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    Here’s a toast to the excellent mother and her attractive hubby. May they be honored with a charming child like no other. Congrats to you both.

    Congrats on the existence growing inside your stomach—I bet you will be an incredible mummy!

    Getting pregnant resembles finding another line of work—the child in your belly is your new manager and your better half is your new secretary. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

    The mixed torment that accompanies pregnancy may keep going for the following couple of months, yet the delight of carrying your infant in your arms will keep going for a lifetime. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    A baby is a work of art; it is a piece of your mind, and a slice of your heart. Congratulations on being pregnant!

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    Since you are pregnant, I am certain that in around nine months you will reclaim your words that your big day was the marriage day. Congrats!

    Probably the best piece of getting hitched is that you can anticipate having an infant, and perhaps the best piece of having an infant is that you can express gratitude toward God for marrying you to the right individual. Have a cheerful pregnancy!

    By becoming pregnant, you commend the fact that you are a woman and you can make the world go on. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    pregnant congrats congratulations messages wishes notes cards greetings on pregnancy anouncement
    congratulations on pregnancy anouncement

    Life is so unfair. In the first place, I needed to get you a wedding gift and now I will before long need to get you a present for your infant shower. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Conceived in heaps of luck your infant will be, to get guardians like you and an auntie like me. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Messages

    Congrats on getting pregnant; may your new infant bring you bottomless joy.

    At long last, you can put your stresses and pregnancy tests to rest. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Since your wedding, this is the following best news you have given me. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Since your wedding, this is the following best news you have given me. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Excitement got the better of me when I see the report of your pregnancy. Congratulations!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement

    As you have now turned out to be pregnant, caution your man of the approaching womanly emotional episodes. Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement!


    You will be probably the best guardians—congrats on your pregnancy!

    Another period of your life is going to begin—appreciate each second of it with everything that is in you. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    The following nine months of your life will be an insane mixed drink of the morning weariness, nervousness, torment, restlessness, expectation, and possible triumph. Congrats on getting to be pregnant!

    Your pregnancy will bring new difficulties throughout your life. Presently you must be an amazing mother, not only an incredible spouse. Congrats on declaring your pregnancy!

    I’m happy that having an infant isn’t a theme over which you and your better half battled. Congrats to the wonderful mother-to-be on her pregnancy!

    In the following nine months, you will encounter a wonder, regardless of whether you have a son or daughter. Congrats!

    Having an infant is a blessing from God; it is perhaps the best gift given by the Lord. Congrats!

    For everything that you do now, you won’t think for one individual however for two. Congratulations on your pregnancy!


    You are going to bounce onboard life’s best exciting ride ever. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Congrats to the mother-to-be! I’m so proud of you.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! You will be an astonishing mother.

    Appreciate this astonishing experience in your life. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Congrats on your new little beloved unborn!

    We are so eager to meet your little one when they turn out. Congrats!

    I realize you’ll cherish being pregnant. Congrats!

    There’s no more prominent delight than being a parent. Congrats!

    Congrats to the unexperienced parents! You’re in for a wild ride.

    I’m so glad to hear the news! Congrats on becoming a mother!

    I generally realized you’d be great guardians. May your life ahead be loaded up with affection and delight.

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    Congrats on this superb blessing! Your awesome family is developing.

    Bringing an actual existence into this world is no simple accomplishment, however, I realize you will be great guardians.

    We are so eager to meet your new infant! Have an enchanted pregnancy.

    I can hardly wait to meet the most up to date individual from your family and gain a lifetime of experiences together.

    Wanting to enjoy all that life has to offer to you and your developing family. Well done!

    I can hardly wait to give your new infant love and care. Congrats!

    Parenthood is a transition, however, I realize you’ll be extraordinary!

    Wishing you a protected delivery. Congrats!

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    Congratulations On Pregnancy Messages

    May this unique time be loaded up with affection and happiness. Well done!

    Being a parent is the best blessing one can request. Congrats!

    We trust you will have your father’s grin, valuable kid! Congrats to mother and father!

    Congrats on the new little man in your life! We can hardly wait to meet him!

    We can hardly wait to watch the little person grow up. Well done, parents!

    I can hardly wait to meet your new valuable infant kid. Congrats!

    Sugar, spice, and everything decent—we can hardly wait to meet your valuable child young lady! Congrats!

    I can hardly wait to meet the little princess herself. Congrats!

    You will make such incredible guardians. We can hardly wait to meet your new baby girl. Congrats!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement

    All the best to the lovely young lady. We as a whole realize you’ll be astonishing guardians!

    Your little girl will be amazing and delightful, much the same as her mother! Congrats!

    Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle and in nine months your delights will twofold. Congrats, to the couple!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Fortunate child! You will be a stunning mother!

    Adding another branch to the family tree? Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Being pregnant is a wearing bundle of fun! Congrats on your little boss!

