500 Congratulations Messages & Wishes For Your Wife On New Born Baby Boy With Images

    . On the day your baby boy landed safely in this country, I wish you all the happiness and warmest congratulations. God bless the birth of your beautiful baby boy.

    Beautiful couples now become fantastic parents. I am so proud of both of you. Congratulations, congratulations.

    Congratulations message for your wife on new born baby boy

    I’m sending lots of love to your child on this wonderful day that you can’t imagine. Congratulations on becoming a mother.

    May all the joy forever sustain you. Don’t hesitate to meet your newborn baby’s every desire. Congratulations, congratulations.

    Your wife’s short, but you’re tall. Welcome to your new baby boy.

    I was protecting your baby’s cuddle. Now, I’m coming for your newborn baby this week with a lot of cuddles. Congratulations on becoming a father.

    Today, after a long time, I’m about to see wonderful celebrations. Have you any idea what I’m supposed to wear on your baby ceremony? Honey, congratulations.

    Congratulations on getting twins. Now your life is going to be fun. With your two roses, live your happy life.

    Congratulations on fatherhood. Now you’re going to see this planet as a child’s brain. Because you know you’re a good father, you’re expected to be familiar with every child’s things.

    Congratulations on motherhood. I wish you and your baby good health and a good life on this happiest day. You’ve got to take her a long way.

    Congratulations to your newborn child. New life comes in aid of new strength and new thoughts. Good luck.

    Congratulations message for wife on new born baby boy in English

    I’m sure you’re out of your depression. This will be one of your life’s happiest days. So be happy and run with your child and go to sleep. Congratulations.

    If your newborn baby first acknowledges you and smiles, I know how you feel. You should be proud of yourself. Congratulations.

    Your child is going to be the only joy in life. All the best and congratulations. Congratulations to the new-born child. I hope father and baby are doing well and I’m looking forward to meeting you both.

    Thank you for having made me the world’s most beautiful granddaughter. Congratulations on becoming a father to my family.


    What a little lucky boy. You guys are the world’s lightest parents of hearts. Congratulations.

    Bringing a new world life refers to a mother’s magnificent moment. Congratulations on your lovely baby’s birth.

    After a long time, I opened my g mail and received this wonderful news. Wow, you’ve shocked me and I’m so happy to see you as Dad Congratulations.

    Congratulations on becoming my son’s guardian. Lots of blessings God bless your sweet family for my little child.

    May God bless and bring her amazing life ahead to your newborn daughter. Congratulations, congratulations.

    Your new baby’s happiness in your life means a lot to you. When you look at your adorable baby, forget your regrets. Congratulations.

    A newborn baby will give you and your wife a beautiful understanding and cooperation. Congratulations.

    After you’ve become my son’s mother, I can see a big excitement in your eyes. Welcome to your new child.


    Let’s have your little angel’s party in the title. Congratulations and a good day to come.

    You have proved not only to be a successful businessman but also to be a good father dude. Congratulations on this new one.

    A newborn baby is always close to your heart and you must handle it very smoothly. Congratulations to be parents.

    It’s normal for you to start crying after catching a son because I know how hard you’ve done to bring him into this world. Congratulations on motherhood.

    Lastly, god has to listen to your voice of the soul and give your arms honey a beautiful child. Congratulations, and keep yourself safe.

    I always think it was our childhood yesterday and you’ve been your new son’s brilliant dad today.

    Once your baby starts to listen and understand the word, I’m going to tell our child’s story hard. We’re going to meet early and complement.

    . You have also given birth to your child in this tough situation, and it reflects your determination. Congratulations and hope for the best of them!!

    You both look at young people who don’t believe you’ve got a child. Congratulations and be healthy!!

    From my hand it will be this time party and congratulations on great happiness.

    For both of you, I hope that you become a mother and do not put any tension in your relationship that could hamper your child’s future. Congratulations, congratulations!!

    She comes out as a fortune for you after a huge loss. Congratulations and keep her safe at all times. Why you’re so rushed so far, she wasn’t discharged by the doctor. Nonetheless, congratulations on becoming a family.

    In this amazing world, I warmly welcome my new cousin. After listening to new baby angle updates, I can’t hold back. Happy moment and congratulations to us.

    Don’t be lazy when you’re thinking about having a buddy with duty. Congratulations to become family.

    I’m curious to know where she’s going to speak first? Congratulations anyway, we will meet soon. Take a little rest and break for your family after particularly having a new one. Welcome, welcome!!

    Congratulations message for your wife on new born baby boy

    Time for us all to select a wonderful picture for beautiful memories. Congratulations and I need a big party, defiantly.

    He seems so happy after he was born recently that I think he might be involved in athletics. Congratulations to a very powerful boy.

    This is the best award to win the dilemma and challenges of the complex life. Best of luck and compliments to become parents.

    Congratulations to the cleverest person, in a few hours your greatest dream will come true and stay patient.

    What makes you happier than holding your son in his arms and looking directly at his eyes? Congratulation boo.

    I brought my mom and my sweet baby a beautiful and useful gift. Congratulations for allowing me to be a dad.

    At this very moment, I can’t express my emotions, but they’re streaming through my eyes. Congratulations to be the sweetest couple ever to become family.

    Oh! Look! Look! Her eyes, when he was a child, are the same as her father, and I warmly congratulate you both.

    Congratulations message for wife on new born baby boy in English

    As he grows younger he knows all your effort and love for him. Congratulations to the mate and time to celebrate.

    When I touch his nose, it feels so good and he smiles at me. God bless and be pleased with you. Congratulation honey.

    Our entire family is waiting for our grandson’s arrival in this house to smile. Congratulation honey.

    In the form of your new baby, this time god has sent an angel. Congratulations to be a mom.

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