200 Congratulations Messages For 40th Wedding Anniversary – Best Wishes & Quotes Collection

    102. You both were looking so cute in that dress. Congratulation for your 40th anniversary

    103. In my view you were the best couple I have ever seen. Happy marriage life and best wishes.

    104. Always respect each other decision and feeling to keep your relationship strong. Congratulation to my brother for his 40th anniversary

    40th Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

    105. Sometime misunderstanding may occur but I hope you will solve it with your deep love. Happy anniversary sister

    106. Whatever difficulties you face while moving on, stand brave and face it. Let’s celebrate and happy anniversary.

    107. Loving each other is not a big deal but to continue it until the last breath is most important and true relationship. Congratulation bro for anniversary

    108. It been a very long period of time since both of you accept each other and its 15th anniversary. Congrats for happy anniversary

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    40th Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

    109. May God always blessed your sweet couple until the very last moment and brings a lot joyful phase every time. Best of luck and happy 40th wedding anniversary

    110. It is very rare to see the relation and bond like both of you and you should be proud with each other. Congratulation

    111. Your love is truly inspirable for every young couple. Happy anniversary and good luck sis

    112. Another year has been passed but I can see your trust and love with each other become stronger day by day. Congratulation for your anniversary

    40th Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

    113. Time pass like flowing water which never return again and it’s time for you to take a holiday for outing trip with your beautiful wife. Happy anniversary and congratulation

    114. The meaning of true love reflects from both of you and I hope it may long last. Congratulation

    115. I have arranged a celebration party for both of you and this is your 40th wedding anniversary mate.

    116. Heartily congratulation to my dearest couple for wedding anniversary and hope that you will enjoy a lot.


    40th Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

    117. Congratulation for the 40th anniversary to my beautiful sister and I hope God may bless new angle in your arm.

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    118. If faith and peace should always exist in a relationship like yours than we never see conflict and hate in the world. Congratulation

    119. I think to enjoy and make it memorable, you don’t require any anniversary. Anyway congratulation for your 40th anniversary

    120. Growing old doesn’t mean love will weak like body. Congrats buddy and stay happy.

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary

    121. Look! I got an old album where your whole love story has been written like fairytale story. Congratulation

    122. Sharing and caring to each other is main key to keep your love alive in this old age as well. Best wishes for wedding anniversary

    123. I have bought a special gift for my bro which is near to my heart. Congratulation to my sister and happy anniversary

    124. I am totally empty now, because all my wishes, blessing and love has been send to my friend for his anniversary. Congrats buddy

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary


    125. With your sensation and heat of true love, it can melt a rock as well. Hope for meeting soon and happy 40th anniversary.

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