500 Congratulation Messages Quotes, Wishes & Msg For New Born Baby in English

    Life is an eternal discovery, and it is about to begin. And I hope to always be around to assist you with every step of this intense learning. Congratulations on the birth of the baby!

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby, my dear friend! My heart is filled with joy for you and with you at the beginning of your new stage.

    You will be a wonderful mother, just as you have always been an amazing friend. I wish you all the best for your life and your baby. Much love, peace, and health!

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    I am very happy to see that everyone has received this wonderful blessing. Congratulations and the child has a very smiling future!

    You are such a wonderful couple and this baby will be very lucky to be caring for such loving parents. May he learn from your example as a person and grow with all the values ​​you will teach him. May he be very happy and his family very blessed!

    Today I am pride and vanity. The happiest aunt this world has ever known. You were born, my beautiful niece, the best gift I could ever have.

    The miracle of birth is a unique treasure for a woman. Best wishes and enjoy it! A newborn baby fills a void that his mother didn’t know existed in her heart.

    There is no more wonderful time than this, so enjoy this beautiful event. Celebrate and thank that this angel sent from God arrived in good health. Best wishes to all, and may this joy last a lifetime!

    The birth of a baby is a unique moment of joy. It is a new life that comes to bringing hope and endless love. But when the gift is double, happiness multiplies. Congratulations on the birth of twin babies!

    Responsibility and care will be doubled, but also laughter, jokes, dreams, satisfaction, and joy will be two times. You have been blessed with two treasures at once, enjoy every moment and be all very happy!

    May the joys of this baby multiply by the number of days ahead. Enjoy every moment lived by his side because it is the moments we spend with those we love that give color to our days.

    A child is a godsend that illuminates the life of any couple. I wish this baby has a very happy future and grow up with all the love of his wonderful parents!

    I want to congratulate the happiest family at the moment. The birth of a baby is an indescribable blessing and you should enjoy this unique and special occasion.

    Your life now begins with the birth of your first baby. Congratulations daddy!

    May life be sweet to you with every step you take. May God bless you with health, peace, and love, and may the mark you leave in the world always be positive.


    I was happy, my dear, but now I have known the greatest degree of happiness: this newborn baby! We are parents, my love! What a joy.

    Congratulations, my friend! Now you are even more complete, everything is even stronger and your heart lives even more in love. I am very happy for the birth of your baby!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    I can’t imagine the happiness you are feeling; I guess you’ve never felt this fulfilled. But you deserve it, deserve it and more. I love you, friend! Enjoy your new life!

    Congratulations, my friend! I am deeply happy with the birth, however premature, of your beautiful baby! I would love to see this baby grow up, to take her on my lap and fill with a kiss.

    Today the world has gained one more angel! Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

    I want to congratulate you on the precious treasure you brought to the world! The happiness you are feeling is also felt by me and all the people who love you well. I wish the greatest blessings to this wonderful child now with you.

    Thank you, beautiful baby, for coming to enrich our lives! I hope that life will always be favorable to you. That the world will reserve wonderful things for you, and that happiness will never leave your heart.

    The world awaits you, just as your parents, your family members, eagerly await your arrival, your birth. Welcome to the world, a little sapling of love and glory!


    Best wishes, my friend, to you and every family that has now gained a new element, which is a blessing from heaven!

    May this baby fill you with pride, because I do not doubt that the love and affection he will always have!

    God blessed us with the arrival of this light-filled child, capable of illuminating the lives of all around us.

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    Congratulations on your baby’s arrival! I want strength and peace to meet the challenge of being a mother with great serenity. Best wishes to you and this new life that has come into the world!

    Today you have met the greatest love in the world, the one that nothing and no one will ever surpass: the love for your baby.

    You will be a fantastic, modern and present parent! Being a parent for the first time may scare you at first, but soon the spell comes true. Enjoy! Congratulations!

    Dear friends, congratulations on the birth of your first child! My heart celebrates with yours this wonderful news.

    May this baby be most welcome to this world, certain that it will be much loved and cherished by everyone, not just dads.

    Enjoy every moment, my friends, for this is a magical moment, but it goes by very fast. Best wishes to the whole family, which has now increased with this little blessing that will surely bring much joy!

    Congratulations on the arrival of the baby. I wish this beautiful little boy will fill your life and your family’s life with joy, love, serenity, and unity.

    When angels choose to populate the earth, it is not only joy that fills our hearts, but also love, hope, and serenity. Congratulations on the baby’s arrival and may this blessing of God be prosperous and happy.

    Today, with the arrival of this most beautiful baby in the world, I can imagine the joy you are feeling. Congratulations on this very special gift!

    May this moment be eternal and may the love that made you a father be lasting and rewarding. Congratulations on this beautiful boy!

    May the joy of this moment always is constant in your home. Congratulations on realizing today the great dream of your life: to be a mother. Your baby is beautiful, graceful and very special.

    May all the stars in the sky illuminate your baby’s life here on earth. Congratulations on the arrival of this enlightened angel.

    May this little ray of sunshine that has just pointed to the horizon of your life bring you much love, health, prosperity, and happiness.

    May the birth of this little being, but so full of light and gift, bring your family much unity and joy. Congratulations on this bright and warm sunshine!

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    Dear Dad and Mom, congratulations on the baby. May he have much health, joy, and prosperity!

    Congratulations on the baby. May God bless, protect and illuminate your family more and more.

    Each child born represents a star that ceases to shine in the sky to shine now on earth. Congratulations on this precious star that has just been born!

    Congratulations on the arrival of this enlightened child.

    May your baby’s arrival transform your life even more. Congratulations.

    Best wishes for the gift that Heavenly Father gave you with such love: this beautiful and blessed little princess!

    How can such a small baby cause us such joy? Congratulations on this great and special moment!

    Dad, congratulations on this beautiful baby boy just born. Lucky for him to have a beautiful and special dad like you.

    Your dream of being a mother has just been consecrated in this little being that has just been born. Congratulations.

    Congratulations on another beautiful chapter in your story and this baby who has come to bless your life!

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