500 Congratulation Messages Quotes, Wishes & Msg For New Born Baby in English

    In such a short time this baby has transformed the lives of everyone around him for the better. Congratulations on this miracle of God!

    More beautiful than this baby only the joy on the face of this family. Congratulations and all the love in the world!

    A family that was already beautiful just got even more beautiful! Congratulations on the baby and may God be with you always!

    With the arrival of this child, your life has just gained a new meaning! Congratulations on the baby and best wishes to the family.

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    The happiness I see on their faces is proof that this child has already changed their lives for the better. Congratulations on this amazing baby!

    Just look at your face to realize that this baby has already changed your life for the better! Congratulations on the beautiful family!

    As soon as you were born I was reborn and realized that our love will be a strong bond for life.

    This beautiful baby has just arrived in the world and has changed everything for the better.

    You came turning my life upside down, but the payoff is incredible. I love you, my baby!

    I promise that every day I will look out for you, take care of your heart and guide your steps to happiness. I love my baby!

    You were born to the world and I was reborn to live. I love you, my beloved baby and daughter!

    Congratulations on the birth of this beautiful and blessed baby. May you always be happy and bestowed with much love!

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    A quick and blessed birth and a long and happy life are what I wish this baby. Congratulations!

    Not only was a baby born, but a beautiful family was also reborn and all of you are to be congratulated!

    Eternal love has been born, the miracle of life has happened and you deserve to enjoy this beautiful family moment. Congratulations on the baby!


    It is said that the arrival of a baby turns our lives upside down, but in my case, this angel has put everything in its place.

    What a beautiful baby that has just come into the world! Congratulations to the dads who designed the most perfect project of their lives!

    May the Good God give health to the little stranger and you and your family so that he may be raised in love and happiness.

    Congratulations on your baby! I wish happiness to your newly created family, protect it. And let communication with each other bring you only happiness and joy!

    Congratulations on the birth of your child, the best and most joyful day of your life! Let everything work in your baby’s life. Illnesses, misfortunes, and failures will not be his knowledge. And happiness, success, and love will be his faithful companions throughout life!

    Congratulations on the miracle of life: the birth of your daughter! We wish you the blankets of tenderness, warm pillows, nursing cribs, a home of happiness and peace!

    With the baby is the beginning of happiness, but also the hard start for parents! I wish you all the hard work and happiness!

    A little angel is sent to fill your lives and home with just beautiful moments blessed with happiness.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby


    The most beautiful day of every man is the birth of his child. In keeping with that day, our family wishes you the best of luck in the life of you and your baby.

    The decision to have a baby is extremely important. This means that your heart will forever step outside your own body. May the dreams of all little ones be fearless!

    Congratulations on this treasure that you have the honor of holding in your arms today and love more than yourself. Today you will realize that there are even greater love and happiness than the one you have had so far.

    Welcome to the world, lovely little girl. May God bless you and your parents and let your life fill you with joyful moments.

    Congratulations! A new life has emerged as the fruit of your love.

    Congratulations on your baby’s birth. We wish you all the happiness, health and everything else that life has to offer to you from the heart.

    As of today, you are no longer alone, nothing is like before, as of today, one little star loves to warm you.

    May your home be filled with happiness, laughter, and love. We wish you much joy with your new family member!

    Sincere congratulations and best wishes on the birth of the most beautiful baby! We want her to be smart than mom and beautiful than dad! A mistake, nice on mom, and smart on dad. Oh, make her smarter and prettier than Mom and Dad!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    Welcome to the world little angel. You have brought tremendous blessing and love to this home. Sincere congratulations to your parents!

    Baby life begins as a blank piece of paper on which everyone puts their notes. Make an effort in his life to write down all the virtues of this world, give him love and make him happy every day. Congratulations!

    A little angel has been sent to you to round up your love. Happy Birthday to Your Baby!

    Sincere congratulations on your love for bringing the little angel into the world!

    You have decided to become parents and thus have enriched the world with another wonderful being.

    As of today, nothing is as it used to be, because a small sun is warming our hearts.

    Tell the baby that I want him to be happy every day of his life. And at night let only his beautiful dreams fly. May he be healthy, smart, beautiful and happy and may God keep him safe.

    Consider that there are a few days that can be compared to this in terms of joy. Your life today made sense through the little angel that extended your family.

    Congratulations on this most wonderful event of your life. Know that today you have received the greatest treasure a man can desire.

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    I want your life to be a dream, to be happy every day, to never be touched by sorrows. Never to stumble over your worries, to have your path to the stars clean, only to be your best destination. Be nice and always as sweet as no baby has been before.

    You have received the most wonderful gift from God, let this little being grow up in your love.

    May this day be remembered for the rest of your life. Your little girl came into the world, give her love, make her happy every day.

    Today your home is filled with a special touch, we wish you much joy and pleasure in the new life of your Parenthood.

    Congratulations on the birth of your newborn. May this day change your life for the better and bring you much pleasure. Good luck !!!

    The baby is a fruit of the heart and one of the fragrant paradise flowers. Enjoy watching your little bud grow into the most beautiful flower.

    May this day prove that you will be happy every year and that day will bring you much love and pleasure.

    The baby is the most beautiful gift from God. Let your little girl strengthen and be happy with you.

    An unexpected blessing is always the best gift! Congratulations on the birth of your baby and I wish you had many more.

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