200 Congratulations Messages For Buying A New Car With Cards & Best Wishes Collection

    151. I salute your effort which you have done in the past days and it’s finally paid off. Congratulation for your new car bro

    152. I recently saw your new car just speeding down on the street. Congratulation, I know you are happy now but don’t give up on your evening walk. Be healthy and stay safe.

    Congrats on Your New Car Message

    153. Congratulation for your new car brother, now it will be easier for you to attempt many deal as possible. Good luck and totally focus on your work so; I may see you in a good position.

    154. Time to grab your key, start the engine and go for a long journey. And remember that your new car just win car of this year as well so, maintain its fame and go for it.

    155. Golden gate is opened for you just enter their, find new dates, new opportunities and new place to drive and it’s all because of your brand new Cadillac. Congratulation for new car brother and be strong.

    Congrats on Your New Car Message

    156. Congratulation for new car sister, you stand alone on your own foot and came a long way. Finally catch the reasonable way to ride the life with a new car.

    157. You know that you must carry your license in order to follow the law of driving and if something went wrong than just apologize softly because you were totally new for driving my boy. Congratulation for new car and keep it cool.

    Congrats on Your New Car Message

    158. I will defiantly show you the way if you give me little further lift for a while and it seems that it is your new car. Congratulation for your brand new car and be helpful as like everyday sir.

    159. Well impressive bro, your car while don’t have any scratches even when we climb this rocky mountain. Your new car is really tough and awesome and congratulation for it.

    160. A new car is like a closest friend you ever have and it will run with you wherever you go. So, maintain best for it and lot congratulation

    Congrats on Your New Car Message

    161. It seems that this new car open a lot favorable time and good chance to overcome of current economic condition mate. Congratulation for new car and have a wonderful day.

    162. Congratulation on owning new car, you know that whenever you bought something we used to share from childhood and it’s time to share your new car as well and if I feel board than we must go for ride.

    Congrats on Your New Car Message

    163. A trip of an uncountable miles start with first step so, trip to a beautiful destination begin with your new car. Enjoy your journey and congratulation for new car bro.

    164. Finally you replace your old vehicle with brand new luxurious car and I am feeling like it is your best decision ever. Congratulation for new car mate and have a nice day ahead.

    165. Wow! What an excellent car with magnificent flow exhaust system. Anyway I really like its sound while riding and lot congratulation for new car.


    Congratulation on Your New Car Messages

    166. Look at those glass windows of your new car, they are bullet proof and other features are as well awesome. Best of luck and congrats for new car sister

    167. Finally that golden key is handed to a fantastic person like you. Congratulation for new brand car and it is your first car as well.

    168. We all made a plan for picnic tour and I hope that you will come with us with your red BMW. Congratulation for new car and it’s really fantastic car.

    Congratulation on Your New Car Messages

    169. You have already changes lot cars in a short period of time but this time just faithful with it and don’t break it into pieces. Congrats for new car buddy and hope you will do your best to protect it.

    170. Well it is outstanding car with compact hatchback supported by apple car play and android auto. Your new car matches this new generation. Congratulation bro

    Congratulation on Your New Car Messages

    171. Congratulation for new car mate, it has impressive amount of new technology that I even can’t believe.

    172. You were really lucky to have a proficient and midsize car in this low rate. Congratulation for new car and keep it up.

    173. Now you won’t have a problem of changing lane time to time because of your new car came with the feather lane keeping assist and you will feel safe in highway traffic. Congratulation for new car and stay happy bro

    Congratulation on Your New Car Messages


    174. Your new car module is rated for best from the national highway traffic safety administration. Congratulation for having fantastic car and enjoy lot.

    175. Be careful bro while driving with family and friends and keep in mind that you brought it in installment. Congratulation my buddy that you got new car and be happy with it

    176. Today you have brought new member in your family and I hope you really take care of it. Let’s celebrate for this joyful moment and lot congratulation dude.

    Congratulation on Your New Car Messages

    177. I am still surprise that how did you manage to buy a brand new blue car with your small budget? Anyway, keep going and hope for your bright future. Congratulation

    178. Wow! Your new car has 5year guaranty with extraordinary feather. I think should as well bring same type of module car. Congratulation and just maintain it.

    179. Finally time to hit the summer road trip with all of our old university buddies and this time we include your new car as well bro. congratulation bro for your new car.

    Congratulation on Your New Car Messages

    180. You are just eighteen year and your father brought you a brand new BMW. It shows that how much he care for you and your lifestyle. Congrats for car and enjoy the upcoming fun.

    181. It is the same car which I saw yesterday in a newspaper as an advertisement. Super fast mind and style mate and Congratulation

    182. Today is really rainy day and I think you should drop me in front of my house in your new car dear. Congratulation for new tool

    Congratulation on Your New Car Messages

    183. If you looking for driver than I am sure that watch my skill, you will impress. Congratulation for new car sir and have a nice day.

    Text Msg for Congratulations on Your New Car Images

    184. Just be clear about the insurance of your car for early support in economic condition of your family. Have a safe journey every time and congratulation.

    185. I know your new car has limit space but you have promise me to ride with you however I am little bit fat. Congratulation for new car bro and keep riding.

    Text Msg for Congratulations on Your New Car Cards

    186. I just observing you in some past days and I fell like you suffer from depression so, go out with friends and enjoy in your new car my son. Congratulation

    187. Your new car has same coolness as you and your both combination is outstanding my bro. stay happy and congratulation.

    Text Msg for Congratulations on Your New Car Cards

    188. You have just promise me to pick every time after my school brother. Congratulation for your car

    189. People like you are not a cheap. That’s why your new car won’t look creep. Congratulations.

    190. Your new car has excellent durability with strong body parts and for handling that it’s need a person like you. Congratulations for your new car mate.

    Text Msg for Congratulations on Your New Car Cards

    191. Congratulations brother I’m so excited to see your brand new ride bolero. I know there will be no any restriction to ride that car because I got a license too.

    192. Don’t ever blink your headlight whenever you see girl walking on streets. Congratulations and good luck for ahead.

    Text Msg for Congratulations on Your New Car Images

    193. Your girlfriend had occupied your one piece of heart whereas your car occupied another. Congratulations and keep both of them safer.


    194. You have saved prestige of our block by buying luxurious SUV. Now at least we have someone to ask for ride. Congratulations.

    Text Msg for Congratulations on Your New Car Images

    195. Congratulations for your new car mate. Don’t lose memory power in topic of key because your car is nothing but a statue without key.

    196. I am tired of picking you after office so; I bought you a new car as a birthday gift honey. Congrats

    197. Congratulations for having brand new car mate. I will give you other feedback of your car right after I test it.

    198. Your brand new car gives a sign of relief. Congratulations and best wishes.

    Text Msg for Congratulations on Your New Car Images

    199. You won’t get rid of this brand new car because it matches what you thought and dreamed of. Congratulations.

    200. You should give your brand new car word “perfection” because everything seems to be just right. Congratulations

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