300 Congratulation Message For Quitting Smoking

    Congratulations for quitting smoking before it’s too late.

    Smoking is a bad habit, and only those who are weak can not give up. But you are strong and you have tried it.

    Nothing good comes easily in life and quitting smoking is not easy, but it is certainly not impossible. You have decided to quit smoking and be happy!

    To have good health you have to give up your bad habits and smoking is one of them … You have quit smoking, it seems that you want to live a healthy life.

    Congratulation Message For Quitting Smoking

    The easiest way to stay happy and healthy is to stop smoking and have a healthy environment.

    If you have decided, half of the battle is one …. Quitting smoking will not be difficult once you have decided.

    It may seem like a difficult task, but it is difficult until you find it difficult … Quitting smoking is a great introduction. Congratulations!!!

    Quitting smoking is a challenge and only strong people have the power to win this challenge … You are not weak and you have tried it.

    Do not let cigarette smoke ruin you today and tomorrow. You have decided to quit smoking to breathe a healthier air. Congratulations, you have quit smoking.

    The world will be a much better place to live if there are good aromas around us and no smoking around us … you have done a great job.

    If you think you may have decided to stop smoking, then you can certainly … Just think of your loved ones and a happy life to end it easily. Congratulations!!!

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    Quitting smoking brings many benefits and can lead a happier life with these benefits. Congratulations!!!

    Now or never … Do not move, act … you have decided to stop smoking and enjoy life to the fullest … Stop smoking

    The strongest motivation that works as charm when you quit smoking is to close your eyes and introduce yourself to your loved ones and their happiness.


    Life is a beautiful journey and it should be a pleasant trip. You have decided to quit smoking!

    Smoking defeat a person, their strengths and weaknesses, their priorities in life … And when you stop smoking, it also defines the character of a person. You did a great job congratulations.

    Smoking is a habit that steals your health, your happiness, your money and your life. You have decided to quit smoking to save all the good things in your life. Congratulations!!!

    Every cigarette you smoke brings you closer to a dark life. Stay away from quitting smoking for a happy life.

    The key to a healthy life is to burn calories and not burn cigarettes. Therefore, quitting smoking for a healthy life is an excellent introduction.

    When you smoke, not only do you kill yourself, you also kill all the love that surrounds you, all the loved ones that surround you. You have decided to quit smoking! It’s great to hear! congratulations

    It is your decision what you want to see in your life … smoke and opacity or happiness and beautiful colors … Quit smoking!!!

    Do not destroy your life with the habit of smoking, but make it pleasant by quitting smoking.

    Do not destroy your life with the habit of smoking, but make it pleasant by quitting smoking. Congratulation Message For Quitting Smoking


    For those who are interested, success is a success, and quitting smoking is impossible for those who do not love themselves or their family.

    Do not let smoking ruin your health or that of your loved ones. Motivate it You have decided to quit smoking. You have decided to quit smoking. It’s great to hear. congratulations

    You have decided to quit smoking. Replace your cigarettes with healthy foods for a happier and healthier life.

    We only live once and we have to take advantage of it when we stop smoking. Congratulations that you are no longer a smoker.

    Do not stop smoking. You have decided to quit smoking to live happily and stay healthy. Your great dedication. Keep it up and congratulations!

    If you have decided to quit smoking, you have many more faces that smile around you.

    Be the hero of your family … You have decided to quit smoking for the good future of your family. It’s a great thing Congratulations!

    If you really love your loved ones, it will never be difficult to stop smoking. You do a good job by quitting it. Congratulations!!!

    Those who do not love their lungs like to smoke … Decide what you love the most. Do not start again!

    You do not burn a cigarette, but you burn your life with it … You have decided to stop smoking.

    You have decided to stop smoking today and you will have a future full of happiness and health.

    Smoking a cigarette has many disadvantages … But quitting smoking has many benefits. You will discover it in a few days. Congratulations for this good initiation!

    Only fools do not convert. You have decided to stop smoking because smart people know how unhealthy it is. Congratulations!!

    You have the power to do it … If you have decided, you can quit smoking.

