999 Congratulations Message to Newly Married Couple – Wishes for New Wed Couple

    Wedding congratulations message to daughter

    Congratulations dear to find your true love. May this love become stronger and deeper through each day that passes in your married life!

    Congratulations on starting a new chapter of your life and wishing you happiness for a lifetime with your partner!

    A beautiful ceremony for those who know what love is really about. I hope to always be there while you venture into your married life. Congratulations my dear daughter.

    You look beautiful darling, I can’t believe this day is finally here. I wish you the best while you tie the knot, my angel. Congratulations.

    Any man brave enough to earn the love of my daughter is a brave man, wishing you the best in your  married life. Congratulations my dear.

    I thank God for keeping me close long enough to witness this beautiful day. Your marriage is blessed, my dear. Congratulations my daughter.

    I am very happy to see two people in love and ready to take on every challenge that the world could throw together. You are a blessed couple, Happy marriage, my dear daughter.

    Happy Marriage Wishes Images For Newly Wedding couple

    Happy Wedding Picture

    My princess, wishing you immense happiness, joy and laughter for your married life. Have a successful married life!

    Congratulations to the bride and groom. May your wedding bring precious moments of love and trust into your life!

    Congratulations on this special day of your life. May you have a wonderful wedding and may the feeling of just married remain forever in your married life!

    Wedding congratulations message to daughter

    All I wish is that this special day of yours brings a new sun of happiness, pleasure and wonder in your future life!

    Congratulations honey for your big day! May the relationship between you and your partner be full of trust, respect, love and care throughout life!

    Congratulations on your wedding, honey! May you build a family compiled with joy, love and trust that will keep you safe forever!

    May you always have cold nights and warm summer days. Stay happy during your marriage, congratulations to my daughter.


    You have given me a son, my dear daughter, and for whom I will always be grateful, and you will forever in our hearts. Congratulations to my daughter.

    You will always be my little girl even if you are now his wife. I love you so much my angel. Congratulations on your wedding!

    May the power of love rain forever in your marriage, may you always be the best part of each other’s day. Congratulations to my daughter!

    Embrace him and remind him how much you love him, have a beautiful and blessed union, my dear daughter. Congratulations!

    Happy Marriage Wishes Images For Newly Wedding couple

    Happy Wedding Wishes Image

    All the forces of love are for you; Make the best of it. Congratulations on your wedding, my dear ones, I hope you understand what we have now.

    Marriage is about having certain guarantees, less assumptions and more confidence. Less trust inflicts pain and insecurity that kills marriages. Trust each other always. Happy married life daughter. I wish you a great home.

    I hope that you fulfill correctly and sincerely each vow that both exchanged today, when you keep it, you will build an eternal trust in your home. Congratulations on your marriage.

    Wedding congratulations message to daughter


    It is mandatory for husbands to keep their homes, but it is lovely to see a woman who helps in every way. Always take any decision together and share all the things with each other. Congratulations daughter.

    When you see that some things go wrong, do not choose to cry or fall apart. Your marriage is not meant to be perfect. Just be true to yourself and put efforts. Happy married life, daughter.

    My dear daughter, congratulations on your wedding! May God grant you much happiness, joy and pleasure in your married life and may it remain forever in your life!

    Congratulations on finding your man of a dream! May you succeed in maintaining a strong and endless relationship with your love, trust, care and patience!

    I am very happy for your wedding, although you would always be my little princess. Have a wonderful life with your life partner!

    How time goes by, you’re a big girl now! I am so happy for you that you have found someone special with whom you would now complete your family! Enjoy the day.

    Sending my best wishes to both of you. May your life be a witness to the best moments of life and have a wonderful world together!

    You both were really made for each other; I can see it by the way he looks at you. Have a great and fruitful married life, dear daughter, waiting for my grandchildren!

    Wedding congratulations message to daughter

    Thank you for making me part of this day, I appreciate it, that love always rains in your marriage, my dear daughter. Congratulations on your wedding.

    Be patient, love and be faithful to each other and I promise you that no mountain will be too high to climb. Congratulations on your wedding, my daughter!

    Make a home where you both enjoy living, I hope love between you both last forever. Congratulations on your wedding, dear.

    I am very happy to see you happy and satisfied; You are finally the woman I knew you would be. I wish you much happiness at your wedding, my dear daughter.

    Congratulations on your wedding. I wish you all the best in life. Congratulations to you once again. Enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Congratulations again my sweet daughter.

    Have a beautiful little world of yours in this great world full of love, joy and trust! Congratulations to both of you for your wedding!

    May this special day of yours become the exact scenario you have dreamed about your wedding. My best wishes and prayers are always with both of you!

    No matter how many times the teeth and tongue fight, they always remain together as friends. That is the spirit of marriage, whenever disputes occur, end it. Happy married life, daughter.

    Unity is what brings prosperity in marriages. You must fight for that one thing. I wish you happiness throughout the adventure. Happy married life, daughter.

    You should admire everything about your husband, including his shoes included. This is how you enjoy the relationship. Happy married life, daughter.

    Wedding congratulations message to daughter

    An axe cannot cut hair, while a blade cannot cut a tree; All for different purposes. Learn that in marriage, things work for different purposes. Happy married life, daughter.

    Staying connected is the beauty of marriage, you two are nothing without each other. I wish you a perfect bond from the first day until the last of your union. Happy married life, daughter.


    You two don’t seem expensive or luxurious, but I can attest that your relationship is much more valuable than anything expensive that can be bought with money. Happy married life, daughter.

    May your marriage be successful and may your growing love flourish with confidence and joy! Congratulations for the two special people tonight.

    It is a lovely feeling to see you get married. I wish you much joy, happiness and love on this special occasion. You will always be my sweet girl. Congratulations!

    Watching you grow has been wonderful. As on this special day, you are ready for a new life ahead, I pray for your happiness, love and a happy home. Keep the smiles forever.

    My best wishes for your wedding, my sweet daughter. May this moment bring you all the best in your life. I love you but your husband loves you more. Congratulations on your wedding!

    Congratulations dear for your wedding! May both of you remain in love forever and wishing you a happy married life in the future!

    Congratulations to daddy’s princess! I wish you a lovely and endless married life and that you both stay together in this way forever!

    May you enjoy more and more the joy you brought to me as your father, Have a peaceful journey, my daughter. I wish you a happy married life.

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