200 Congratulations Messages For 40th Wedding Anniversary – Best Wishes & Quotes Collection

    126. Time and age never determine your true bond however your understanding about one another does. Be strong and happy

    127. For every successful man there is a large contribution of his wife. Be together and always stay blessed

    128. Happy 40th anniversary to the coolest couple of this era.

    129. you two are perfect in everything keep it up. Happy anniversary

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary

    130. The fantastic phase in your life has just begun. All your idea and hopes support each other. Congratulation

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    131. Congratulations both of you for wedding anniversary. May happiness, joy and laughter keep surrounding around you both.

    132. Congratulations. Keep this understanding till the end. God bless you both.

    133. What an incredible couple. Keep on holding each other hand till the last breathe. Congratulations

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary

    134. Twenty years of large dose of happiness is a success. Keep this bond tight. Don’t let distractions enter into your life. Congratulations.

    135. I’m so glad to be a father of your child also I am so proud and lucky to have you as my wife and life savvier. Best wishes for 40th anniversary dear. I will meet you soon.

    136. It was impossible to face all the challenges and obstacles without you. Keep supporting me in every step of life. Happy 40th anniversary honey

    137. Heartiest congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary brother. May your relation be strongest of all Couples?

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary

    138. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You both are the cutest couple of all. Be proud of yourself. Keep this relation continues for whole life.

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    139. This ceremony marks that how you supported each other until now. Everything is possible when it comes in name of you guys. Congratulations May God bless you

    140. Congratulations sister for your wedding ceremony. May the journey of your life be filled with romance, happiness, craziness, and laughter?


    141. Congratulations mate for your 40th wedding anniversary. I’m glad to see that God gifted you a right person to make you feel happy every time. Love each other to the sky.

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary

    142. May every day your positive vibes keep supporting you. Live a happy and prosperous life with your wife. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary.

    143. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Your martial true relationship is a motivation to other couples. Keep it up.

    144. May love be there for you in your both happy and sad moments? Congratulations.

    145. You both are lucky and blessed to have each other as husband and wife. Nothing in this world makes your bond weak. Congratulations for 20th wedding anniversary mate.

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary

    146. Congratulations brother. Even I can’t imagine about the love that you were provided by your wife. You need to pay back with the great surprise. Good luck

    147. Congratulations both of you. May your whole life be like a clear sky filled with starts of love and affection?

    148. Congrats mate. I want grand celebrations this afternoon for your 40th wedding anniversary stay blessed.


    149. Unification of two hearts from past 40 years was awesome and fruitful. May this continue to uncountable years? Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary mate.

    Congratulation SMS for Wedding Anniversary

    150. May God bless you both in every step of your life? May your unity between each other last long? Congratulations

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