Congratulations for your new car my friend. Drive perfectly and follow traffic rules.

    9. Congratulations for your new car brother. Please don’t modify your car like you did with before one, because the graphics of this car is awesome.

    10. Congratulations for owning hot piece of Chevrolet. That is your dream car so you need to take care of it like your family.

    11. Maintenance is the important thing that you need to know for this car. Anyway congratulations and have a safe ride with your new car.

    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    12. Wow new members in our family? I’m glad to know that our choice is same. Congratulations dad for your new car.

    13. Don’t blast your speedometer because I know how fast you drive. Be careful it’s a brand new car and congratulations.

    14. Congratulations mate for your new car. If you need a driver for your car then you can contact me I will send one from my garage.

    15. It is totally awesome that you got a new car on your birthday. Congratulation buddy


    16. You desired for it and look I fulfill my responsibility as a brother. Best of luck and congrats for new car

    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    17. Your newly branded Mercedes is quite impressive mate. Congratulation and good luck

    18. it’s time to for a long ride towards our dreamland in your new car. Let’s do it and congrats.

    19. Time for the celebration in the name of your new black car. Congrats

    20. Last night your entry was like a superstar in a party with your new brand car. Best wishes and congratulation

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    21. Wow! Look at your new car it is shining and those keys on your hand too. Let’s have a party tonight.

    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    22. Finally you have brought a car totally matching with your personality. Lot congratulation and beat wishes


    23. Your car is lucky to have you as owner dude. Many wishes and congratulation for a new car

    24. I found this new car is more fascinating than your previous one. Good luck

    25. Now, a handsome boy with brand new car will be going to rock the party today. Congrats mate and stay bless

    26. I think you should borrow me your new car for a while. Best of luck and better take care of it.

    27. Your car color is matching with your dress and it looks pretty. Congratulation for your new vehicle

    28. This time handle it safely and don’t even think of car competition. Congrats son and god bless you

    29. Before riding on the road in your new car first learn all the traffic rules for safety. Congratulation dude

    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    30. It seems that time to take a memorable photo with your first car mate. Congratulation

    31. Finally big fan of fast and furious got a chance to ride own new brand car. Let’s hit the road bro and congratulation.

    32. Take me some where beautiful place on your new car dear. Congrats and just ride for a while.

    33. After having a new car it looks like my son is having a lot fun with his friends. Stay happy and stay safe.

    34. Now, it will be lot easier for you to go back to your work. Congratulation for new car

    35. You need to do some special work to maintain the fuel of your new car. Keep smiling and congrats

    36. Time to take your family on a long trip vacation. Have fun and best of luck for new car.

    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    37. How amazing! After a long saving from your income, you have brought a super car. Keep maintain it and congrats.

    38. I think you were tired of riding your bicycle that’s the reason I can see a new brand Toyota inside your garage. Congratulation for new car

    39. Always keep your eyes open while riding and stay away from your phone as well my sister. Best of luck and congratulation

    40. At last every struggle and effort towards your dream paid back. Congrats for your new and hot car dear.

    41. I just want to be first person to sit next to your new car dear. Let’s out for a ride and congratulation.

    42. You love travelling and now you can enjoy it as much as you want with your new buddy. Congratulation


    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    43. I am little bit upset because you have won this beautiful car and still I don’t get news. Anyway, congrats for your first car

    44. it’s time to grab huge opportunities with the help of your new car dude. Congrats and keep going ahead.

    45. Congratulation for your new car and before you ride it, just take some of its demo.

    46. Your new BMW is so attractive that my eyes can’t get off from it. Congrats bro.

    47. Can I ride it for one time? I feel so excited mate. Congratulation for new car and keep it safe.

    48. Let’s search for a girl although we have hot weapon for hunt dude. Congrats for new brand car and come tonight for fun.

    Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car

    49. I thing you need a beautiful garage for your hot Mercedes. Congrats partner

    50. Baby, you deserve a new car on your graduation and I am happy to gift you on your especial day. Congratulation for your new car and be a responsible rider.

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