400 Congratulation Messages | Quotes | Wishes | SMS | Images | Greetings For Wedding Anniversary

270) Marriage is the bond of two hearts, union of two souls, combination of two emotions and beating of two hearts as one. Happy anniversary.

271) All my live is for you. Please don’t share our cherished love with anyone else. Happy anniversary.

272) Togetherness is sharing happiness,love andjoy with each other. This is the most beautiful moment of your life. Happy anniversary.

273) Anniversary without party and party without friends is hazy like night without moon and incomplete like roses without thorns. So tell me when and where is the party. Happy anniversary.

274) This precious relation is formed by the trust you two have on each other. May the relation always remain same safe and protected. Happy anniversary.

275) May you get success in every step. May your feet never touch the thorns. May your heart never feelthe pain. Happy anniversary.

276) Your sweet smile and laughter is enough for me to endure all the sorrows of life. Millions of wishes to my dear wife in this happy occasion of our wedding anniversary.


277) I have lovedyou from my soul. I have you as my beloved after millions ofmy prayers. How can I ever forget you when I have stoleyou from the hands of fate. Happy anniversary darling.

278) I have always wanted one person in my life who can’t bear evil words behind my back. I have found that person and she is my wife. Happy anniversary dear.

279) You are the password of my smile. So never ask me again what you mean to me. You are the guardian angel of my life. Happy anniversary dear.

280) The smile you put on my face has no price my darling. You are the only preciousperson in my life. Happy anniversary.

281) May the blessings of the Lord shine upon you on this holy day. Happy anniversary.


282) Another year of being together, we have set the record darling. Alwaysbe my rock. Happy anniversary dear.

283) You’re the most beautiful couple in the world. Stay together through out life like two bodies and one soul. Happy anniversary.

284) May the life of both of you be full of happiness,what more can I say, just keep the world of happiness. Happy anniversary.

285) May your pair be safe, may your life be filled with uncountable love, may you celebrate each day with love and happiness. Happy anniversary.

286) You’re my superhero, my superstar, a perfect gentleman and a visionary. You’re the shoulder I rely on. Happy anniversary dear hubby.



287) Your wedding is a happy songcomposed by the music and harmony of yours joy and laughter. Happy anniversary.

288) Tiday is the auspicious day of the beginning of your sweet relation. I pray to God you always celebrate this togetherness. Happy anniversary.

289) You are not meant a lot to me but you are everything to me. Happy anniversary.

290) Life becomes very easy with each other. Little happiness turns into a big celebration and sadness becomes sorrows. Happy Wedding.

291) Your life has shone from marriagemy friend. Happy married life.

292) Encourage each other in the worst times and promise to live with each other, you are blessed by God. Congratulationsto you for a happy married life.

293) God’s blessings are always on married couples. I hope your life is always filled with God’s blessings. Happy Wedding.

294) Theres magic in your every word. I remember you every day and night. When I dreamed about you yesterday night your hands were with me all the time. Happy anniversary.



295) Welive life once. Death comes one time. True friendship happens one time. You meet your soulmate once. If everything happens only once why your memories haunt me all the time. I think that is called true love. Happy anniversary.

296) Love is a feeling not a compromise. Heart toches heartand silence speaks louder than Words. Happy anniversary dear.

297) You’re the home of love. You’re with me each and every moment. Your the hope of my life. You’re the faith I have in life. That’s why you’re the love of my life. Happy anniversary.

298) Your face is beautiful like a flower.Everyone is crazy about you. People say you are a piece of moon. Butt I say that Moon is your piece. Happy anniversary.

299) I’ll be in your heart like a SMS. I’ll beat as a ringtone with every beating of your heart. Never keep me apart from your heart I’ll stay with you like a network. Happy anniversary.

300) You like rain,I like you in rain. You like to laugh,I like you laughing. You like to talk,I like you talking. You like everything,I like only you. Happy Anniversary of our wedding.

301) Fire of love can burn even the rock. If accompanied by true heart,even destiny can change. If the path of life isaccompanied by true soulmate,even deepest sorrow can change into glorious joy. Happy anniversary.

302) How can not fragrance come from my words, my love, when I have loved the same flower for years. Happy anniversary.

303) My pen is aware of my feelings, when I try to write love it writes your name. Happy anniversary.

304) The sun sets for the moon to shine. I incline for you for our love to shine. Happy anniversary.

305) You have come to my life darling. But do not of going awayfrom me. I can give life for you but I can’t let you go out of my life. Happy anniversary.

306) I wish you love me that much,when I get angry you cajole me.Happy anniversary.

307) My day begins withremembrance of your sweet face every morning. How can my day go bad. Happy anniversary.

308) True love needs feelings not words. Happy anniversary dear.

309) When you love someone, you give everything to him without expecting it. Happy anniversary.

310) The distances do not matter in true love dear. Happy anniversary.

311) Do not ask me why I love you because then I have to tell the reason for my life. Happy anniversary.

312) Love is made up of a soul that resides in two bodies. Happy anniversary.



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