Congratulations message for wedding engagement of Son: Our nation is rich in various tradition and culture. Among the thousands of culture, wedding rituals are the most important ones. Through which man enters the household world and fulfills his responsibility by giving birth to his offspring.

The cultures and tradition are changing nowadays. Most of the youths do not believe in wasting money on big weddings. Most of the pair prefer to live just to get away from the rituals. But some of the youths still want to experience all the rituals of the wedding. Even parents and relatives want to arrange and celebrate the rituals. Amongst the many rituals that take place at the wedding. Engagement is the prior ritual of the wedding.

Rings are exchanged between would be bride and would be the groom in the presence of both the families and relatives. Engagement is the procedure to confirm that the wedding is going to happen in a particular venue at a particular date.
The occasion is celebratory. The occasion is the happiest occasion. So the messages and wishes have to given to the family and the groom.

Most importantly, congratulations messages are deserved by the groom’s mother and father. They have witnessed their son’s growth from the diaperhood to the adulthood. A new addition to the family is going to share their responsibilities. The Occasion is full of the mixed type of emotions for them.

Below are some of the wishes and messages sent to congratulate for the engagement of their son.

200 Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement of Son – Best Wishes Collection

1. You two must be so proud today. It seems like yesterday when he was first born and peeing on your arms. But he is fully grown today. He is going to get married to a beautiful princess. He will have kids. You will be grandparents. You soon will enter a new phase in your life. All this still seems a dream to me. All I wanna do is to congratulate you on your son’s engagement.

2. Life is so short. How time passes by. We never know. It’s your son’s engagement. I still can’t believe the boy who used to run around in the house half naked is going to get married soon. I can imagine how happy you must be feeling. Congratulations on your engagement.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

3. You have trained your child and prepared him for this day for a long time. He has the culture given to him by you guys. He will also be the greatest husband as his father is. Congratulations on your engagement.

4. He will know soon what responsibility means. He will now know the value of the family. He will also be a parent one day. He will then learn your emotions and pain. But for now, congratulations on your son’s wedding.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement of Son - Best Wishes Greeting Cards
Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement of Son – Best Wishes Greeting Cards

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

5. It’s a great pleasure to see all your happy faces after such a long time. May this happiness remain always in your life and home. Happy engagement of your son.

6. Maybe this is the wish you didn’t expect. ButI wanna give it to you anyway. If you wanna live happily and peacefully. Then make your son and his would-be wife stay separately. This will make life easier for you and for both of them. Congratulations on your engagement.

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7. A dream that is dreamed by you two is soon going to be true. Congratulations on your son’s engagement.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

8. You have chosen a perfect partner for your son to share his life with. One is trusting and loving. The other one is understanding and beautiful. Your choices have always been the best in the world.

9. Soon your son is going to start a new story. He is going to write a new chapter in his life. May the page he is going to add in his life be written with happy words, smile, love, and joy. Congratulations on your engagement.


10. You two are the ideal couple who is given as the example of perfect love. Your son has learned from the best. I am sure he is going to be a perfect couple like you two.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

11. I want to wish you a very happy engagement with your son. May he also experience the same love that you two have experienced in your life.

12. Engagement is not about setting the date for the marriage. It’s changing the direction. It’s about commitment. It’s about changing the actions. I completely believe your son is going to commit and create a wonderful married life for himself.

13. I wish your son’s life always remain bright throughout his whole married life. Congratulations on your engagement.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

14. The engagement party of your son is very Blissful, cheerful and colorful. May his life also remain the same. Happy engagement to your son and to you too.

15. Your son is going to have New hopes, new resolutions, new aspiration, love, and laughter. May he has a sparkling and rocking married life.

16. My love and my good wishes for you and for your son is like a circle. It has no ends, no corners.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

17. Your son will have a lifelong company to watch the sunrise and sunset each day of his life.You have given him the second greatest gift. You know whats the first gift you have given him. His life and his existence.


18. Your son has matured now. He’s gonna have more responsibility. He’s gonna experience new life. So don’t take hard on yourself when he doesn’t respond to you like the way he used to. It’s just time and relation changes. It’s not he has stopped loving you. It’s just that he is entangled in life’s truth.

19. The time is near for your son’s marriage. You’re gonna have to do lots of preparation now. So call me if you need anything at any time. I am just one phone call away from you. Congratulations on your son’s engagement.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

20. This engagement period is a transitional phase. Everything seems so good and enjoyable. Your son may be very much eager to get married. But you and I know he is going to be imprisoned for life. Just don’t tell him now. Let him have his own experience.

21. Your son is set out for a sweet and smooth journey where he can head forward for eternity holding the hand of a person who is going to share the rest of his life. Congratulations on your engagement.

22. Your family is going to be extended and going to be bigger now. May all of you walk in Faith, unity and love everlasting.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

23. When I saw your son engaged to a beautiful girl. I can see their future bright together. They are the most lovely couple.

24. May all his dreams come true. May he has tons of happiness. May they cherish each other for life.

25. Your son is eternally committed now. He is going to form a strong bond between husband and wife. I wish to see him always happy. I am glad to see your son finally getting engaged.

26. The love you share with your son and would be daughter in law is wonderful. May your love grow every day.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

27. I want to forward my best wishes for the newly engaged couple and the parents of a newly engaged son.

28. May your life together with your new daughter in law be filled with happiness and love. May your complete family have a perfect life.

29. Congratulations on a new addition of new family member. I want to welcome her with all my heart and good wishes.

30. Your daughter in law is so in love with you. May all you stay in love like this forever. Congratulations on your engagement.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

31. All of you will create a beautiful family and a beautiful life together. May you have the best life you have always imagined.

32. May your family stay United for all the years to come.

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33. When I saw you with your son and daughter in law. I feel like all of you are made for each other.

34. You two are gonna have a new adventure in your life. Be ready to model yourself in your new roles.

35. May you have grandchildren soon who are gonna tell the story of your love to their friends.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

36. May God grant you with the endless Love. May your family stay like this United and complete forever. May nobody cast an evil eye in your happiness.

37. Engagement of your son is the best news I have heard after a long time.

38. When you two came to ask for my daughter’s hand. I was certain I was taking a right decision. Happy engagement to both our families. Congratulations on your engagement.

39. Now the question arises when is the big day. Hope your lives get better with each passing day.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

40. I want to Mark this day on the calendar with a toast for you and for your family. May you have a happy home and a happy life.

41. You have gone through all hardships and obstacles but you have stayed like the rock. This is the beginning of a new chapter. Forget all about the pain of the past. Begin with happiness and joy.

42. I have always dreamed of having a sister. Now you two have given me the perfect sister in law. Thank you, Mom and dad, for this perfect gift.

43. I am sure gonna attend your son’s wedding. May you form lots of happy memories and moments together.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

44. Your family is the epitome of love, respect, and mutual understanding. Enjoy the rest of your lives together.

45. That’s one hell of a big ring for your daughter in law. She is one lucky girl who soon going to have a mother and father like you.

46. Your son is engaged. That means you two are old now. Enjoy this special time with your son and daughter in law. I can’t wait to see you two shine on your son’s wedding. Congratulations on your engagement.

47. You are the best-in-the laws of the world. Both of you are loving, understanding, modern and flexible.

48. Your son has taken the first step to his new life. May his new life brings him a lot of joys in his life.

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Engagement

49. It’s time you train your son starts his day with the word sorry. It’s gonna help him a lot in his upcoming married life. You know that right.

50. May your son gets all the success, joys, and happiness with his life partner.

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