    Today, it may be the best day to seriously consider giving up smoking. Congratulations!!!

    Every time you try to stop smoking, you are closer to smoking. congratulations

    Smoking is one of the main causes of all statistics. Congratulations, you will not be in these statistics!

    Smoking is like a fart consisting of poisonous elements. You’re no longer a fart machine! congratulations

    Quitting smoking is more like a marathon. You finally did it! congratulations

    It is very strange that you are so interested in having an unhealthy body and a difficult life … You have decided to stop smoking for happier days.


    Life is more than precious and too short to smoke cigarettes. You have decided to quit smoking and be welcome to a happy and fun life.

    Those who smoke smell bad and those who smell bad are not appreciated by anyone … So quit smoking and live with aroma.

    If you really love yourself and your life and your loved ones, you will never smoke because smoking kills. It’s a great job. congratulations

    Smoking is a poison that kills you slowly and makes others laugh at you … You have decided to stop smoking to have a fun life. congratulations

    Smoking is the slow poison that slowly consumes your body from within. Congratulations that you are no longer a smoker.

    Smoking is harmful. If you stop, it may be your best judgment. It is bad for you and for other human beings.

    Do not smoke anymore. Life is precious … Keep it … Keep it away from the smoke.

    There are many chances to live wonderful things to do in life. Congratulation for quitting smoking.

    You have stopped smoking before it destroys happiness in your life. Congratulations!

    Smoke is a killer … Do not let yourself be killed.

    Now you will enjoy the true value of life … you have decided to stop smoking … Stay healthy

    Life is beautiful and quitting smoking is even more beautiful. Congratulation

    Do not put the keys of your life in the hands of smoking.

    If you love yourself, you cannot love smoking.

    If you want to burn something, you burn the calories and not the cigarettes. Congratulations!!!

    If you smoke, you will not love each other.

    Do not let your life be shorter and related to the disease … You have decided to quit smoking.

    If you want to live happy and healthy, I was telling you not to smoke and you finally quit.

    No to smoking says yes to life. Congratulations!!! you did a great job!!

    The world is full of people trapped by smoke. You are not one of them!

    When you hear a friend smoking then stop, encourage him to stop and make him in your group. Tell them what tricks you have used to get used to. Congratulations!!!

    Members of alcoholics have sponsors who want to be called every night when an alcoholic who is recovering is simply falling out of the car. Then, offer to be a suspended mentor to your friend. Congratulations!!!

    Ready to answer your call and persuade them to enlighten. You remember how urgent the urgency can be.

    You know all the reasons to throw this cigarette down the toilet! And wrinkle the backpack! Instead, take a refreshing walk. Or cuddle with your loved one.

    Tell your colleague how you recover from Smoke Junkie, who wants to know what just happened on day 20, then day 30 or even day 1. Whoop and Holler! It’s a great business! You have decided to live! You have done it! So let’s go to the party!

    All those suffering, distress and smoke addiction come from not realizing that you are what you are looking for. Congratulations!!!

    You do not need cigarettes to be complete. All the happiness, comfort and peace you are looking for are already in you. Congratulations!!! It is a great initiation!

    Your destination is configured in your decision moments.

    Everything you are and everything you have is based on a decision you made once. Decide that you have decided to stop smoking and nothing will stop you.

    The secret to get ahead is to start.

    There will never be a perfect time waiting for you. You have decided to quit smoking. Do not wait for life to change, it will not.

    If you want to make a decision to stop smoking cigarettes, you need to control the changes in your life.

    People often say that the motivation is not permanent. Well, do not bathe, either, so we recommend it every day.

    Make a list of all the benefits you can give up smoking. And revisit it every morning until your mind starts to like the idea of ​​becoming a non-smoker.

    The safest way to not fail is success. A successful termination attempt begins with the decision to try. If you have decided to quit smoking, you will be determined and motivated. Congratulations!!!

    Therefore, the first choice you have made is to quit smoking (I will tell you more about this).

    Believe that you can do it and you are halfway there. We usually stop to let us not stop or we can not stop.

