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229) Don’t be sad I am with you, away from your vision but near your heart.Close your eyes and see me through your heart. I will I’ll always be there inyour feelings. Happy anniversary dear wife.

230) One thing to remember, the word Marriage Aniversary is the funeral of freedom of the bachelorhood, jubilance,palliative and man’s freedom. Happy anniversary my dear friend.

231) Happiness can not be defined in things, condition, wordand success. It is a feeling both of youhave for each other, in each other’s heart.God keep this couple safe. Happy anniversary.

232) The moon has sentyou the moonlight. The butterfly has sent you the color. The flowers has sentyou the fragrance. I have sent you my sincere greeting because today is the year of your marriage! Happy anniversary.

233) May every moment of your life give you satisfaction. May every laugh give you delight. Happy anniversary.

234) May you always be with the person who has scented your life with all the joys and happiness. Happy Anniversary.

235) To be the beloved of whom you love with your life is the luckiest thing in the world. You two are the life of each other. Stay like this always. This is my blessings. Happy anniversary.


236) My heart wants to send you precious treasure every day but in my favor I have nothing but prayers. Happy anniversary.

237) You are the love of my life. Yourface always remain in the mirror of my heart. Don’t ever go away. I need you in every step of my life. Happy anniversary dear.

238) I always remember you inmy prayers. I just wish you to be happy always. Happy anniversary to you.

239) The moment for which I have been waiting has come and gone. I just wish to stop this moment permanently so I can keep in celebrating. Happy anniversary.

240) Life is full of sorrow and happiness. You two have to forget the sorrows with smile and laughter. Happy anniversary .


241) It is just a small prayer for both of you, the moments in which you are smiling, do not ever end. The year of marriage is very happy.

242) Very happy on this wedding anniversary. Special pair like youare few in the world. Happy anniversary of the wedding.

243) May God bless you both forever. May you find honor, respect and love in your life. Happy anniversary.

244) My time, my memory, my dream, my name, my life is all linked to that one person, and that is ‘only you’. Thanks to everything.”Happy Anniversary” dear.

245) My life is with you, my soul is yours. I have a flower in my hand. Your hand is that flower. Happy anniversary to you.



246) The golden moment of my life began only after you came into my life. Happy anniversary to my Darling Wife.

247) May this relationshipand this happiness remain. May there is no misfortune in your life. Happy anniversary.

248) Words can’t define my joy for your happiness. I just pray your pair always be safe and protected. Happy anniversary.

249) Happy wedding anniversary. By the grace of God may you always be healthy and happy. Best regards to you and your family on this auspicious day of your wedding.

250) The anniversary of the marriage has come. Eat, drinkand be happy. How beautifully both of you have made your own happy world.Happy marriage anniversary.

251) Many congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding. This is the earnings of both of your love and trusttowatds each other. Happy Anniversary.

252) On this day of anniversary of marriage, make the relationship between you strong and lovable. Happy marriage anniversary.

253) True love doesn’t happen at first sight. It takes every day, every moment, every sightof love. Happy marriage anniversary.



254) May the example of your true love be given to every couple. The love which you had years ago always remain constant. Happy anniversary.

255) Not everyone has the destiny like yours. Not everyone can have the true love. Not everyone can meet their soulmate. Be happy and content. Happy anniversary.

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256) Find each other in every difficulty. Spend your life by always smiling and laughing. Happy Anniversary of Your Wedding.

257) Every night the splendour of Moon is you. Every morning the dew is you. Thank you for coming to my life and the warm greetings of the anniversary of the wedding.

258) Yo may ask what is the difference between mother and wife?Mother teaches to give beautiful answer and wife teaches you to remain silent. Happy anniversary dear friend.

259) Today the economic recession has spread so much that people have started loving their wives. Happy anniversary to you me friend.

260) All the classifications of wives are wrong. Wiives are of two types only.First the beautiful, well-timed wife and the other your own wife. Happy anniversary to you two.

261) The unmarried man celebrate for thefestival and the married man celebrate for their wives. Happy anniversary.

262) ‘You are looking very beautiful and very thin too. I Love You Darling.’ Chanting this mantra in the house for three to four times every day, there will alwaysbe peace in the family. Remember this mantra of happiness dear friend. Happy anniversary.

263) When the wife starts giving special respectand attentionto you then understand that she has done something wrong. Happy anniversary to you my friend.

264) On this anniversary of yours, I pray to God that both of you have the joy of the world. May you havelaughter, love, happiness and companionship of each other. Happy anniversary.

265) Just a little prayer for both of you,moment of your love and laughter never lost and stop. Happy anniversary.

266) Desires of heart has come to my lips. Life has started smiling upon me from the day I saw you. This is my craziness that on every face, I see your face. Happy anniversary.

267) I remember you after every breath I take. I call your name sometimesin the morning sometimes in the night.I have written your name all over my heart dear. Happy anniversary.

268) A year to make priceless memories. A year to make health. A year to make a new beginning. A year to make a relation more stronger. Happy anniversary.

269) My time, my memory, my dreams, my name and my life connected to only one person and that is you. Happy anniversary dear.



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