999 Congratulations Message to Newly Married Couple – Wishes for New Wed Couple

    In most cases, we simply cannot find how to express our good wishes for the newly married couple and choose general or outdated words that probably do not feel good all the time. So, are some of the best wedding wishes that you can share with your loved ones.

    You can get the right idea and make your wedding wish messages more attractive to the bride and groom. Get a unique way to send a wedding wish to the newly married couple and wish a happy married life.

    Below are the best wedding wishes for your friend, son, daughter, brother, sister. Check them out;

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    Dear son, your wedding day will come and go; But all I want is for you to have unlimited love and happiness throughout your life.

    May you both be strong enough to face all obstacles and sorrows in your life with a smile on your face and love in your heart!

    Happy Marriage Wishes Images For Newly Wedding couple

    Happy Marriage Day Wishes Card

    No matter what the situation, may God fill your life with satisfaction, love and faith for each other!

    All my dream came true when I saw you as the husband. Son, always knows that all my best wishes are with both of you.

    I am so happy that you have found the true love of your life and that this love of yours can flourish in every season! May you fulfill all the commitments and promises you have made to your life partner and be kind to her!

    May the two of you be the happiest couple and may your whole life be full of respect, love and happiness!

    When I first held your little one in my arms, the first thing I wanted was a reliable hand to take care of you, and I see that it has come true today!

    May you be kind, generous and understanding with your wife whatever the situation! Congratulations for the wedding son.

    Through marriage, both are united in a promise to help, be gentle and give and take. May both keep that!

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    Now you are promised to share your life together and I wish you continue doing it with love forever. May you always take care and love your life partner!

    Let me tell you the secret of a happy married life and that is simply to be moderate, kind, undemanding, affectionate and loving with your partner.


    Know my sincere blessings on this special day of yours and may this day bring more happiness in your future days!

    Happy Marriage Wishes Images For Newly Wedding couple

    Happy Wedding Image

    Dear friend, life without a good wife is like a body without a soul. I hope your wife is proved as the best!

    Congratulations Son and I wish you a happy and prosperous married life that lasts forever!

    All our sincere wishes are for both of you, welcome to your new way of life and we hope that all positivity falls into the hand of good luck.

    From your early childhood to getting old, everything I pray for your happiness and we are ready to accept that person in whom your happiness resides!

    Both of you are the example of a loving and affectionate couple and that you both  are the strength of each other.

    Congratulations, son, for the best day of your life in which you have found your soulmate as once I found your mother!


    You will always be the same dearest than years before for me. I wish you my most sincere regards for your marriage. May God bless you with tremendous love!

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    Congratulations on the extraordinary day of your life. May your love deepen with each day of your marriage.

    Take my sincere greetings on your wedding day and may your love be the same until the last moment of your life.

    All warm wishes to you and your wife. My God, make your love immortal and endless!

    Congratulations on your son’s wedding. May your married life be completed with love, understanding and romance!

    Love package, the spoonful of understanding and infinite love: may your marriage be the wonderful one filled with all these ingredients!

    Know my sincere blessings at your  wedding. May your life overflow with romance, love, respect and joy!

    I remember all your planning you did with me for your own wedding! I wish you a beautiful married life.

    Marriage is something that many want, but you two have done it. Always love each other through the bad and the good.

    Weddings are the result of love in its highest form. I wish you love each other and plan to do it forever.

    Never let anyone tell you that marriages do not last, because you two have something that should last a lifetime.

    Greetings to the happy couple. I am glad that my son has found his soulmate and I wish you both years of joy and happiness.

    May your love last in good and bad times. Always keep your eyes on each other and remember the love you are celebrating today.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    Love is not an accident, it is part of a bigger plan. God has someone in mind for each of us and his two are fortunate to have met.

    Never take love for granted. Always show the love and mutual respect you feel today. Always remember the person you married and the reason you married her.

    Wishing you and your new spouse the best on your wedding day. I hope you rested enough for tonight!

    Best wishes for your new marriage, I hope you both have a lot of joy and that your marriage lasts many more years.

    You two are wonderful couples like you, who can get divorce lawyers out of business! I hope your marriage lasts 100 years.

    It is obvious that God wanted you two to be together, and we offer our best wishes to the happy new couple.

    Marriage is difficult, but life is more difficult, without the person you really love. Wishing you the best in life, your wedding day.


    Although the wedding day took a long time to arrive, it was obvious that it was worth the wait. We wish you all the best.

    The strongest marriages are those who go through trials and tribulations, you two will have a specific marriage! Congratulations.

    If I were a great poet I would know exactly what to say. As I am not a great poet, I will simply say that may your marriage brings you years of joy and happiness.

    Wedding congratulations message to son

    I knew this day would come, but I never knew how happy it would make me feel. Thank you for the gift of a daughter, my son. I know your marriage will be blessed.

    You are my lifeguard and if she makes you happy, then I am happy. Congratulations my son, may your love last forever.

    I will always be here if you need me, even when you venture into marriage. Congratulations, you have made me proud.

    Waiting patiently for those grandchildren, I wish you a happy and blessed marriage, my son, that you always have good times and bad times.

    Today I am a proud father, because you approached and finally became the man I knew you were. I thank you and hope you live forever in love and devotion.

    It is never an easy road, but marriage can be the best moment of your life. Have a great marriage and congratulations on the ceremony.

    Remember, life is full of ups and downs. Let your love guide you as you travel together on the journey of life.

    Never worry about what others think about joy. Always keep your eyes focused as you go through life.

    If I could sing, I would give you a serenade on your happy day. Since I cannot carry a melody, I will simply say that God blesses your marriage and gives you years of joy and happiness.

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