    Believe in your potential and you will succeed. Congratulations!!!

    Our strength arises from our weakness. Smoking is your weakness, your comfort. Quitting smoking is a process of transformation that will change your confidence in yourself, your health and your life. Congratulations!!!

    Take a moment at least three times a day and ask yourself what is really important. Have the wisdom and courage to build your life in your response. Congratulations for quitting smoking!

    You can make a list of what you value most in your life. Then compare everything on this list with the instant gratification you get from a cigarette. It is not so hard to give up. It’s a great thing Congratulations!

    All change in behavior or mood disorders, including depression, and smoking addiction, have some neurochemical components, but those affected can work to overcome them. You are one of those Congratulations!!!

    Yes, there are several nicotine receptors in the smoker’s brain. But at the right time, when you have decided to quit smoking, your brain can feel happy without smoking.

    The huge part of recovery from smoke addiction is maintaining your ego and letting it go. Congratulations!

    He is just a happy non-smoker if he no longer defines who you are as a smoker. Congratulations!!!

    Congratulations warrior!! You have finally got rid of smoking!

    I heard you will stop smoking! Do not wait until it stops after Christmas, your birthday, summer, a celebration or a stressful event.

    The perfect time to quit smoking is now because it is smoke free every day.

    We are what we repeatedly do. So excellence is not a fact but a habit.

    Quitting smoking does not happen overnight. However, it can be very easy if you follow a specific process that prevents you from smoking. You have the opening, it’s great. Congratulations!!!

    They are bigger than your addiction. That’s the last thing I’ll say in my TED talk, in which you dedicate your life. Congratulations!!!

    It is uncomfortable to quote me, I know. But I want to tell you that every day. Congratulations!!!

    Because it’s true. You are bigger than your addiction. You were born to be smoke free. Your life is yours.

    Whenever I think of you, luck comes to visit.

    That you fly higher, with the wind always on your back.

    I hope you feel good from head to toe. Get well soon.

    Today, wherever you go and whatever you do, you know I’m here to take care of you.

    Crunchy leaves, good food, a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Here we wish you everything that makes you feel good.

    There is a season for everything. Just around you, you can find wonderful things. You just have to believe it.

    What a headline! You have decided to quit smoking! Congratulations So proud of you!

    Look around for a small ray of hope; Sometimes happiness is right in front of you, waiting for you to notice it. Congratulations quitting smoking, before it is too late!!

    Make sure you have enough air, water and sun. Then you will bloom again soon. Congratulations for quitting smoking!!!!

    Most of my best memories have one thing in common: no smoking! I brought you back!!

    Lucky homegrown. Thanks for your interest.

    I believe in you Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Enjoy the gifts of nature for a wild flower. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    So refreshing, that’s our friendship. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Just relax, sometimes it’s better if you do not care about anything. Get well soon. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Simple pleasures are the best, even the smallest moments are like a celebration when I am with you.

    Thanks and Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Everyone is immersed in warm thoughts today. I hope you can feel it.

    Quitting smoking is not that difficult, it’s like moving from the sofa to the front door. Quitting smoking is one of your best tasks!

    Each beginning is difficult, but from there it becomes easier. The secret to get ahead is to start. Give up smoking ..

    There will never be a perfect time when you have decided to quit smoking then that time will be the moment you have no distractions or stress … If you had started today a year ago, this would not be a problem for you today! You saved another year!

    The world has a habit of giving way to the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going. Give up smoking ..

    Imagine in the most realistic way possible the place you want in the near future, the state you want to achieve and the universe will help you and guide you. Your first step towards eternity is to stop smoking. Good initiation! Do not go back.

    With a single step, a mile of journey begins. If you stop smoking, this could be a big step in the direction of your life. Congratulations!!!

    Quitting smoking is a great achievement, very well done. The purpose of this information is to provide you with a practical guide to help you not to smoke. Congratulations!!!

    Your best motivation for not smoking is deciding why you stopped smoking. Congratulations that you are no longer a smoker.

