300 Congratulations Messages For Baby Shower to Couple- Sample of Well Wishes Wording

101. You soon are going to be a mother soon. The world’s greatest position is to be a mother. The world’s most pride anyone can have is to be a mother. Enjoy your motherhood. Enjoy your being a parent and holding a little one in your arms. Congratulations dear.

102. It seems just yesterday when you used to play with little dolls. You will make a proud mother. I am so happy for you.

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages Samples

103. You soon have a little bundle of joy in your arms. This baby shower just symbolises how important it is to be a mother and feel motherhood. This symbolises the love and affection your family and friends have for you.

104. You need to take care of yourself. You need to have an adequate rest. So though it’s a party for you in which you can’t enjoy or dance or do anything ok. Take care enjoy this period of pregnancy.

105. Feel each and every moment. See the happiness in every face present there. They all share the happiness and joy with you.

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages Samples

106. Hey there little one. Wait few more days. You’ll be then out in this beautiful world. There’s so much for you to learn. There’s so much for us to teach. You don’t know how much you’re bringing for your father and mother. I can’t wait to see your angelic face.

107. You are going to be the most loved child in the world. We will welcome you with our arms open. I can’t wait to spoil you.


108. Hey Mom. I am soon coming out of you. For now you enjoy this party. This is my first party ever. Do not cry and don’t get emotional. I will bring you lots of joys, celebrations and happiness to you. Let me first enjoy this party.

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages Samples

109. As soon as this child is born. He is going to be your whole world. He is the only you can think for, eat for, live for and live for.

110. You will not be able to imagine your life without this beautiful baby. He or she will give your life a new meaning. And then you’ll know the immense and infinite love of your parents. You’ll soon know why they worried for you. You will also go through the same emotion and worry for your child. But the worries you’re gonna experience have also some kind of happiness and satisfaction hidden in them.

111. Being pregnant and giving birth to a life is a prestigious adventure available only to women. It’s a women’s crowning experience.

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages Samples

112. Creating a life inside you puts you in the position of God. That’s why God created mother because he can’t be everywhere and he can’t create Everytime.


113. A baby will create a bond stronger, home happier, past forgotten and the future worth living and it’s making you fat and pee every minute.

114. You’re gonna carry this baby for nine months but you’ll take care of him for life.

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages Samples

115. Your life will never be the same again. You’ll be covered in puke, and shit. You’re gonna be changing the diapers. You’re gonna be sleepy all the time. But you’ll still enjoy doing all these once you see the face of that little angel.

116. You’re baby’s going to fill the place in your heart that was empty all along.

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117. As much you’re enjoying this party and your pregnancy. Prepare yourself for a pain you’ll go through at birth of this baby. But you’ll forget all about the pain once you hold this little angel in your arms.



Christian Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

118. It would be your greatest achievement and greatest joy that your parents must have felt when you were born.

119. You’ll not only carry him inside your body but you’ll carry him forever in your heart.

120. Every baby is different kind of flower. It’s gonna make your world a beautiful garden fill with sweet fragrance.

121. Your child gonna be the reason for you to wake up in the morning and your sleep at night. Your baby will be the greatest gift to you from God and his constant blessings.

Christian Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

122. You’re gonna think about your baby day and night. Even when it all grows up and leave you to walk on his own path.

123. Once he comes to this world. Upbring him with care and love. Give him the toots to grow and wings to fly. Don’t be afraid of him leaving you. He may all grow up and fly away from the nest you made for him. But he will never forget his roots you have him.

124. You’ll always be there for him. You’re gonna answer his every stupid questions.

Christian Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

125. Invent your pleasure together with your baby. Speak his language to Gaga and geigi, boo-boo and baba. Giggle with him. Remember how tiny and small he is in your arms.



126. You should learn to say no to him when necessary. You should teach him how to feel. You should teach him every emotions and feelings.

127. Recognise your inner child within. Bring that child outside. Be a kid while playing together with your kid. Invent the stupid plays and games with him.

Christian Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

128. Learn about parenting. Make your love safe for him. Make your love a protective shield around him against all the evilness of the world. Preserve his innocence. But do not protect his feelings. He should feel pain and joy on his own. He should learn to share and fight for what’s his on his own.

Christian Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

129. Reveal your own dreams. Search out the positive in you. Speak kindly to him. Handle him with care. The baby’s gonna be like a wet cement. What mark you leave on him. It will remain permanent in his mind. That’s why you need to handle him with care.

130. You always have to be his mother first then only his friend. Lecture him when required. Drive him insane. Until he knows that you love him.

131. Once this baby is born. You will love, pray, care and worry for him. He will be your only world.

Christian Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

132. You’re baby is going to be a sugar which will add sweetness in your life. Your baby is going to be a spice which will add flavor in your boring monotonous life

133. Your baby is going to be your world’s most valuable resource and best hope for the future.

134. Do not raise a prince or princess. Raise your baby to be a warrior with strength and bravery.

135. I strongly believe that you will be the best mother amongst the millions. You’re intelligent, loving, kind and the most wonderful human being I have ever known.

Christian Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

136. You may experience mood swings. You may cry over silly reasons. All these hormonal impacts may affect you now. But your personality will never change. And believe me you’ll be an amazing mom as soon as you give birth to this little one.

137. I can see the bright glow on your face. You’re glowing not only from outside but also from inside. Your inner self is bright and it’s dazzling us too.

138. You may say you’ll never give birth again because of all the difficulties and weirdness you’re experiencing. But you soon will want to have ten more babies.

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139. Women smile a true smile on two occasions only. First when she gets to marry her soul mate. Second when she gets to hold her newborn in her arms.

140. Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby is like you’re participating in the process of creation, the act of God. Be proud of yourself because you’re growing a life inside. Soon you’ll be responsible not only for the well being of the baby. But you’re the one whose gonna mould his character and future.

Free printable Congratulations Baby Shower Cards

141. When you’re pregnant. You’ll change into a whole new person. You’ll shift your focus. You’ll set out on a new journey. It will make you reevaluate your personal and professional goals.

142. This feeling of motherhood and being a mom will lasts forever. You’re gonna enjoy each moment of your motherhood.

143. I hope you have this amazing journey and splendid time by having this new responsibility.

Free printable Congratulations Baby Shower Cards

144. When a baby enters into your life. It’s gonna make you forget your worries and stress. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a girl or a boy. A baby will make you complete and fill the void you have in your life.

145. A baby will melt your heart and bring you joy. So shower a baby with love,every single day. Show a baby you truly care.

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146. Your baby will be the pole star of your life which will guide you to your direction. Your baby will be the sun which will bring the sunshine in your life. Your baby will be the moon which will bring you the coolness into your life.

Free printable Congratulations Baby Shower Cards

147. Babies are like angels which when sent to our life disappears its wings. One look into it’s beautiful eyes and your life will never be the same again.

148. This baby inside of you is now part of your heart. The bond you have already with your unborn child won’t sever at any cost or situation. Love him from all your heart.

149. The birth of a baby signifies the happiness of God. It will bring you closer to the God Almighty.

150. A tiny angel growing inside you will fill your heart with love you have never experienced before.



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