    I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer in this lovely stage, you are an exceptionally sweet young lady and I realize you will be an awesome mother.

    Thank you for carrying this treasured life into the world. Congrats on officially getting to be one astonishing mother!

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    Blessed is the mother who delivers all the decency she can convey. Congrats!

    Your pregnancy is as wonderfully remarkable as you may be. Congrats on this exceptional festival!

    Your greatest dream is done, you ought to be extremely cheerful as am I. You will bring the world to a wonderful baby. Congrats!

    Pregnancy is the only blind date where you know you will meet the adoration of your life. Congrats!

    Up to this point, we thought heavenly stars were the main thing that gleamed. Congrats to you and your little heavenly attendant that are gleaming!

    Your pregnancy is one of the unique music to the soul – sweet. Congrats on your delightful melody!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Messages

    The most delightful thing among you and your new child is the heart. Congrats on this lovable love adventure.

    In your belly is framing another being that will fill your home, look after and take care of him and I wish God keep on blessing you. Congrats!

    It’s pleasant to share. How about we share the celebration of your pregnancy! Congrats!

    Love comes in all shapes and sizes. We can hardly wait to see what your little love resembles. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Never so sweet a period is there than the first day of the rest of your life with your new infant.

    Your past is so yesterday. Your stunning present is currently. The main thing lacking is a big red bow. Congrats!

    Congrats on a mind-blowing gift!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement

    Congrats on your pregnancy….. How amazing!!!

    You have blown our mind and affectionately offered it to this valuable little life. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Each pregnancy is unique. You make pregnancy look so chic! Congrats on the glad news!

    Goodness! Are you expecting? That is so incredible to hear. We celebrate with you. All the best on your pregnancy until the delivery of a kid.

    Congrats, mother to be! A baby is a gift and I celebrate with you as you anticipate an incredible gift in transit. Take care!

    The first occasion when you will feel your infant kick. The first occasion when you will see your infant. Pregnancy is the start of a superb experience made of many “first occasions”. All the best!

    Nine months from now, your child’s life will take control of your own. Also, the main indication of this will be your profile picture on Facebook being replaced with your baby’s. Congrats!

    In the following couple of months, you will be a part of that blessed circle of superhuman creatures called “moms.” Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    All the best to the Mother-To-be! Congrats on your child. Deal with the new life inside your stomach.

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    Pregnancy is the main time when you’ll adore somebody regardless of whether the kick you in your stomach and give you restless evenings. Congrats!

    Congrats that your parenthood adventure is currently beginning. We are so eager to meet your little holy messenger. But as for now, make the most of your pregnancy dear!

    9 months of torment, yet a lifetime of gain. 9 months of sickness, yet a lifetime of satisfaction. 9 months of pregnancy, the start of your heritage. Congrats!

    A baby is a genuine gift from paradise and we are here to help and offer love to both of you. Congrats to the mother-to-be!

    I am cheerful for your pregnancy yet I am more joyful in realizing that baby will be developed in the arms of such cherishing guardians like you. Congratulations on expecting a baby.

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Messages

    To be a lady is one level while to be a mother, is another level. Congrats for making your first steps towards finding another element of life.

    You’re pregnant? Stunning! I can hardly imagine how you will have a child soon. It is incredible news. Congrats!

    Well! Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for more rest because an infant is headed soon. Congrats!

    It’s a gift being a lady since you get the chance to encounter the most mysterious moment of your life: giving life! Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Expecting a baby is only the start of expecting some of life’s most valuable minutes. Congrats!

    Pregnancy will make you see life in an entirely different diverse way. Why? Since you will encounter what it feels like to make one. Congrats!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement

    The most moving thing that pregnancy will instruct you is the acknowledgment of how even sickness can be passages to long-lasting happiness. Congrats!

    In the picture of your life, pregnancy is the twist that will change everything. Congrats!

    Congratulations! The little miracle will soon make the world more delightful and joyful!

    The prettiest infant positively exists and each mum has got it. Congrats to the cutes baby that will ever be conceived.

    I’m so cheerful for you! Congrats finally you will be a mother. Deal with yourself just as the little angel inside your belly. God bless!

    Congrats as you expect your dear baby! The journey begins and it will show signs of improvement every day. Life is loaded with favors.

    The agony and inconvenience will be all justified, despite all the trouble when you get life’s best blessing following nine months. Congratulations on expecting a baby.

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    Your long hold up is finished and your parenthood adventure has started. Congrats, mother to be. We anticipate meeting your new child very soon!

    Congrats! Make the most of your pregnancy. It is that valuable range of time when we ladies can be doubly glad for your enormous figure!

    Pregnancy is the main time in life when you’ll go gaga for somebody you haven’t met. Congrats!

