500 Congratulation Messages Quotes, Wishes & Msg For New Born Baby in English

    A great event, the beginning of a new life, congratulations on the birth of the long-awaited happiness.

    From the first day, may the child fill your life with joy and incredible feelings of happiness.

    We wish you to bring up the most intelligent, kind, wonderful human being who will become the pride of his mother and father.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    Young mom and dad, that’s the main and long-awaited miracle happened – you received your gift from God. We congratulate you with great joy.

    From now on your family has become larger, stronger and happier. Take care of the baby, your particle lives in it.

    Congratulations on the birth of a small weight, but a huge weight of happiness. I wish you’re a miracle of health and beauty, I wish you strong strength and prosperity.

    Now life has gained real meaning and incredible joy, now the family has an important person and a beloved baby for everyone. Congratulations.

    I congratulate you with all my heart on the birth of your happiness, with the wonderful result of sincere and strong love, with the birth of a wonderful child.

    I wish you good surprise and admiration for the achievements of the baby, a good mood for the whole family and, of course, well-being.

    Our beloved, now also parents! Congratulations on the birth of happiness! May there always be a peaceful sky above your baby’s head, delicious milk, good nights, happy days and fearless first steps!

    Congratulations to a wonderful family on the birth of a child. With all my heart I want to wish health and good to your home, good luck and success in any undertakings of your baby.

    Let the little angel expect only sunny days, excellent health, an easy, beautiful and happy life. Surround your child with care and love. Congratulations!

    I wish that starting from this day, your home will always be full of joy, fun, smiles, warmth, affection, love. That all sorts of troubles and bad weather will never find a way to your housing.

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    Let the child be protected by an invisible guardian – a faithful and caring angel. I wish that from now on your life will be much better and more beautiful.

    What joy came into your family! The appearance of a child is the most beautiful thing that can only be. A happy journey of Parenthood.


    We wish the baby good health and may his guardian angel protect and go with him all his life. And we wish parents great patience, strength, and wisdom to raise a great child.

    Congratulations on your newborn! I wish the little girl good health, unwritten beauty, a great mind, and extraordinary happiness.

    Huge worldwide happiness has visited your family! You have become parents! With the advent of this little miracle, may your house be filled with the trampling of small legs, sonorous cheerful laughter, care? And awe for each other in a grown family.

    I wish health to both parents and the child. Goodnights and good days from year to year! Happiness to your home!

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    There is no happiness more than having a baby! I wish you to be proud of him and invest in him all the best that is in the world.

    Let your new joy grow bold and fair, become a reliable support for you and will be able to find the right path in life.

    Let your new angel meet only good people. I wish you strength, patience, and wisdom to bring up a worthy son.

    I wish your newly made ray of happiness less pain and delight others.


    A wonderful event, an important joy, congratulations on the birth of a wonderful child. The appearance of a new family member is a new life, bright happiness, great love, and a bright soul.

    Let the baby have a happy fate and good luck, let it laugh out loud and not cry from anxiety. Let the child’s path be kind and bright, let the baby go through life with love and a cherished dream.

    Here it happened a miracle, congratulations on the birth of your happiness, on the birth of your wonderful baby.

    Congratulations on the birth of a wonderful miracle, on the birth of your joy. I wish the baby to live in a peaceful sky, not to know neither grief nor losses.

    Let the baby grow surrounded by love and understanding, care and attention. Let your family be strong and healthy, incredibly happy and cheerful.

    You have recently had a charming little peanut. So let this date become a kind of celebration of your love for you.

    Let your new bundle of joy never get sick, grow by the day, and by the clock. And after a couple of years will begin to please by his achievements. Let the baby have a destiny and a happy life.

    My dear new parents! I congratulate you on the birth of little man on planet Earth! Let a man smile in the eyes of loving dad and mom, grandparents! Happy Parenthood.

    An angel was born in your family, congratulations on his birth! This is a great joy for parents and relatives. May your happiness grow healthy, smart and beautiful.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    Small hands, tiny legs, Happiness was born on a beautiful day! I wish good health to your baby, Let a cute angel grow happy!

    May joyful eyes always shine, May a smile blossom on a clear face! Let life be a bright, very kind fairy tale. Let the light always live in a small heart!

    We congratulate mom and dad! The long road is waiting for you! You gave life to a baby! May the Lord protect you!

    Today there are three of you – this is happiness, and great. On the wings of love, a stork brought from heaven grew a precious package from mutual, passionate love. Take care of the baby, your soul lives in it. For a child, for a family and for those whom I love!

    Dear friends! More recently, you were just a husband and wife, and now you have become mom and dad. Congratulations on this wonderful event and wish your son to grow up healthy and happy!

    Your new life begins because now you have to bring up a little one. We wish you to educate him the most intelligent, most courageous, kind and courageous!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    Congratulations on the birth of a boy! We wish the baby to grow up as a real man, like his father. Let it grow healthy, strong, active, successful and smart. And to parents – happiness and patience!

    Congratulations on the birth of the firstborn! Let your young family fully experience this joy!

    We wish that your happiness is not overshadowed by problems, that the baby grows up healthy, smart, obedient. And quickly learns to hold a golden spoon in his hands! May your days and good nights be troublesome!

    Congratulations on the birth of a child and with all our hearts we wish only the best to you and your baby!

    A wonderful baby has now appeared in this world thanks to your family! Congratulations on its appearance! Now your life will change, but only for the better!

    We wish you an interesting and eventful new life with your baby. Only pleasant excitement, a successful solution to all the problems of growing up and upbringing!

    Congratulations on such a long-awaited and such a significant event in your life as the birth of a child. I want to wish the happy parents of the baby universal patience, calmness and wisdom.

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    Let the life of young parents be filled exclusively with rainbow emotions.

    I congratulate you, happy birthday son! At this sunny moment, on this festive day, we wish you to be healthy, strong, grow and gain strength!

    Congratulations on the emergence of another full, or rather the most important member of the family – you’re firstborn! This kid is just a ray of happiness and a bundle of joy!

    May in this new phase all problems and difficulties become love, may this little life bring all that is best for your life.

    May you arrive full of health and surrounded by love on all sides. May many blessings be poured into the life of this family, and no kisses or hugs never miss!

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