500 Congratulation Messages Quotes, Wishes & Msg For New Born Baby in English

    We wish you all the best in this new, exciting phase of your baby’s life.

    Keep your children alive, strong and healthy, and have their lives filled with the most wonderful moments. We wish their parents the same.

    May your home be filled with happiness, laughter, and love. We wish you much joy with the new most important member of your family!

    Congratulations on giving birth to a child, with nothing comparable to the pleasure, love, and enjoyment that a child will bring to your life. Be blessed.

    With the arrival of your new angel, a huge blessing and love into your life. May God bless your family with fun and peaceful times.

    The storks come only to those houses that are filled with love. So now you know why you were chosen. Congratulations to my proud parents.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    I’m happy that the annoying corner in your room will soon see a lot of colors and cheer. I wish you lots of fun and enjoyment of your new family member.

    I want your baby to know that she is happy because she has the best aunt in the world, me. Hello baby, see you soon, gifts are coming!

    Now you will realize how much trouble you brought into our lives when you were born! Joke aside, we are the proudest grandparents in the world!

    Babies are a lot of fun, get ready for a lot of noise, laughter, and cheer. Enjoy!

    Congratulations! We have heard that the boy is healthy and cheerful, and we want him to stay that way for at least 100 years. We believe he will be nice and smart, like his parents!

    A child means, neither much nor little, it means everything.

    Babies are like a dream and a bird’s wing, they are like the first daisies white.

    Congratulations on this treasure that you have the honor of holding in your arms today and love more than yourself. Today you will realize that there are an even stronger love and happiness than the one you have had so far.

    Just to say hello to a new family member. He got the best parents in the world.


    I’m sure your child will be wonderful because so are his parents. I wish you all the best of luck in life and as much laughter in the house as possible.

    Congratulations on the good news in your family. We want the child to bring even more love and joy into your lives.

    The baby gives us back the world we lost – a world of miracles. The freshness of the flower. The crackling of the fire. The newly created. Miracle. We look at them with their innocent eyes. And children’s joy becomes ours.

    The little angel was sent to fill your lives and home with only the beautiful moments blessed by her existence.

    Your life has just gained more life and your smile, more joy. Congratulations on your baby’s arrival!

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    Such a tiny baby and already the most photogenic member of the family! How sweet!

    Another angel comes into this world to beautify and make it more colorful. Congratulations on the baby!

    The brightness that a baby brings in the eyes can illuminate the whole world!


    The house looks more alive, the hearts have received more light, and the family is more beautiful than ever. Congratulations on the baby!

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    I don’t know if you have any more resemblance to Daddy or like Mommy. What I am sure of is that it is the most beautiful baby in the universe.

    What a magical moment this is for your baby’s arrival. I wish love, joy, and peace in this new phase.

    May your baby’s arrival bring even more love and peace to this beautiful family. Congratulations!

    God has blessed your life with the greatest gift anyone can receive. Congratulations on the baby!

    Happiness is double and love will be infinite. Congratulations to the twins and God bless your family so much!

    We look forward to welcoming you to the birth of your cute princess. May the happiness of the world be granted to her forever.

    A piece of mom, a piece of dad and a lot of miracles!

    Offspring belongs to the world like the stars to heaven.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    Your child has not only seen the light of day -it is the light of the world.

    Hereby we would like to congratulate the birth of your daughter. I hope you celebrate neatly the arrival of your little princess because we are very happy for you!

    Welcome, nice little girl. With your big eyes, you have seen the new world and have already made great plans. I’m sure to meet you again sometime as President or Queen. Until then my best wishes.

    You can laugh with a little daughter. I wish you a bag full of great things!

    Funny that in such a short time of 9 months, such a beautiful little girl is born. I’d like to welcome you here and I’m sure you’ll make Mom and Dad very happy.

    I am almost sure that this little model will turn everyone’s head in a few years. Until then, she can enjoy childhood together with mum and dad. I congratulate you warmly.

    With great joy, we have heard the news of the birth of your little daughter. We congratulate you and wish your little family all the best.

    The most heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your daughter! You will pamper her and pave her way to a happy future.

    Your girl has just come into the world right now. We congratulate you on such timing and wish you all the best for the future!

    Congratulations on the birth of your princess and a cozy get-together with your little daughter! We are very happy for you!

    A girl – how beautiful! We congratulate you on the heart to the birth of your daughter and are already looking forward to getting to know each other.

    Finally, mom got female reinforcement! We congratulate you on the birth of your daughter and look forward to seeing the little one.

    All the best for the birth of your daughter! As charming as she is already, she will surely soon turn the head of men.

    Your little prince sweetheart should live high! Good luck for the future, which should always prepare only with roses bedded paths.

    Your daughter is welcome to our world! She should never miss something and she should not lack anything.

    Finally, your dream has come true, even if the little one sometimes roars. Soon, children’s feet will run through your home, this cute boy you have to buy all the toys in the world!

    A childhood full of love is a life of happiness – you are the best parent a child can wish for. All love from me for you.

    Congratulations on the birth of the young man! He is born in a good time and has the best conditions for a good future.

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