    9 months you carry your little child in your tummy and for the rest of your life, you will have it in your heart. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! You have quite recently grasped parenthood –the loveliest venture that any has ever trodden upon.

    Your prayers were at last answered. Congrats, mom to be! Another voyage begins and this is going to be a good one. I am happy for you.

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    The development of life inside you, there is nothing better sentiments, Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Messages

    Pregnancy is the point at which you’ll genuinely comprehend the importance of being caring and calmly sacrificial. Congrats!

    The sentiment of being fat will last 9 months. The sentiment of being a mum will last along. All the best!

    Consider pregnancy as preparing for a long-distance race. A long-distance race that will last 18 or more years! All the best!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! That is great to hear. I accept that you will be an astounding mother to your little one. Appreciate the voyage.

    I can see you’re blooming with happiness! Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Picking parenthood over others in this world is one commendable act. Congratulations! I am right behind you all the way. Big hugs to you!

    Congratulation on your pregnancy! The wait is finally over so now take extra care of yourself and get ready for the exciting times coming ahead.

    Blessed is the mother who can make good that can be held inside your arms.

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement

    You have gone through your whole time on earth figuring out how to be a decent individual. Presently, you get an opportunity to pass on your integrity as a mother. Congrats!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! While you probably won’t feel the best now, you will before long feel stunning when your little one arrives!

    When God gives a baby, he additionally gives you another pair of eyes that enable you to see the world in a new light. Congrats on the extraordinary news!

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    Your pregnancy news is just the second-best news of your life. The first one will be the day your child is delivered. Congratulations!

    Congrats on the good news! After a short time, you will have your little one in your arms.

    Congrats on getting the chance to be a future mom and daddy! We are so eager to find out about your baby and can scarcely hold up until it is conceived!

    Congrats on entering the time of your life where there will be no periods!

    For the following nine months, your body will change into a sacred temple. Your belly will protect the little blessed messenger that will at last change your life until the end of time. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    You will currently get the opportunity to eat, drink, inhale and think for two individuals. Prepare to begin thoroughly taking care of twofold! Well done on your pregnancy!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Messages

    Having a baby is one of the most astounding, extraordinary occasions that will ever occur in your life. Congrats!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! May God favor you with the best pregnancy and a beautiful kid a little while later!

    Congrats on another life, new disclosures and another obligation—a completely new encounter anticipate you and your youngster. Congrats on your pregnancy.

    Pregnancy is a wonder. You may eat for two, yet your delights will be twofold also. Congrats to the proud couple!

    Welcome to the time of your life where you can sparkle and look incredibly excellent without using cosmetics. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! We can’t hold on to meet the most current individual from your family. If you ever need us to help out, simply let us now!

    Congrats mother to be! During this important stage of your life take care and relax ….. because when the little one comes you will hardly get time to rest.

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Regardless of how you feel now, the baby will bring you loads of joy when he/she arrives!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement

    Make the most of your pregnancy since it is the main time a lady can pull off burping and farting and a man can get away with blaming his wife for her bad-tempered emotional episodes.

    Pregnancy is a great balance in life – it brings out the terrible mood swings in a wife and the best degree of resistance in a husband. Congratulations on getting pregnant and finding your balance.

    Quit reading books about children and getting pregnant because the excellent sentiment of pregnancy is difficult to be comprehended in words, it must be experienced. Congrats!

    Congratulation Message For Pregnancy Announcement

    The craziest crazy ride on the planet isn’t at Disneyland or Universal Studios, it is the nine months of pregnancy. Good luck!

    Your body will experience numerous progressions as pregnancy has its way with you. But the greatest change will be the delightful change of your psychological perspective from a lady to a mother. Congratulations on expecting a baby.

    Your title may change, however, your life will just continue growing better. Congrats on becoming pregnant!

    You will be the best guardians to a blessed minimal one. Congrats on getting pregnant!

    Good luck with every one of the diapers! Congrats!

    Congrats on becoming new members from the Mom club!

    You will be a stunning mother and guide through your baby’s life.

    Happy child day! Well done on getting pregnant!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Messages

    Your family will be developing as quickly as your belly will be. Congrats!

    Family is everything and yours is developing! Well done on the great event!

    Appreciate all the rest you can get now-it will be odd hours soon! Congrats on getting pregnant!

    It is difficult to envision how much a Mom gains from having a kid, yet you will know soon. Congrats on being pregnant!

    The experience is extremely simply starting – congrats on turning into a Mom!

    You can read the majority of the books, yet don’t stress, you’ll be a natural! Welcome to being a Mother.

    There’s no guidance manual, but you will do a great job figuring it out. Congratulations on getting pregnant!

    Congratulations On Pregnancy Announcement

    It takes a little learning, a better intuition and loads of adoration -you’ll have it down in the blink of an eye. Well done on turning into a Mom!

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