500 Congratulation Messages Quotes, Wishes & Msg For New Born Baby in English

    We wish your baby health, much strength, and luck in his journey through life, and we wish you to have a lot of love and fulfillment!

    God takes care of both the little bumblebee that came into the family and the whole family. I wish you much health and good luck in life especially the little one and last but not least, the family!

    Everything that the earth has is beautiful. The rainbow, the rain of stars, the dew of the morning, the snowflakes but the most beautiful is the smile of a child. Congratulations!

    Every time a baby is born, God smiles, angels dance with joy, and a new star of hope lights up in the sky. Enjoy this magical moment!

    May God give you a rainbow for every storm, a smile for every tear and a solution for every difficult situation in life! Congratulations!

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    May the baby be blessed, and her life path is sprinkled with flowers only! We welcome the arrival of the newborn in the world with much love!

    This child is yours! May this moment be blessed and this child be healthy and have only part of what is best!

    I wish the baby a smooth life, without any worries, with thousands of achievements. To be always protected, guided and loved by his parents and everyone who knows him!

    May the joy of this moment always is constant in your home. Congratulations on realizing today the great dream of your life: to be a mother. Your baby is beautiful, graceful and very special Best wishes always!

    It’s amazing how such a small being makes us so, without words to describe its importance in our lives! Congratulations on the beautiful baby.

    The arrival of a baby is a divine blessing, life perpetuating itself and continuing its course. May this child strengthen the couple’s bonds of love and that the family is always united and with a home full of love.

    May the life of this coming little being be full of good things, may the love and dedication of parents make him a happy person.

    May the arrival of the baby strengthen all family ties, bless the home, and brighten the life of parents.

    Congratulation message for new born baby

    New plans, new moments: the baby has arrived. Everything is new, including feelings that parents never thought they would feel. And we wish the couple the best of luck, that the baby arrives full of health and completes the happiness of the family.

    The baby has arrived! What a joy! Blessed is this home that has received an angel to love and to prepare for life.


    You deserve this blessing, for happiness to invade your hearts and your home. Congratulations to dads!

    Now another warrior is born into this big world, he will grow strong and healthy. He will have a bright future as he watches his bald father grow brighter each year and his more neurotic mother as well.

    Now begins a new life, with a feeling of affection and unity, which only such a desired baby could bring.

    A baby is born with the need to be dear. And never miss this need. I will be among the many who will make your new baby among the most beloved beings on our planet.

    Babies are born with eyes willing to see all the precious, embrace all the joyful and want without conditions with all their hearts.

    The miracle of birth is a unique treasure for a woman. Cheers, and enjoy it.

    A newborn baby fills a hollow that its mother never knew existed in her heart.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    What a joy so great is the birth of a baby; Congratulations! I can imagine how much happiness lives in their hearts, proud dads.


    Now begins a new and extraordinary stage for all of you, and I want you to be filled with many joys and illuminated by the light of love and hope.

    Get ready to see your world turn upside down and live the most beautiful moments of your life. Having a child is a lifelong mission. And it’s the bravest choice anyone can make. Congratulations!

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby, my dear friend! My heart is filled with joy for you and with you at the beginning of your new stage.

    You will be a wonderful mother, just as you have always been an amazing friend. I wish you all the best for your life and your baby. Much love, peace, and health.

    Congratulation quotes for new born baby

    May life be sweet to you with every step you take. May God bless you with health, peace, and love, and may the mark you leave in the world always be positive.

    My dear friend, I do not know how to express in words the joy I feel today as I congratulate you on the birth of your baby. Congratulations!

    How happy, friend, to know that everything went well and that you are in perfect health. And happiness is everything I wish you all and in particular you, the latest and most beautiful mom in the world!

    Congratulations, friend! The time has come to discover the purest beauty in the world – your newborn baby. You are a very special mom!

    I’m sure this baby will grow up with all the core values ​​to be and make all people happy throughout their long and bright life. I’m very happy for you! Enjoy; enjoy every moment. You deserve!

    What a joy, friend! Time went by pretty fast, and those nine months certainly felt like days. The long-awaited moment came and the world saw the birth of another precious life.

    Few words can describe the pride I am feeling. You will be a wonderful mother, always ready to give love and affection at all times.

    May this baby be richly blessed and also have great happiness!

    You are the baby who came to give grace and life to the whole family. Be very welcome! May your entire life course be unforgettable.

    I am very happy to see that everyone has received this wonderful blessing. Congratulations and the child has a very smiling future!

    Now you are even more complete, everything is even stronger and your heart lives even more in love. I am very happy for the birth of your baby! And I wish your home becomes even more exciting.

    How to give congratulation for new born baby

    I can’t imagine the happiness you are feeling; I guess you’ve never felt this fulfilled. But you deserve it, Enjoy your new life!

    Your baby has decided to show itself to the world sooner, friend! Congratulations! Do not worry about the dangers of being premature as you are blessed. Everything will go peacefully!

    The world awaits you, just as your parents, your family members, eagerly await your arrival, your birth. Welcome to the world, the little sapling of love and glory!

    You who are the fruit of love bring in the essence the magic of creation.

    Best wishes, my friend, to you and every family that has now gained a new element, which is a blessing from heaven!

    Congratulations to the newest parents who have seen your love bear fruit that will bring you both happiness!

    We must not take the opportunity of the child to live his innocence but protect him with our love and dedication. I sincerely hope that love will guide you in this mission, illuminating and protecting you all. Congratulations!

    May you arrive full of health and surrounded by love on all sides. May many blessings be poured into the life of this family.

    Your life will never be the same, but the happiness you will feel as you hug your baby is unique.

    This baby will surely be much loved and you will be the best parents he could ever have. Congratulations and may the blessings for the whole family never stop increasing!

    May this baby fill you with pride, because I do not doubt that the love and affection he will always have!

    Congratulations! You will be a fantastic, modern and present parent! Being a parent for the first time may scare you at first, but soon the spell comes true.

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