500 Congratulation Messages Quotes, Wishes & Msg For New Born Baby in English

    Being a first-time parent is an amazing experience you will never forget. Enjoy every moment with your child and make him proud of you!

    May your babies grow up happy and be very blessed. You are a beautiful family and deserve good things like this to keep happening.

    Dear friends, congratulations on the birth of your first child! My heart celebrates with yours on this wonderful news.

    May this baby be most welcome to this world, certain that it will be much loved and cherished by everyone, not just dads.

    Enjoy every moment, my friends, for this is a magical moment, but it goes by very fast. Best wishes to the whole family, which has now increased with this little blessing that will surely bring much joy!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    The birth of your baby will be a unique and unrepeatable moment. So make the most of this special phase of your life that is sure to be richly blessed. Best wishes, future daddy.

    Get ready to wake up at dawn and fall asleep throughout the day. But be ready also to know a love greater than existence itself. Your baby will be the focus of your life.

    The birth of a baby is the way Mother Nature gives us another opportunity to Earth.

    Each baby is a unique miracle and impossible to repeat. I congratulate you on yours.

    This moment is to change your life completely… Enjoy the instant home as if it were unique!

    May the arrival of a new life transform your days with every passing minute.

    More beautiful than this baby only the joy on the face of this family. Congratulations and all the love in the world.

    Welcome, this newly born light. And to the guardians of this light, I wish Congratulations on the Baby!

    I can imagine the joy you are feeling at this unique moment in your life. Congratulations dear new parents.

    You are blessed because you are the hope of a new being having a chance to be with us to accomplish your mission on earth.


    Congratulation message for new born baby

    A spirit that will count on your guidance and your love, helping you on your way. But know that this is a wonderful and enriching task. Congratulations and be very happy!

    The arrival of a child always brings a lot of joy. May you be very happy in this new phase and may this baby be very healthy.

    Today is born another little angel who decided to inhabit the earth. And he arrived at a good time to bring joy, strength, unity, and light to you. May all blessings accompany you!

    Babies are born with eyes willing to see all the precious, embrace all the joyful and want without conditions with all their hearts.

    Congratulations on the arrival of the long-awaited little princess. I wish this beautiful girl grow up very healthy and it will surely give you many joys.

    I wish this beautiful boy grow up very healthy and it will surely give you many joys.

    May God bless the life of this boy who will grow with peace in his heart and become the best man in the world.

    How happy is the day we learn that a new life has come? May it be a strong, beautiful and wonderful child. We are honored and delighted to share this very special moment in your life.


    In our hearts and thoughts, there is only one request … That this new being comes as a ray of sunshine to give color and warmth to your life. Cheers to dads!

    A new baby is like a new beginning: hope, amazement, and dreams of all possibilities.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    Congratulations to the new parents! A new chapter has just started! Composed of tender moments, new experiences and new feelings. This chapter will be one of the most beautiful of your life! Enjoy every moment!

    Congratulations to both of you! Parenting is a rich experience, amazing and full of surprises! I wish you to keep every moment in your memories.

    Congratulations on this little being who has just been born. Take good care of your most precious property that will bring laughter, joy, and warmth into your home.

    This little one is lucky to have such kind and caring parents to look after him and his parents are lucky to have such a beautiful and adorable baby!

    The birth of a little being! There is no more beautiful news than that! I am very happy for you and especially congratulations to you both!

    Nice job mom and dad! He is magnificent! Congratulations!

    I think of you and all those beautiful feelings that you will discover for the first time. A new life begins with a lot of love and happiness to give.

    Babies are wonderful reminders of what’s important in life. That your little end brings you as much joy as you can imagine.

    I remember the first days with my baby and first smiles. These are precious memories. Enjoy your moments of happiness with your new little love. Congratulations!

    A baby is every day a new adventure! I wish you a life full of discoveries with your little angel!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    True happiness is in the serenity of a sleeping baby. Enjoy every little sigh!

    Enjoy every minute, it goes too fast. Enjoy every hour, it brings you so much joy. Enjoy every day, it always brings you experience.

    This baby will make your life a delight. Warm congratulations!

    Receive all our compliments for this beautiful baby! We can not wait to meet him. Kisses to all three.

    A little fairy has entered your home: take great care of it and she will make every day a wonder constantly renewed! Congratulations to your family!

    This little girl who has just been born is very lucky to have parents such as you: loving, caring and affectionate. Receive our sincere congratulations!

    You must be thrilled and proud to be the parents of such an adorable little girl. Accept our best wishes for this happy event!

    Life has given you a real treasure: this little concentrate of love and tenderness will brighten up your days with new and unforgettable emotions.

    Baby has finally arrived! This little boy is now part of your family; to see him grow and flourish will be for you. His parents, a source of wonder to no other comparable.

    It’s a boy? Warm congratulations! This little man who has just been born will make your experience, it is certain, the joys and the pride of being parents.

    We are excited to hear about the birth of your little boy. This little being came into the world so that your heart could overflow with love and affection.

    The wait is over and a new life has blossomed. Best wishes to the whole family !!!

    From your love a new life has blossomed, so many sincere wishes, you will be splendid parents.

    Babies born, new seeds to life, which must be planted in good soil so that they can make strong roots. Congratulations on the happy event!

    After nine months of expectation, the event was completed. A big hug from all of us.

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