    You may have advised (or even asked) other people to cancel the program. If so, it’s because they take care of you. Or, you have decided to do it yourself: to improve your health, to help you feel better and look better or to save money. I’m proud of you, my boy. Congratulations for the smoke free life.

    Whatever your reasons, remember that you are the person who benefits the most. As difficult as it is, it will be worth it. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    Think of all the benefits of quitting smoking. Now you may have noticed how fresh air feels after quitting. Congratulations!!!

    Almost immediately, nicotine is eliminated from your body. Breathing becomes easier and your cough will be disappeared. Your sense of taste improves and your breath and clothes no longer smell like cigarette smoke. Congratulations!!!

    Previous smokers discover that they have more energy and can move more easily than before. You did it, boy. Congratulations to the new life.

    Then there are the long-term health benefits when it stops. It’s never too late to quit smoking. I’m proud of you for making that decision. Congratulations for quitting life without smoking.

    Once smokers stop smoking, they reduce the risk of dying from diseases related to smoking. Lung cancer, heart disease and stroke are just some of the disabling and deadly diseases that can be prevented by quitting. Now you have reached your life. Congratulations!!!

    Congratulations for almost smoking.

    Smoking does not make you feel good, but it makes you feel good after quitting.

    There’s a little bit of ass in every nice guy and a little bit of genius in every idiot.

    You want to quit smoking? Just learn to love yourself.

    Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    Every smoker has a story. So before you’re about to smoke, I want you to know that something was already killing you, so never touch that again. Congratulations that you are no longer a smoker.

    Quitting smoking is not so much hard … I’ve done it hundreds of times. Congratulation you made it in first attempt.

    Congratulations, I hope you do not need a hundred of these attempts for you.

    I really wanted to know that you have decided to quit smoking. I am convinced that you have really done it. Congratulations my boy!

    Cigarettes are a classic way of committing suicide. You finally learned to love yourself. Congratulations!!!

    You have decided to stop smoking or try to die. Congratulations, if you have really decided to quit smoking.

    Give your lungs fresh air, not tar. Do not give bad health to your body. Do not kiss your lips, kiss cigarette butts. Give a life, not death. Congratulations, you did it.

    Smoking is a habit that empties your money and kills you slowly, one movement at a time. Congratulations, you have finally decided to stop smoking, to live.

    Smoking may be bad, but the reason you smoke is  more worse. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    A burned cigarette ash said … Today I am thanks to you! But tomorrow you are my fault! After all, you have decided to stop smoking before quitting.

    Only a fool catch cigarette with lips to the other end of a blazing fire. Congratulations, you are no longer a fool.

    Every time you light a cigarette, say that your life is not worth it. Now you really live your life. Congratulations!!!

    I’m prouder of you for quitting smoke, unlike anything else I’ve done in my life, including winning an Oscar.

    Instead of smoking a cigarette, she really smoked the cigarette. Good job boy for quitting.

    He decided to quit smoking today and save his precious New Year for something better

    I believe that smoking has never ever contributed to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs. Welcome to life without real smoke.

    Thousands of people stop smoking by dying. They left it before it’s too late. Congratulations!!!

    The best way to stop smoking is to simply quit smoking. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    Cigarette, a fire on one end, a fool on the other and a little smoke between the fingertips. Do not be stupid again, you’ve won a real life.

    A blow of smoking is something you cannot see. You recognized that before it was too late. congratulations

    Smoking may be interesting, but it kills you from inside. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you.

    Smoking is like a suicide for me, it’s death in anticipation. Congratulations for quitting.

    Do not be persuaded that you finally choose a fan, why you finally chose to stop smoking. Congratulations!!!

    An analysis of the effectiveness of interventions designed to make smoking easier for smokers. You make good compliments!!!

    Smoking kills, that is my goal. Congratulations for having decided to quit smoking. I’m proud of you

    Smoking kills. Finally, you have recognized it. Congratulations!!!

    The best way to quit smoking is to use wet matches. If you want to smoke again. Just try this formula. Congratulations for quitting smoking.

    Sooner or later, everyone quits smoking. Congratulations, you finally did it, before it’s too late.

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