500 Congratulations Messages & Wishes For Your Wife On New Born Baby Boy With Images

    Your baby seems to be more than perfect, and she’s going to be our future model. Congratulation.

    Wow! Surprisingly, you both pre-planned the name and school for your new baby.

    Smile is charming and looks like she’s a beautiful white candle sweet cake. Best wishes for new parents and a lot of congratulations.

    With a lot of happy times, God will bless you and your newborn son. See you early and thank.

    Until your new baby comes in, it doesn’t seem complete and perfect family. Congratulations on becoming a mother.

    Best wishes to my life partner in this very younger stage to become a mom and dad. A load of congratulation.

    So far, whatever comes into your life, you both have a smile and just keep going forward. Be your new baby’s best parents.

    Let her sleep for some time because she’s tired of crying and I’ll come to see her smiling face after some time.

    Let’s have a party at your house tonight and I can see how you’re dreaming about the future of your baby boy’s life. Congratulations and be courageous.

    Don’t worry that your son will certainly join the army as you do, but from the very beginning you have to guide him. Congratulations on your new son, my family.

    Your daughter’s smile, eyes, and actions are as stunning as a magnate and desirable. Congratulations to become parents and enjoy the day.

    Now, after a long period, it feels like a family and I hope it will continue like this with a lot of beautiful time. Congratulations to all of you.

    Becoming a parent is one of somebody’s most amazing experiences ever. Congratulations on becoming a wife.

    Now after today if you’ve ever had the feeling of giving up on your career or life than just seeing your daughter’s eyes once you’re going to have a reason to live.

    Your son has unusual eyes throughout the world. Congratulations to all of you.


    Congratulations, I wish I could have the same as yours for a baby like cubs. You are blessed by God.

    Some parents are hoping for a child-like yours to be born. You’re lucky. Congratulations, congratulations.

    Congratulations message for your wife on new born baby boy

    Wife, congratulations. I’m in love with the newborn child.

    Congratulations on becoming a beautiful fairy’s parents. It’s all adorable about her.

    Congratulations on motherhood. Do whatever happens to your little angel. Best wishes.

    Congratulations to all of you. When I saw your child’s face, I felt blessed. You are blessed by God.

    You eventually became a father after a long period of patience. Congratulations, it’s a great moment.

    Congratulations, congratulations. You’ve got a lovely little rose. I want to wish you a great life with your baby doll in this beautiful moment.


    I just want to thank you for making me today’s dad. Congratulations to be a dad. Your baby’s just as cute as a little animal.

    Congratulations on being a lovely baby’s family. Can love forever surround your little family? For the coming days, God bless you and the best of luck.

    Congratulations buddy. You now have a father’s obligation. All I want to see between a father and a daughter is love and affection. Best of luck.

    The baby has got all of the mamma’s cuteness and daddy’s awesomeness. I would like to congratulate both of us.

    Congratulations message for wife on new born baby boy in English

    Congratulations, congratulations. This new little being in your life will teach you a lot of things.

    Glow shows how happy you are today in your face. Your shine needs to be lightened and with your newborn baby, it is only possible. Congratulations, congratulations.

    I can’t wait to play with the family’s new kid. Congratulations.

    Congratulations on your extraordinary kid have a precious ride. Good luck

    A baby is a wonderful blessing to fill your heart’s lane and congratulations on becoming a mother.

    As a fortune-teller, I can say that throughout your life this little one will play an important role, and I hope you will always find a way too proud him. Congratulations It may be a simple child for others, but I know that for both of you it means the whole world. May this New Year in your hand-carry all the joy?

    Wait a bit when your baby starts walking after catching your finger, you’re going to feel the source of happiness.

    I’m very curious to see your child growing up in a cool family environment. Congratulations on fatherhood.

    It is a mysterious phenomenon that new light source came in your community after a long period of time, replacing all of your darkness.

    As he gets younger, just show him all of our family’s tradition and history so he can pass it on for the next generation.

    Okay, don’t ever worry about divorce after your first child. He wants you both just as well as congratulations.

    Instead of locking your child in a dark room. Only take a walk for a healthy body in the evening.

    You’ve just brought an expensive wine to enjoy the moment and hope that you can satisfy your daughter’s wishes.

    Congratulations, my mad wife is now a mother, I can’t believe. God bless you and your two lots of love for your son.

    Congratulations to be my mate’s dad. In the near future, I wish your newborn baby a prefectural son.

    After a long time, joy and the happy environment have been created with the arrival of your new baby. Congratulations.

    Wife, congratulations. Now, in this beautiful ceremony, I want a great celebration. So for this lifetime, I can recall. Love your newborn child and look after your wife.

    It only remains this special moment for a short time, but your child will be with you forever. Congratulations.

    Congratulations message for your wife on new born baby boy

    Yeah, the entrance to beautiful wonderland is her face. I get lost every time I see her. Congratulations to become the father of the world’s sweetest child.

    Wife, congratulations. It seems we’re getting together for a big party this afternoon. We’re going to talk about your son.

    Your child’s bond is intangible and unbreakable. So, show him the optimistic path that leads to success. Congratulations to be a parent and to stay blessed.

    I am very grateful to both of you that you allowed me to take in my arm a beautiful angel. Best of luck to the whole family and good wishes for your parenthood.

    When she begins to cry, you both know the real pressure, but all her hugs and smiling expressions give you the reason for handling the pressure. Congratulations on becoming and keeping her satisfied as a mother.

    Instead of a bike, you need to buy a car because there will be another new member from now on. Congratulations to become a parent and never make the relationship unbalanced.

    Congratulations message for wife on new born baby boy in English

    If she’s grown up like this culture, she’ll learn to respect everyone and her parents in particular. Best wishes for the little one and much congratulations.

    Congratulations to my dearest wife to become a mother and father. Finally, all your pain of nine months turns into the greatest treasure.

    I’m so proud to know you’ve entered the parenthood zone. Stop playing with other children now. You’ve got your kid. Congratulations on becoming a mother.

    Your unborn child is going to test your intelligence, your feelings, and your obligation. So, brace yourself for that. Congratulations on your life’s best day.

    Spend every minute with your new child from now on because she needs parents like you to love her. Will your child give you both happy days? Congratulations on becoming the best wishes of parents in the future.

    What a great day! I keep my passion. Thanks so much for that and best of luck ahead with your newborn baby, you both cared about my expectation. Fellowship God bless you both.

    Congratulations on becoming a guardian. Your newborn baby is lucky to have a parent like you because in your family there is no limit to love. Love each other and the newborn child. Good luck.

    May this newborn star help you as a good father to reflect my prestige throughout society? You are blessed by God.

    I want to wish the evergreen couple a beautiful life ahead with a newborn baby on this glorious day. May this new cute little doll attract your family’s luck and love. You will satisfy your new child’s dream shortly. Congratulations and good luck to my love for the future.

    It’s amazing news, and here I can’t hold back. All the love, happiness, joy and blessing will come to you. Plenty of congratulations to our new family.

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