999 Congratulations Message to Newly Married Couple – Wishes for New Wed Couple

    I am very happy that my dear son has found such a sweet woman to spend his life.

    Life can be difficult and challenging. It’s much easier and more fun when you find someone to share it with.

    After so many years of running to the other side, you two have finally married! Wishing the new couple all the best.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    Although you had a prolonged commitment, you only made her love her partner much more. Congratulations on your wedding.

    I have never been happier for a couple, than for both of you. I hope your marriage lasts 1 million years to come.

    Happy Marriage Wishes Images For Newly Wedding couple

    Happy Wedding Image

    The best part of life is that we can grow old with the person we love. Congratulations on your union, wishing you both the best, my son.

    Even if we could all live 1000 years, it is still not enough time with those we really love, enjoy your wedding day, my son.

    A wedding is a union between two people who love each other and cannot live without each other. All the best on your big day.

    You have never looked more handsome than at your wedding, always wishing you always the best. Have a good marriage.

    May love be your guide, devotion your shield and fidelity the strength you need for a better tomorrow. Congratulations on your wedding, my son.

    From the moment you arrived in this world, I knew you were a lover, not a fighter. May your marriage open doors that nobody can close. Congratulations on your wedding, my son.

    I fully support your decision, I hope you will be happy, and if you ever need me, I will always be here. Congratulations to my son.

    What a blessed day and what a blessed union! May they always have good and bad times. Congratulations my son, you are blessed.

    Whoever finds a good wife finds a good home, you have found a good wife, now create your home. Congratulations on your wedding, dear son.


    You two  will be the happiest couple that has ever lived on this earth, I hope you both love and dedicate each other during difficult times and soft candles. Congratulations to my son.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    I am very happy to be part of this day. May this marriage be blessed, blissful and generous. Congratulations to my son.

    Never reject the advice of your elders about marriage, they may be old but also wild. Congratulations on your wedding, my son.

    Thank you for bringing me a daughter. I hope you enjoy every drop of the gifts the marriage has to offer. Congratulations to my son.

    You made me smile when you said your vows out loud. May you have an excellent married life, may you always remain faithful to each other, my son!

    My son, you are as bold as me. I swept your mother off her feet. I’m glad you do the same. May this beautiful day be endless and I wish you a happy marriage.

    Congratulations on your wedding, dear son, my wishes of luck and blessings fill our home with beautiful memories of life. Enjoy this trip in peace and love. Congratulations son.

    Best wishes to both of you on this great endless journey. May all your beautiful memories and wishes of heart be given to your home. Keep love burning until the end. I wish you a happy marriage.


    I know that I have raised a strong warrior who never fears the storm. This is a great storm of life that needs you to be a hero. Stay blessed and happy marriage son.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    May the vessel of couples who share today be the love for life they share together. You make a wonderful couple. I love you and congratulations on your wedding, my son.

    Be sure to pay all bills for your new apartment and don’t forget to carry out all garages. Make sure your wife enjoys all the benefits of her work. Happy married life, my son.

    Remember that she will always be right and you will not. Nature of a woman, I guess. Your mother is the best at it, just smile and give her a kiss to silence her. Enjoy your marriage.

    May your love continue to grow in every moment of yours. Enjoy each other’s heat to the fullest, my son. Lean on each other throughout your trip. Happy married life.

    While you tie the knot, my son, never let your hands go wherever you go. May this day find the best place in their hearts to keep burning love. Congratulations son.

    I remember the first time you told me about your girlfriend. I knew you were ready to park for your endless journey. That moment is here, son. I wish you a safe journey of love.

    Today is the happiest day of your life. I’m proud to raise you as my sweet and cute boy. I will always be there for you. Treat her as you always treat me. Congratulations!

    Congratulations to my son for making such a decision. It is not easy to find a woman as wonderful as her. I want her to be your everything in this world. Enjoy the rest of your happiness son.

    In the darkest moments of life, stay together in strength and love. I wish you all the joy and happiness on your wedding day. Have a good trip, my son, and enjoy your marriage.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    May their affection and mutual adoration strengthen each passing hour. May this trip open doors for all your dream to come true. I wish you a long life marriage. Enjoy this day.

    Dad and mom wish to congratulate you on this special day. We wish you a new life full of much love, trust, joy and happiness. May your trip be smooth always. Enjoy your marriage.

    You are the luckiest boy on planet earth. You really have eyes for beautiful things. I am proud of you, son. Congratulations!

    The path of marriage is not easy. There are many potholes, but patience will take you there. Remember those vows and stay together for life. May God bless your union.

    This battle of marriage only has one weapon to win it. My son, the best weapon you have is love. I’ve always admired you for the smart step. Best wishes for your wedding son.

    My son, remember, marriage is not a competition. Do not let friends or family interfere. Let your hearts be equal and understanding be your strong control. I wish you a happy marriage, son, congratulations!

    My little boy has been such a focused and responsible child. May God bless your home and give you all his blessing. Happy marriage.

    Happy married life, my son. Always revere your wife every day and let her know wherever you go, even if it’s not that important. Enjoy your home. Happy married life, cute boy.

    The road will be strident at some point, it will surely happen to strengthen you. Rejoice in everything. Congratulations and happy married life, son. May god bless you both.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    Don’t be in a hurry to move on to the next phase when you have just enjoyed the present. Enjoy each time with your wife before anything else son. Happy married life.


    The strength lies in being faithful in small things. Happy married life. Be faithful and you will enjoy every moment of your marriage.

    Happy married son, I can say that the woman you marry today is an angel, because I personally cannot marry a disorganized man like you. But she married you. Take care of her.

    Congratulations for making the knot today, while you make the knot, remember to tie your wife with much love and affection, every day until eternity. Enjoy your time at home.

    Your marriage will thrive when you think less, feel more, frown less and smile more often. Everything will be beautiful with that smile on your face. Happy married life, son.

    When you make a commitment like this, you build hope and many things come together to build a good hope. It gives you direction. Happy married life.

    Provisions do not make a home, wealth does not create a home, time spent with the family makes it home for everyone. Never forget your duty as a responsible husband. Happy married life. Do not put too much expectations on what you should do in your marriage, your marriage is to enjoy it. Just make sure of that.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    You are an example of persistence. Anyone can get what they are looking for if they remain severe and safe. Congratulations on marrying that virtuous and pretty woman. I am proud of you, son.

    You said, you heard something telling you to go ahead and do it now, now is the time and you have done what you heard. I wish you the best in life. Happy married life, my son.

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