500 Congratulation Messages Quotes, Wishes & Msg For New Born Baby in English

    Congratulations on the birth of your miracle, on the acquisition of a new meaning in life, and the birth of the world’s greatest joy.

    I wish you to raise and educate the baby in a happy family, where love and mutual understanding reign.

    I wish the child be always joyful and pride of the heart, hope, and joy of the soul.

    Let your sun illuminate the world of the whole family with love. Let the baby grow up a smart, inquisitive, happy little human being. I wish your family well-being and good luck to your child.

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    Now in your world, there is a bright spark of eternal love – your child. May his angel keep the baby from birth and throughout the long and happy life, and good luck helps in everything.

    The whole family was waiting for its miracle and now it happened. Congratulations on the birth of your little crumb.

    I wish your child happiness and joy, health and strong strength, unbridled infancy and happy childhood.

    May every day give smiles to your baby and a celebration to your family. May your child grow inquisitive, active, amazing child!

    Congratulations to happy parents and all family members with a newborn baby! We wish the extended family to be overwhelmed with coziness, fun, pleasant chores and children’s laughter.

    Stay healthy, stand firm on your feet, easily endure all age-related features and just always stay happy together!

    Congratulations on your happiness. Thank heaven and the stork for such a gift. After all, it’s immeasurable happiness in any way, to watch your baby open his sleepy eyes in the morning. Pull his little puffy hands towards you and smile at you with his toothless smile.

    We congratulate you on your newborn and wish you only health and happiness and all the best.

    Let the baby always grow in an atmosphere of harmony and understanding, always feels necessary and loved.

    You can’t even believe that this touching moment has finally come and your little angel was born! I would like to wish the baby good health, more parental love, and affection.

    Congratulations on the most wonderful and very welcome event – the birth of a child! Let the newborn from the first breath be shrouded in warmth, parental love, and tenderness of hearts.


    A great miracle and boundless joy are now with you! Be a happy and strong family!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    May the parents be able to present a magical world of love and happiness for their child. May the child become the greatest joy and pride of your whole life.

    I wish with all my heart for you to love your child and be able to give him a fairy tale of life. I wish good health to the baby and happy days of joy to the whole family.

    Having a baby is always great happiness! Congratulations to the new parents on this magical moment. I wish your family always had everything for a good and full life.

    Be healthy, love each other, catch every new moment of a growing child and be happy!

    On the most joyful day in your life, I wish you to raise a strong, healthy and infinitely happy child. May it always be surrounded by an endless sea of ​​love.

    May God always bless your newborn. May his life journey be long and happy. I wish you that your baby always only pleases you.

    I wish that the happiness that came to your home will fill it with joy, attention, care, health, tenderness, dreams of the future and love.


    Catch every moment of this happy time. Let the smile and look of the baby please you and make your life full!

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    I wish good health to both the parents and the baby. I wish you always had the opportunity to give your “gold” laughter, joy, happiness and your love. Be active and wonderful parents of a cheerful and inquisitive child!

    Let your sweet miracle fun in the daytime, and gently sniff at night on the pillow. May it not be disturbed by crumbly pictures and sad emotions. May your beloved child give strength, confidence, inspiration, and desire to the whole family.

    May there always be harmony and grace in your house. So that your child grows in love, joy and surrounded by native smiles.

    With the birth of happiness, with the birth of a miracle, with the birth of the most precious thing in the world. Let the baby grow and enjoy life, may the world be kind and smiling to your child.

    I wish the family to live in prosperity and love, I wish the child to grow up in a constant environment of attention and care.

    I wish you to make up your dreams every day and, together with your little one, fly towards miracles.

    I heartily congratulate you on this joyful event. Now the family has a ray of happiness and fun and lets this ray shine brighter and brighter every day.

    I wish the baby strength and health, I wish that the baby from the first day of life with great interest know the world. I wish that your family not know sorrow and live only good, beautiful moments.

    May the fate of well-being be destined for your child, may the angel guide him in the way of good and joy. I wish you family idyll and incredible happiness in your parental heart.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    I wish your child to grow and develop, smile more often and enjoy life. And let the parents always be the support for their child.

    Let the dad be the minister of finance, culture, and sports in your family. Mom is the minister of education and health. And let your child be a happy person, for whose benefit the ministers will try.

    The birth of a child is truly a miracle, and I heartily congratulate you on this wonderful event. I wish you a complete set of happiness.

    I wish you to always remain a strong and friendly family in which parents will be the bright sun of love. And their crumbs will be a bright ray of joy.

    May a new light of love and joy be lit in your life now. May your child give an eternal reason for happiness.

    I wish your family comfort and prosperity, I wish you to raise and educate a wonderful person in your child. And let this little man be happy without fail.

    Let your child have great events, great achievements, incredible successes. And true victories that will become the pride and joy of your heart.

    I wish the child to grow up in a friendly family and a good world. Health and all the best to the baby and parents!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    I wish your miracle merry infancy without tears and moods. A happy childhood without grief and sadness, the most wonderful and joyful life.

    Let parents always have enough strength, patience, inspiration, love, warmth, and affection for their child. May everything in your family be alright and healthy.

    Let the baby illuminate the house with his smile, let the child be strong and healthy. Let for your miracle fate draws happiness and good fortune.

    I wish you well-being and harmony in the family, immeasurable love and tenderness for your beloved child.

    Congratulations to the newly born parents with their newborn! We wish you unquenchable happiness in an extended family.

    May you have understanding and patience, health and joy, love and spiritual generosity for tenderness, awe, and attention. Grow active and positive!

    I wish that now life has become brighter and more fun. Let your child grow and know the world with great interest.

    May your child be the greatest joy of the soul and the most important happiness of the heart.

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    Let your miracle make you happy every day, and let the fun and funny laughs come to your house every day.

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